Ch. 18- The Ugliest School Uniforms Ever

"I thought you guys said you didn't do anything other than the tomatoes and the podium thing yesterday." Shanks hissed.

"We didn't. Somebody must have accused us of doing it." Larry answered, "Like what happened a few days ago."

Shanks looked around at the seven of his students. Kurt and Elie looked emotionless. Johnny and Larry only looked a little bit scared. Kyler, Maura, and Victoria looked scared to hell. "What's the matter with you three?" Shanks asked the three.

"My parents are going to kill us when they find out what happened." Kyler and Victoria answered. At the same time of Kyler and Victoria, Maura said, "My brother's going to kill me when he finds out what happened."

"So, what's the big deal? It's probably going to be a simple interrogation or something. You should be out after some questioning, right?"

"This isn't the school office. Sometimes after questioning, they throw you in the slammer." Johnny answered.

Finally, the truck stopped and the door opened. Two of the uniformed men motioned with their hands for the eight inside to follow them inside a large building with the name Starlight Police Department on a sign in front. They were rudely pushed onto a bench while the two men went to summon more police officers in another room.

Four people came out: three men and a woman…and one of the men was not at all happy when he came across the group. "Maura Beth!" the unhappy man shouted.

"What's your brother doing here?" Shanks asked Maura.

"Adam's a correctional officer. I guess he's going to be one of the interrogators." Maura answered, sinking into her seat. "I'm dead."

The two men and woman brought each student into a room to do some interrogating. From outside the door, Shanks overheard most of what was going on. Larry, Johnny, and Victoria's interrogation went on pretty calmly. Questions were asked and calmly answered without any frustrated shouting. Kyler's interrogation was a little bit calm, but had a few occasional shouts from the interrogators. Kurt and Elie's interrogation was full of silent pauses, soft answers, and shouting questions. Maura's was one of the worst. Every question was shouted at her by her brother while she screamed her answers, claiming that she didn't do the damage and was with Kyler, Victoria, and Johnny most of the night of the vandalism.

By the time the interrogation ended, it was close to 2:00 and everyone was starving as they had not gotten around to eating lunch. Everyone's story had checked out and since nobody admitted that they had done anything and there was no proof that they had done anything, the seven were forced to be let free. They even got a free ride back to the school in the same vehicle with Shanks also inside.

"We'll talk about this when we both get home, Maura Beth." Adam told Maura before closing the door of the truck.

"This is just fucking great." Maura muttered as the truck began to move, "My brother finally decides to notice me and it's when I get wrongfully accused to vandalizing a school."

"This is the worst week of my life." Kyler agreed.

"I can't believe that it's possible that the week could get worse." Victoria also agreed.

The truck finally stopped and the door opened. Quickly, the eight in the truck piled out and headed for the front door of the school. Different faces came from the windows from the many students in the school. They quickly disappeared and before the previously arrested students of room 314 made it to the stairs, they were surrounded by multiple students from different rooms throwing multiple questions like "What happened?", "Did you really do it?", and "What was it like going to the jail?"

Nobody answered the questions as they headed up to room 314, where Lynn was nowhere to be seen, and sat in their own seats. There was only going to be a half an hour before the final bell rang, so there was really nothing really to teach that would take up a half hour. The room was completely silent until the final bell rang and they all headed down to the cafeteria for rehearsals.

The questions about the police station returned as soon as the students and teacher from room 314 entered the cafeteria. They were coming by so quickly that it was practically impossible to tell who was asking what or even where the question was coming from. Victoria frantically looked at the group of students that crowded around her and the others from room 314.

"Victoria, do something." Maura hissed.

"What can I do?" Victoria cried.

"You're the director of this play. Just do something to shut them up." Shanks said.

Victoria looked around and saw a table next to her. Maybe if she stood up on it, she could have the other students focus their attention on her and the questions would stop. It was worth a try. She raised her hand in the air as soon as she climbed on top of the table and the noise quieted before eventually stopping. "Please hold off all questions not related to the play until after rehearsals. Now, are there any questions about the play?" Nobody asked anything. "Good. Then we can get on with rehearsals. I would like to start off with the part where the king sends his daughter to Lavaria. So Lynn, Mr. Shanks, and the castle guards, get up onto the stage…"


"Hey, guess what." Maura said immediately as soon as everyone in room 314 entered.

