Imaginary World


Author's note: Hi! Another story from me. If you like Romance, Mystery, drama, and tragedies this is the story to read!


Summary: Sakura is an orphan, living by herself. Next to the Li's mansion. The owner of the mansion doesn't want anybody to find Sakura so she hides her from the world. In till on day he finds her…

3 year old Sakura Kinomoto sat on her mother's lap.

Sakura looked out the window.

"Mommy where are we going?" Sakura asked not recognizing the view.

"To a far away land." Nadeshiko, Sakura's mother said.

"Where's that?" Sakura asked.

"Somewhere far way."

"Oh." Sakura said.

"You must not be afraid." Nadeshiko whispered.

Sakura nodded.

"But I can't help that I am…" Sakura whispered.

At once everything became black.


Sakura flung herself up from her position.

I had that dream again… Why do I keep having that dream? Is it trying to tell me something?

Sakura sighed.

I better get to work. If I don't I'll be in trouble.

Sakura pulled the faded covers off and made her way to her small bathroom.

Ever since I can remember I have been living here in this small cottage like house. Next to the Li's mansion. No one knows I exist. Literally. I have been living alone for the past 12 years. During the day I clean the Li's mansion. The owner of the mansion is Li Yelen. She has taken care of me for as long as I have been here. I don't know if she lives by herself. But I rather not find out. Yelen is what you call a full of yourself kind of person. I don't go to school, I don't have any friends, and I guess you can say I don't have a life.

Sakura splashed water on her face.

She slowly left the bathroom to her small bedroom/living/kitchen. It is VERY small.

Sakura walked to her closet and pulled out her maid-ish outfit.

For some reason, Yelen gave Sakura beautiful clothing to wear.

Sakura brushed her waist-long hair and put it in a ponytail.

She slowly opened her door and stuck her head out.

As usual no one's there.

Sakura quickly shut her door and walked to the Li mansion.

Sakura went to the back door and knocked slowly.

The door opened reveling Li Yelen.

"You're late." She said mono-tone.

Sakura whispered a small apology.

Yelen let Sakura in and pointed to the kitchen.

"You are to clean it from top to bottom. In one hour." Yelen said with a small grin.

Yelen never let Sakura have small tasks.

And when Sakura didn't finish her task, she would not get paid for the rest of the week. Her pay was only $3 a day. For some reason Yelen never let her work on weekends.

Sakura nodded.

"Make sure you don't make noise." Yelen said walking off.

Sakura headed to the kitchen.

"Oh before I forget when you are done you can wait in the cooking room. And do not go up stairs." Yelen added with a serious look on her face.

Sakura nodded again.

Sakura went into the kitchen and gasped.

It was a complete mess!

"Who cooks in here?" Sakura asked as she tried not to step on the gook that is supposed to be food.

Sakura made a face as her hands swung to her face.

"Omigosh! It reeks in here!" Sakura gasped out.

"Hey! What are you doing in here?" A male voice asked from behind Sakura.

Sakura quickly turned around.

A boy a little bit older then she was walking down the stairs.

He was pretty cute. He had messy brown hair and deep brown eyes and was pretty tall.

Sakura slowly backed away.

Fearfully Sakura made a run for it.

"Hey! Wait!" The boy's voice rang out into the whole house.

Omigosh! Yelen is going to kill me!

Sakura ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.

Sakura quickly made her escape from the locked door into the kitchen door but unfortunetly was closed.

"Ow!" Sakura said as she rubbed her bottom and her nose.

"Stupid door!" Sakura muttered.

"Are you alright?" Asked the boy as he appeared behind her.

Sakura quickly hid her eyes behind her long bangs.

Thankfully I have long hair!

The boy stretched out his hand.

Sakura hesitantly took his hand.

"Are you alright?" The boy asked again.

"Fine." Sakura mumbled.

"Wha-" Before he could finish Sakura interrupted him.

"Thank you. I need to be going now." Sakura slipped past him as she ran to the door and unlocking it and quickly escaping.

Once the door was closed behind her Sakura broke into a run as she headed to her 'house'.

Sakura opened the door and sighed loudly.

"Thankfully Yelen wasn't around." Sakura said aloud as she sat on her small bed.

"But… who was that boy?" Sakura wondered aloud.

"Oh well. All I know is I'm not going to get paid for this week." Sakura groaned.

"Great!" Sakura yelled.

Sakura looked at the clock.

It read 2:49 p.m.

Sakura sighed as she stood and looked out the door to make sure no one was there.

