Okay, I started Torn Future (the first in a three part series) shortly after I joined FanFiction, a little over a year ago. I have gone back to edit chapters and still do so every once in a while, so hopefully it will be in better condition them when it was first posted. With that said, I hope you enjoy the story.

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Espeon sighed and withdrew into her mind. This wasn't new: it was routine. It happened every day. The Sapphire City Police Department would suspect someone was going to do something, anything, bad. Rob a bank, commit murder, or anything else against that law of theirs. Then they would come to Espeon for confirmation. She could see into the future, after all.

Espeon's fur bristled as the rust of the metal cage beneath her melted into a sky view of the city. She gazed downward, and felt strangely sad. The city was normal, there was nothing special about it, but to someone who rarely saw the sky, it was beautiful.

The person she was looking for went by the name of Daniel Griffith. He lived at the orphanage in the middle of town. They want me to investigate an orphan? she wondered. She zoomed into a view of the home. It didn't look like bad living conditions. It was a sleek two-story building, and looked clean enough.

He's not here now, she thought, let's fast-forward a few hours.

The the scene rippled like water as Espeon saw what would happen in a few hours time. She saw Daniel, a blue-eyed, black-haired boy, walking toward the orphanage. He only looked about fourteen, and he didn't look like he was plotting anything. A look of confusion came across her face. They had said to look for strange behavior. There was nothing strange about a kid walking home from school. She took a brief look into his day. He looked clean. What did they want with…? What?

Espeon gasped as the birds eye view of the city disappeared from under her with a screeching sound and was replaced with another image. Espeon looked down. Yikes! She jumped up into a standing position. She was standing on water. A huge, vast ocean of water. A huge red sun stood close to the horizon, dying everything it touched red, even the water... or was it the sun? Espeon lifted her paw and gave a cry as she saw that this wasn't water, it was blood. She cried louder as a humongous Garados drifted to the surface, but it wouldn't attack. It was dead. All sound seemed to drain from the world save for the lighting fast beat of her heart.

Okay, an ocean of blood, a dead Garados, complete silence. Time to go.

Get me out of here, Espeon pleaded to no one in particular, please!

The ground rippled once more and the view changed again. The blood melted into clear blue water and the sun shrank and became a bright yellow. Espeon let out the breath she had been holding and relaxed, her shoulders sagging slightly. She liked this view. The whole place seemed peaceful. As she watched the water a Milotic glided under her. As she stood there, her heart rate slowing and her breath growing deeper and more even, she wondered what it all meant. This had never happened before.

Was this the future? Then she calmed down. This was a peaceful place. Open, clean, pure. She hadn't been outside in a long time. It was only an vision, but she swore she could breath easier.

But the red ocean still haunted her. What was going on?