"You're pregnant with Kyler's child?" Shanks asked.

Maura and Kyler both glared at him. "Shut up, bastard." Maura told him. She then smiled and said, "All of us are off the hook for the vandalism."

"What? We are? What happened?" came from every direction.

"Not long after we left the police station, the school brought their surveillance tapes so the cops looked through them and since Adam pretty much knows everyone in this class, he compared the four on the tape and although the faces were mostly covered by those raccoon masks, he was able to tell that none of them were us." Maura explained.

"He did? How did he know?" Shanks asked out of curiosity.

"Well, there were two girls and two guys. In this class, all the guys with the exception of Johnny are taller than the girls. Johnny is taller than me, but shorter than Victoria. In the tape, both girls were taller than the boys, both girls had hair that went down their backs, and they were kids so that ruled out Elie, Kyler, Kurt, Larry, and me. These cameras were in color, so it caught the hair color of all of the four kids. One boy had green dyed hair, another boy was blonde, and both girls had light brown hair. Johnny's hair is black, Victoria's is dark brown, and Lynn's hair is blonde, so that ruled them out. So I hope that Manson comes by with an apology for all of us for sending the cops after us."

Manson did not come by for an apology. In fact, nobody apologized for what happened. If anything, they seemed even more ticked at what happened and still blamed the students of room 314 for the vandalism, well all of them but Lynn who was never really accused in the first place.

An emergency assembly was called about twenty minutes after lunch ended and none of the students in the school were looking forward to whatever was going to be going on. As Shanks led his students down the stairs from the class to the gymnasium, a feeling over came his body. It was a bad feeling, like the one he got at the last assembly. Something bad was going to happen and it would affect the students. Whatever was going to happen, Shanks had a feeling that he wouldn't be hearing the end of it from the students of his.

The gym was once again filled with the students on the bleachers. The podium was there, but Johnny's invention was taken off and no tomatoes were present. There were two chairs next to the podium and seated in both of them were Manson and the leader of the school board. They had frowns on their faces, but the look in their eyes showed that they had a plan for the school…and it wasn't going to be a good one, either.

After every student and teacher sat and quieted down, Manson walked up to the podium. No anthem like two days before came. Instead, the man went right to business. Taking a deep breath, he began his announcement, "This vandalism has been going on long enough. We have sent the same seven people in for questioning because of accusations and whether they really have done it or not, the vandalism has been going on. Whoever has done what happened at the school, because of your actions, now the whole school will be forced to pay for what you have done. That's why, starting Monday, the school will be issued uniforms."

The gym was filled with "what?" s and "No way!"s from the students on the bleachers. Even the rich kids were displeased. The looks could be seen on each and every one of their faces at the sound of the word "uniforms".

"And to tell you about the uniforms is the leader of the school board himself, Mr. Frank Smith." Manson continued with a smirk now on his face.

All the students booed as Frank came up to the podium and Manson went down. A similar smirk came across Frank's face. "Hello students. I never thought the day would come, but Morning Glory High will be the first non-Catholic High School in Washington to wear uniforms on Monday. We've had these uniforms made years ago and now we have an excuse for using them." The man announced to the students. He turned to the left and called, "Come on out here, Erica."

A girl with long, light brown hair stepped through a door to the side of the gymnasium and the way her clothes were made every girl on the bleachers stare at her with their eyes wide and their mouths open. Her shoes were leather colored and hard with no laces. The socks she was wearing were the color of a canary, a very bright yellow. She wore a skirt with the same color as the socks that went passed her knees. Her top was an olive green color, thin and smooth with short sleeves, tucked into the top of the skirt. On her head was an olive green headband with a canary yellow insignia on it. It had to be one of the ugliest things they had ever seen.

"No way…No goddamn fucking way…" Maura said, not taking her eyes off of the uniform.

From next to her, Larry began to laugh, "The girls deserve it." The quick, cold stares of Maura, Victoria, and Elie shut him up.

"And you too, Gregory." Frank continued.