Why do I always check? No ones ever around. No one. Wait couldn't that boy follow me? No! Of course not!

Sakura tiptoed to the door she came in last time.

Sakura slowly opened the door.

No one was there.

Sakura closed the door softly.

Ok I pick up as much as I can and tell Yelen I got tired.

Sakura tiptoed to the kitchen making sure HE wasn't there.

She opened the kitchen door and slowly closed it.

"Good. I wasn't spotted." Sakura replied as she sighed.

"You know you need to be quieter next time. And stop talking to yourself."

Sakura quickly turned around and saw the boy sitting on a stool.

Oh no! What do I do?

Sakura smiled as she tried not to move.

"Um, what are you doing here?" Sakura asked nicely but she didn't feel like being nice. All she wanted to do was run!

"I live here. What 'bout you? I haven't seen you around here." The boy said as he stared intently at Sakura.

"I um clean here. I'm the um maid." Sakura mumbled.

"It sounds like you have never talked to anybody before."

Sakura twitched.

"Well how can I! I live alone for Pete's sake!" Sakura yelled loudly.

Sakura quickly put her hand over her mouth.

"I'm sorry. You didn't need to know that." Sakura said quietly.

The boy looked at Sakura hard.

"Oh. So you're a maid that lives alone." The boy chuckled.

Sakura sighed.

"I work for Yelen. She is going to be so mad when she sees I didn't finish or really didn't start cleaning."

"You work for… Oh. I can help." The boy stood up and started picking up from the floor.

"What! No! I can do it myself!" Sakura said swinging her arms in front of her face.

"Too late. I've already started." The boy continued to clean.

Sakura sighed in defeat.

"Thank you." Sakura said with a smile.

"You're very welcome." The boy walked over and gently pushed her face up so he could see her face.

Sakura immediately took her face away and looked down.

"Please don't." Sakura whispered.

"Fine. Then tell me your name." The boy said as he continued picking up.

"Um uh… Sakura…" Sakura mumbled as she started picking up.

"Oh. Nice name. It means Cherry Blossoms right?" He asked.

"Yes." Sakura whispered.

Maybe I shouldn't have told him my name…

"What's yours?" Sakura asked as she put things in the trash.

"That's a secret. Since you don't want to show me your face, I won't tell you my name." Sakura looked over at him and saw him grin back.

I defiantly shouldn't have!

Sakura grumbled.

"Don't worry once you show me your face I'll tell you my name."

"Whatever." Sakura said as she walked past him and threw more stuff into the trash.

In 15 minutes Sakura and the boy were finished.

"You see. Isn't it better when two people do it?" Asked the boy as he grinned at her.

"I guess." Sakura whispered.

At least it's done. I won't get in trouble!

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Sakura said happily.

"Well your welcome." The boy said surprised by her sudden burst of energy.

"Well I better go." The boy said opening the door.

"Ok. Nice meeting you." Sakura said.

"Uh Hu. You two. Bye Sakura." He said as he gave her a smirk and left.

Sakura frowned.

What a- ah! He is so annoying! I wonder what his name is…

A few seconds later the door opened and in came Yelen.

"Well!" Yelen said stopping in her tracks, surprised Sakura was finished.

"It's… your… how…" Yelen didn't know what to do.

"Unbelievable!" Yelen finally said.

Sakura smiled.

"Well, here's your pay." Yelen pulled an envelope and passed it to Sakura.

"Thank you." Sakura said as she opened it to see 3.50!

"3.50? Why?" Sakura asked as she saw Yelen with a gentle smile on.

"This weekend I want you to go out buy some clothes. I can't keep giving you clothes. And buy more food for yourself. I know you have over hundreds of dollars." Yelen said as she walked to the door where Sakura leaves.

"O-oh ok." Sakura said as she felt the butterflies in her stomach.

"Alright. Good bye." Yelen said.

Sakura walked out and the door slammed shut.

Sakura stood there for a moment.

So I'm going to the store. Where is that? No wonder she wants me to go. She is so evil!

Sakura walked to her 'house' slowly.

I have so many things on my mind! Like what's that's boy name and where is the clothes store and where do I buy the food! Ah!

Sakura closed the door and slipped off the maid-ish outfit.

She dressed in her favorite pajamas.

She cuddled herself in her small bed and sighed heavily.

"Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Sakura said as she glanced at the clock.

"9: 32 p.m. Hum." Sakura turned around and felt a chill.

"Ok time to go to my dream world. My Imaginary World." Sakura sighed and slipped into a deep sleep about princesses, princes, dragons, and magical wizards.

In till tomorrow…


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