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Growlie and Umbreon met up with Maddy, Danny, and Silver right outside the forest. Both Growlie and Umbreon looked crestfallen about their failed search for Espeon, and the three humans weren't exactly in the best of spirits. Except for maybe Silver, who didn't really let things get to him.

"We couldn't find her…" muttered Umbreon, but his spirits rose slightly when he was told about how Lugia had carried her off.

"So now we're going to find them, right?" he asked. Normally, he was an easygoing kind of guy, but for some strange reason he was oddly upset about losing Espeon and just felt angry. Growlie seemed confused.

"Why wouldn't we go find Espeon?" he asked.

"We are Growlie," Maddy told him, "We just have to think about this first. Anyone got any ideas?"

"So we're going to find Espeon?" Growlie asked hopefully.

"Yup," said Umbreon, "We're going to find Espeon."

'Yay!" shouted Growlie, happy again. Then he jumped up and started prancing around in circles chanting in a sing-song voice:

"We're going on an adventure! We're going on an adventure!"

"Sorry, I'm out of advice," Silver shrugged, looking at Maddy.

"We're going to need a way to travel faster," said Danny slowly, "And we're going to have to form a destination of some sort. Can anyone estimate where you think Lugia's headed?"

"He's probably going back to the pokemon territory," confirmed Silver, "After all, he is their leader."

"And we can use the Snagem vehicles we used earlier to get around," said Umbreon with a nod.

"So…" started Maddy, "We're going to find Espeon?"

"No!" said Growlie, rolling his eyes as if annoyed by Maddy's stupidity, "We're going on an adventure!"

Thanks a ton to those of you who've read through this until the end. You guys are great!

Until TIME Chronicles number two, later.