A boy came out of the same door Erica came out of. His hair was short and white-blonde. His clothes made the boys stare with open eyes and mouths. He wore the same leather-brown as the shoes Erica wore and the socks were the same color, too. However, rather than wear a skirt like Erica, he wore a suit. The bottom, or pants, of the suit were the canary yellow color of Erica's skirt. The top was a thin olive green T-shirt with longer sleeves than the girl's uniforms and looked a little more like a boy's shirt. On the boy's head was an olive-green beret with the same yellow insignia on it as Erica's headband.

"Dude…what the fuck?" Kyler said in shock as his eyes stared at the boy's uniform.

"No way…" Johnny added.

"I'm afraid it's true. We girls have to suffer, so you boys must, too." Victoria answered.

"They can't be serious. Those are the ugliest things I have ever seen." Maura said. Everyone around her nodded their heads in agreement.

"You only have tomorrow as your day to wear whatever you want. Tomorrow, we will be calling each and every one of you down to the office to take uniform measurements. Those who fail to show up will be rewarded in a week of ISS and we will get your measurements from your parents." Manson announced as he came back onto the podium.

"What's ISS?" Shanks whispered to Johnny and Victoria.

"It stands for In School Suspension. It's like class, but all you do is fill out forms and have to be quiet all day." Johnny explained.

Manson's assembly went on, half covered by the groans and shouts of anger from the students in the bleachers. Had the students had tomatoes like they did yesterday, they would have thrown them all at Manson, Frank, and the two students wearing the butt-ugly uniforms on their bodies. But for now, groaning and shouting was the only thing they could do in form of protest.

As soon as the assembly ended, the students piled out angrily complaining about the new uniforms that were required. As soon as the students of room 314 got into the classroom, that's when the complaints got worse.

"Mr. Shanks, please tell us that you don't agree with the uniforms." Victoria begged.

"Yes, please. They are so ugly. Those are the types of clothes people wear that want to get beat up." Maura added.

"Good. That way, since all of you are wearing the same clothes, nobody would be able to beat you up because they'd be dressed the same as you." Shanks said. Although he meant what he had said, he wasn't sure if it was a good idea for them to be stuck with ugly uniforms. The kids were going to look like freaks and although it would be fun, it might backfire with the teachers being forced to wear the same things as the students. "Okay, shut up about the damn uniforms. Maybe it will teach you little bastards to get in shape." This was going to be a long day…


Friday, March 16th had to be one of the longest Fridays ever and probably the most uneventful. It was also one of the first Fridays that gave Shanks a headache two minutes after he entered the school building. The girls and gays of the school were dressed in as little clothing they could wear without being naked. Most of the girls wore short shorts or skirts with little skimpy tops and walked around in heels. The gays pretty much wore very tight shorts and weird pink shirts. Most of the guys, the straight guys, walked around with jeans with holes around the kneecaps or the bottom of the pant legs and shirts that endorsed things like beer, cigarettes, or bands. The shirt Johnny was wearing had a crow eating flesh off of an amputated hand.

The girls, or the ones that were dressed in skimpy clothes, were complaining of how cold it was inside, which was their fault completely for wearing hardly anything in the month of March. Their complaints about the cold were followed by the guy's complaints about the stupid uniforms. The girl's complaints about the cold changed into the guy's complaints when all that was talked about the damn uniforms.

It was even harder to continue with the day after the first bell rang and Shanks met up with his students in room 314 on the top floor. After about a half an hour of getting half of the class to shut up, he made a little announcement that because he had a talk with Manson the day before, the teachers were not required for the uniforms. That little announcement got the original class complainers groaning. However, Victoria made up for it when she claimed that she was told that the play members did not have to wear their uniforms for the play, but they did have to wear what Victoria wanted, no exceptions.

The door opened at about 10:15, in which the school nurse, another woman, and two men came in. The nurse and the other woman were holding clipboards while the men were carrying what looked like a folded up piece of thick cardboard. When the folded up cardboard was unfolded, it was revealed to be a little changing room. Alphabetically, the names of the students were called into the changing room while the nurses took measurements on the students while trying to fight back if some of the students fought back.

