Imaginary World


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Ok please…


Summary: Sakura is an orphan, living by herself. Next to the Li's mansion. The owner of the mansion doesn't want anybody to find Sakura so she hides her from the world. In till on day he finds her…


How could I say oh yea. Yelen hit me because I looked at Syaoran. And she hit me again for going upstairs WITH Syaoran. How stupid could that get? But that's not right.

Sakura nodded and Tomoyo ran up and took hold of Sakura's hand. "Come on. I'll take you to my house where I can help that wound. Don't worry, you can trust me." But Sakura didn't have any idea not too. Because all she had to say was "Syaoran will be there." And that made Sakura want to jump for joy.

But even though Sakura is tired, she will have to wait to go to her Imaginary World… or will she go right to it in reality?


Sakura immediately jumped to give Syaoran a hug as soon as she saw him. He laughed and his cheeks were tinted red. He held her hand and gently led her inside of Tomoyo's mansion.

"I am so happy you could join us Sakura." Sakura turned to see the boy that she saw earlier. He had odd midnight blue eyes, and black/blue hair. Boy was he handsome but still… odd looking.

"Sakura, Please sit down. You look a little bit ashen. Would you like some tea?" Tomoyo asked as she poured Sakura a cup full. Sakura muttered a thank you and sipped the cool liquid down.

"How do you fare Master Syaoran?" A maid, Sakura did not notice before, asked as she poured cups for the remaining people without tea. Syaoran smiled and said in a charming voice, "Quiet well, thank you."

The young maid blushed and nodded. "We don't want you to-" Tomoyo quickly cut in before the maid could finish her sentence.

"Please Maddie; go get us some lemon cookies." The maid looked bewildered for a moment then bowed and left the room.

"She's such a darling. Now back to you Sakura. Where do you live?" Tomoyo asked as she sipped some tea. Sakura hesitated before saying, "In a cottage near the road." Eriol smirked but didn't say anything.

Something is telling me he knows something about me…

"In a cottage? By the road? My you don't live in a house?" Tomoyo asked as she whispered a thank you to Maddie and told her that would be all.

Sakura shook her head no and sipped some tea. Suddenly the tea doesn't taste so good.

Tomoyo sighed and said gently, "Boys please leave the room for a moment. Sakura and I have to talk. ALONE." The boys immediately jumped up and sprinted toward the door. Once the door was shut, Tomoyo sat next to Sakura and took hold of her hands.

"Are you being abused by Yelen Li?" The words stung on the bruises that reminded her of yesterday. She looked away from her searching eyes and whispered softly, "I have no idea why I'm here. I have been feeling down, but now I am feeling a bit better. I better be going before Yelen decides to look for me." Sakura stands and slip her now sweaty hands from Tomoyo's graceful ones.

"Good day, Tomoyo." Sakura bowed and hurried out of the mansion. Tears of sham and sadness slipped down Sakura's hot cheeks. She ignored the calls to come back.

What Sakura desperately needed was safeness and hope. She slowed down and looked behind her. No one was coming after her… Sakura felt a tinge of pain shoot threw her heart.

He doesn't like me. Why would he like me? I'm not the kind of girl who should be falling head over heels for the evil witch's son!

Sakura chuckled. What a thought!

What if… he likes Tomoyo? I hope I'll never find out… How old are you to be engaged?

Sakura wondered as she continued to walk. "Sakura…"

She quickly turned around and saw Syaoran, breathing heavily. He stopped in front of her and took deep breathes. "You… you run fast!" Syaoran breathed out.

Sakura blushed and whispered, "You shouldn't have run after me." Syaoran stood up straight and smirked.

"Come with me." He grabbed her hand and began to run, pulling her along with him. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed. She loved the feeling but hated it at the same time.

"Syaoran…" Her voice was gone inside of the wind they were making. She loved the feeling of it against her swollen cheek. She wanted to desperately hold on to him forever!


In seconds they were passing everything. The stores, the mansions, the houses; until they reached a secluded place.

"Syaoran, where are we?" Sakura asked gently as she looked around. Syaoran smiled and whispered, "I have a surprise for you."

Sakura looked at him curiously before he disappeared behind her. She felt his body heat against her back. A warm blush crept up her face. She felt his hands go against her bare skin. Her breath was caught in her throat. His hands gently went up and down her arms. She felt a huge blush come up.

His covered chest came in contact with her covered back. His hot breath tickled her ear; his hands gently went up and down her skin, leaving tingles in his place.

"Syaoran…" She whispered softly and closed my eyes. "Shh." He whispered against Sakura's ear.

Before she knew it, his hands were now on her hips making their way up.

Sakura's mind was ringing, what in the world is this hot boy doing?!

He stopped moving his hands and she turned around and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, as though he was concentrating on something.

Her hands rested on his chest and she decided to move it up and down. His expression relaxed and he opened his eyes to look at her. He gave her shy smile.

He leaned down very slowly. Sakura felt herself go numb. He licked his lips and slowly came closer and closer until his lips were centimeters from hers.

"Syao…" Sakura muttered so softly only he could hear. "Sakura…" He mumbled back and the space between them disappeared as his lips went over her soft lips.

They stood there for a long time just lingering in this kiss that was so pure and happy, Sakura's numbness turned into a mushy mess.

He drew back for a second before kissing her gently on her lips again and Sakura seemed to forget how to stand, for she fell down to her knees. Syaoran kneeled down next to her and he looked at her in concern.

A small smile made it's way to both of their lips.

"Syaoran…" Sakura mumbled as his lips crashed down on hers, making them both fall so Sakura's back was to the floor and Syaoran's was on top of her. Their lips parted for a second before Syaoran again, crashed his lips down on hers.

"Syaoran…" Sakura whispered again as his lips kissed her neck. She felt herself go into a happy state before tilting his head so his lips were dangerously above hers.

"Sakura please let me…" Before he could finish Sakura closed her eyes and waited.

He shifted until he was directly over her and not at an angle.

His lips went on hers again, but broke away and he began to kiss her neck softly but then grew confidence and began to suck hungrily.

"Syaoran…" Sakura whispered as her eyes closed for pleasure.


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