A/N: By request, I've added a small epilogue to this story. If you haven't read Awakened Awareness in a while, the epilogue may not make sense or will seem too sappy. It does not stand on its own and is meant to be read with the rest of the chapters.

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"Breathe, Colonel, Breathe," Fraiser commanded. O'Neill was hunched over a gurney in the infirmary, holding his abdomen and moaning in pain. "That's it. Nice, short breaths."

"God!" he cried out, definitely loosing the battle of trying to be tough now that another wave of inexplicable pain radiated through him.

It proved to be just too much - Fraiser couldn't hold it back anymore. She let out a burst of laughter at the sight him. Here was the courageous leader of SG-1, bent over in pain because Major Carter was in labor and about to give birth to their child. Because of that crystal, sympathy pains had taken on a whole new meaning.

"Doc! I'm going to lose it here."

"You'll have to wait a minute, Sir. I'm tending to Major Carter right now."

"Right… Sam, how you doing?"

"A bit distracted," she breathed out and then clenched her jaw as another contraction hit.

"Breathe Major," Dr. Fraiser coached. "You've got to breathe your way through the pain."

"Easy for you to say," O'Neill quipped, trying to grin and bear the intense torture. No zat blast had ever felt as painful as this.

"This… is… all… your… fault!" Carter accused between shaky breaths. "Where's those scissors!"

"Hey!" he shot back, tightening his legs together. "It takes two to make a child."

"And apparently one too many to deliver one," Fraiser replied as she filled a syringe. "Now lay back, Colonel. This should help with the pain."

He laid back in the gurney and willingly surrendered his arm. Was willing to do anything to take the agonizing pain go away, even if that involved the Doc's needles. And that's when he realized just how much of a wimp he was. Here was Sam, about to give birth to their child while he was held captive by a bunch of stupid contractions.

"There you go Colonel. Just lay back and relax." Janet placed his arm down beside him and raised the side bars of the gurney.

O'Neill's eyes grew heavy and he began mumbling something about the reasons why men were never meant to go through this, but his voice trailed off as he succumbed to sleep.


"Colonel," Janet spoke to a groggy O'Neill as she checked his vitals. The bond he had with Major Carter had caused him to physically go through the painful sensations of labor, and she needed to ensure he was not suffering from any other complication which might have arisen from them being joined.

"Colonel O'Neill," she spoke once again, shining a blinding light into each of his eyes. "Don't you want to see your child?"


"Major Carter is resting in the next room with your baby. I thought you might want to go see them."

O'Neill tried to sit up in the bed, but the sudden shifting had caused him to feel disoriented.

"Don't move too quickly, Colonel. You were out of it for sometime. I had to give you something stronger since you had a hard time dealing with the pain. Remember? You obviously weren't going to be of any help in the condition you were in," she assured him.

He rubbed the palms of his hands into his eyes. His head began to clear and he recognized where he was and what had just happened.

"Is she-"

"They're both doing well. If you'd like, I could wheel you over to the room. The baby is probably done nursing by now."

His heart pounded. He moved his legs to the side of the bed to stand, but Janet refused to let him.

"You're not quite ready to walk around yet, Colonel. You'll have to use this wheel chair if you want to go anywhere."

"I'm not an invalid," he protested.

"No, but this whole situation with you and Major Carter makes you just as much as a patient as she is. Now are you going to sit, or do I have to get my needles?"

He complied, but refused to let her help him into the chair.

Fraiser pushed him to the next room, where he saw Carter sitting up in her bed, holding the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"There's your daddy," Sam whispered, when she saw him come in.

Carter looked exhausted, but beautiful nonetheless. He smiled at her and at what they had made together. A tiny new life.

Their new life.

A life made possible by a crystal from a planet many worlds away.

A crystal which had done the impossible.

It had brought them together.

The End