The measurements took probably about an hour not because Kurt and Elie were fighting back with the nurses, but because Lynn was arguing about her weight, claiming that she was taller than 5' 6'' and weighed less than 150 pounds. Although she was measured and weighed five times, she still refused to believe the weight the school was giving her. She even tried to say that she weighed ninety pounds, five pounds less than Elie, who was clearly the lightest and thinnest in the class. After explaining that the measurements could not be changed, the women and men left with their little closet and just in time. It was only fifteen more minutes until lunchtime.

The lunchroom was louder than it usually was. Almost every person that was talking tried to talk louder than the others in the room. The sound even echoed to the teacher's lounge. Because so many voices were mingled with each other, it was practically impossible to tell what was being said.

The sound even covered up the bell to end lunch so nobody at all in the lunchroom heard it. Shanks could barely hear it and was not at all surprised when his students showed up in the classroom an hour after the tardy bell rang. It didn't bother him all that much, though. The room was quiet and that's what he liked.

By the time the door opened and his students calmly and coolly walked into the room, the clock read 12:15. They were forty-five minutes late and most brought a chunk of the lunchroom noise with them. The quiet was now gone.

"You're all late." Shanks said boredly.

At the same time, every single student of his said, "…so?" Apparently they didn't really care. Shanks didn't either. They were gone for a good amount of time and that was good enough even though they brought some of the noise with them.

The noise did not quiet down at all. Kyler, Victoria, Johnny, and Maura got together in a section of seats and began talking amongst each other quite loudly and laughing when they assumed somebody said something funny. Lynn chose to be alone in a seat in the far left corner of the room, talking into her cell phone about the way that some other girls looked and dressed. Kurt and Elie were almost silent. They sat at the opposite side of the room as Lynn, whispering amongst each other about something. The noise continued until the bell rang, in which everyone then headed, at their own paces, towards the cafeteria for rehearsals for the play.


Like the last weekend, this weekend went by quickly with no important things happening. It didn't bother Shanks. Thanks to this new uniform business, the others in the class probably spent the whole weekend bitching at their families because of what happened. Perhaps today, they would be all bitched out.

It seemed that way when he made it inside the school on Monday morning. Everybody seemed quiet, or at least they were when Shanks came around. The halls looked like a huge pile of yellow, green, and angry faces. In the eyes of the angry faces was a hint of jealousy.

He made it up to his room and saw three of the eight of his students standing in the classroom. The ones in the room happened to be Kurt, Elie, and Larry. Not one of the three were smiling and although the uniforms did a good job of hiding the bruises on Kurt and Elie and made Elie look not as anorexic as she had looked before, the uniforms were really starting to look uglier than they were before. The three took a quick glance at Shanks before Kurt and Elie began talking to each other again and Larry sat at his own desk, writing on a piece of paper.

The bell rang shortly after and a very reluctant Kyler, Maura, Victoria, Johnny, and Lynn walked into the room wearing the exact same uniforms as Kurt, Elie, and Larry. After Shanks looked at eight of them, he found that the uniforms hadn't really done anything to help the five that came in, thus making them possibly the ugliest clothes he had ever seen. They all looked like they were some type of golden animal, like a canary or something, that went and threw up green chunks on itself. They even had the disgusted faces the animal might have after it realized what it had done.

"This is all your fault, you know that? If you wouldn't have used that machine to make those farting sounds, we wouldn't be stuck wearing these stupid, ugly uniforms." Lynn hissed at Johnny.

"It's not all my fault. If you didn't notice, Kyler was the one that got the tomatoes and handed them to everyone to throw at the mayor." Johnny argued.

Kyler began to laugh, "Yeah, man. That was great."

Lynn ignored Kyler's comment and argued back with Johnny, "You probably manipulated him into going on with your little plan."

"Tell me how I manipulated him." Johnny argued back.

"You used your damn Al Bhed powers to control the school and everyone in it to get this to happen and since Kyler hangs around you more, you infected him with your nonsense so he believes anything you say. Stupid Foreigner."

Johnny stared at her for about five seconds before shouting, "That doesn't make any sense!"

"Says you, Foreigner!" Lynn argued.

"Okay, one: I'm not a Foreigner. I'm from America. Two: The Al Bhed are made up and thus, have no powers. Three: Kyler has a mind of his own. If anyone can control his mind, it's going to have to be Maura."

"That's not true!"

From behind Lynn, Maura said, "Hey, Kyler. Get me my history book."

Lynn, Johnny, and Shanks turned their attention to Maura and Kyler.

Kyler shook his head. "No way."

"Please…" Maura begged. She grabbed onto him and looked into him with puppy-dog eyes.

"…okay." Kyler headed to the storage closet and grabbed a worn book.

"See?" Johnny said, pointing at Kyler.

"That doesn't prove anything. I bet he would do the same thing if you ordered him to do the same thing." Lynn argued.

Johnny looked at Kyler and shouted, "Yo, Kyler! Get me my history book!"

"Bite me!" Kyler responded.

"Come on, dude. Just get me my book."

"Fuck you." Kyler shouted.

Shanks held up his hand and raised his voice, "Okay, okay. That's enough. We all know that the uniforms are the ugliest things in the world, but you brought this all upon yourselves by throwing those tomatoes and laughing at the farts. Now shut up and get in your seats."

Slowly, the students went to their seats, all of them grumbling. Though scattered around the room in tiny groups, it looked like a sea of gold and olive. Lynn sat in front of him and Shanks got a good look at the school insignia on her headband, which was also on top of the other girls' headbands and the boys' hats. It was a flower and whoever made it, looked like they had never even seen a flower before in their lives. It was jagged and messy. It looked ridiculous on both the guys and the girls. It looked ridiculous on the guys because they were wearing an insignia of flowers on their hats and looked ridiculous on the girls because their flowers were messy.

Before anybody could say anything of complaint, the school intercom went off and the sound of the vice-Principal echoed through the rooms of the school:

Welcome to another glorious day of school at Morning Glory High School. Today is March 19th. The weather is partially cloudy. We have still not found the culprit for who did the vandalism of the school. I know you are all upset about what happened, but rest assured, we are doing everything we can to find out who he, she, or they are. This is not a prank that you have been pulling, whoever you are. Not only have you vandalized school property, but you have vandalized the property of the other students. If you know who the culprit is, feel free to come to us to bring the school to justice, but if you do, we want evidence of the person doing the crime. I know most of you guys do not like the students of room 314, but if you think they did it, give evidence.

Our school uniforms will be mandatory for wearing every day for the rest of the school year. We have even provided special uniforms for Gym purposes. Remember to you're your uniforms with pride, the pride of Morning Glory High School.

Remember teachers and students: the WASL and ITED are just around the corner. Use this time to prepare your student for their tests. Remember, the WASL is a requirement to graduate. You don't want to be hanging around this school until you're twenty-five just because you weren't able to pass the WASL. All clubs will go on schedule. We have managed to clean up enough of the fielded area to have the clubs going again. Just remember, we will find out who has been doing the vandalism. Oh, and do not bother clubs when they're in session. That includes the school play.

Also, Happy Birthday to Remy Sallenger.

That concludes today's announcements. Have a nice day.

"Okay. Now, for today's starting lesson, we will be learning multiplication." Shanks announced.

"Integers or Decimals?" Johnny asked.

Shanks stared at him for a little. He knew what a decimal was, but had never even heard of an Integer. "Johnny, if this 'integer' is some weird-ass Al Bhed word, I'm going to kick your ass."

"Mr. Shanks, an integer is just a math word for number." Victoria answered.

"Okay, then from now on, we will be calling 'Integers' numbers. I don't want to confuse the other class members like Larry or Kyler."

"Hey!" Kyler and Larry shouted. Larry stayed in his desk, but Kyler took this opportunity to jump out from his seat.

"Dude, that's not cool." Kyler added. An annoyed look was on his face. "I knew what an integer was before Victoria even explained what it was."

"No, you didn't." Maura said.

Before Kyler could response to the comment his girlfriend had made, Lynn jumped up and gave Maura a death glare. "Bitch! Are you calling him stupid?!" she screamed at Maura.

Maura smirked at her and answered coolly, "I never said that, but if you got a problem with it, then I don't care."

"What about Kyler? Don't you ever think that he may be hurt about what you said about him?" Lynn shrieked. She turned to Kyler and asked in a calmer voice, "Aren't you hurt about what she said?"

Kyler smirked and shook his head, "Nope."

"Okay, okay. That ends the argument about Kyler's feelings and the discussion about integers." Shanks went up to the blackboard and grabbed a piece of chalk. He then began to write a few numbers on the board and explained them. "Multiplication is a lot like addition, if those who are smart enough can remember, but this is completely different. First of all if you take a number and multiply it by zero, the number will always be zero and if you multiply a number by one…"

Whoosh! A big, messy, gooey, paper glob flew and hit the blackboard just an inch next to Shanks' hand. Some of the liquid from the glob actually fell onto the hand. He turned his head a quarter turn and saw everyone except for Lynn laughing. "Okay, who did this?" he asked.

Those that laughed stopped, but nobody admitted that they were the ones that thrown the spitball. They all kept poker faces, so it was practically impossible to tell who did it. Shanks rolled his eyes and bravely took the spitball off of the wall and threw it at Victoria, who was giggling the loudest.

Victoria let out a squeal as the spitball hit her cheek. Quickly she grabbed the spitball and, though it was moist and gross, she threw it at Johnny from the other side of the room.

Johnny glared at Victoria as the spitball hit him on the forehead, but smirked anyway. He turned his attention over to Elie, who was laughing at him and threw the spitball at her without thinking of the consequences that could occur due to his attack.

Elie put on an "I'm going to kill you" face as the messy spitball hit her right on the nose, but she didn't kill Johnny. Instead, she grabbed the ball and spit into her hand, moistening it up more and threw it back at Johnny. The target missed and hit Kurt.

If anybody else had thrown the spitball that was now running down Kurt's cheek, there would be hell to pay and he would make sure of that. However, since it was Elie that had thrown the spitball that had unintentionally hit him, he would have to let it go…right after throwing the spitball at another target and that next target was Kyler because he was now currently laughing the loudest.

Kyler kept laughing as the spitball hit him in the back of the head. He reached back and pulled the parts of the spitball that were not stuck to his hair and brought them back together with his own spit. He then turned around to throw the spitball back at Kurt and Johnny. Both of them moved their heads out of the way and the extra moist ball got Maura right in the middle of the forehead.

Maura let out a little squeal similar to Victoria's, but with a slightly higher pitch, and removed the spitball from her forehead. She then threw it back to the front of the room. That's when the mayhem started.

Spitballs and paper airplanes from different parts of the room were flying everywhere and hitting anything in their paths. Squeals from the girls and laughs from the guys filled the air as they got hit with spitballs and paper airplanes.

Shanks shrugged as the things were hitting anything in their path. It seemed like they were having fun and had no intention of stopping what they were doing. Besides, it was Monday and, as far as he knew, Mondays were the days where the kids in no way paid any attention to anybody. That's how it was when he was in school and it seemed to be true here on Starlight Island. Whenever spitballs or airplanes came in his direction, he flinged them back in any direction, hitting students, desks, floors, and even walls.

Everybody was throwing spitballs and airplanes at each other…well, everyone except for Lynn. Lynn was doing her best to dodge the airplanes and spitballs that were thrown at her, particularly the spitballs. The airplanes weren't as bad so she simply threw those back. However, rather than squealing like Maura, Victoria, and Elie, she actually screamed when the spitballs hit her. She even screamed when the spitball hit her desk and a little drop of spit hit her sleeve.

The fight kept going on and on without stopping. Now it seemed the targets were anything that happened to be moving, which probably was not a very smart target to choose. The doorknob of the closed classroom door turned and slowly the door opened. As soon as the door opened, airplanes and spitballs headed towards the opened part of the door to attack what was standing there. A loud and angry voice from the opened area bellowed, "What the Hell?!"

The throwing stopped and most of the members of the room broke into laughter. They had just attacked the principal of the school.


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I got the idea of the school uniforms from my sister. She helped me pick out which colors would look horrible together and what students would never want their uniforms to look like. So, thanks again, Blitzballgirl. If any of you have any suggestions or caught something that I might not have explained or gotten incorrect, do not hesitate to let me know…in fact, I encourage you to let me know if you catch something I said incorrectly.