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Beast Boy and Raven sat together in the living room. There was no noise except for the occasional sigh. Raven could barely hold in her guilt as she looked at him. She was never a really big liar and she couldn't stand knowing that she had. She felt her nose twitch and her eyes watered a little. Her nose even began to have that certain "tickle" as if she had to sneeze or something.

"This can't be possible," she thought, looking away from Beast Boy, "It isn't like I've never lied before. Why is this so different?"

Beast Boy didn't seem to be thinking anything. She noticed that he was staring blankly out of the window. He looked so sad, so lifeless. Oh, she couldn't take it. She felt tiny droplets of sweat slowly slide down her forehead and moisten her palms as she stared at him.

"Come on, Raven." She was lost in her thoughts again. "Hold it together! Don't do it, don't do it…"

"I lied!" she suddenly exclaimed, gasping right after. Beast Boy looked up at her in confusion.
"What?" he asked, his eyebrow rising in a rather… well, Raven-like fashion.

"I lied, Beast Boy. About Terra."

He looked a little hurt for a split second but quickly dropped it.

"How so?" he asked, trying to stay completely neutral. Raven couldn't help but feel sorry for him, trying so hard not to show his feelings in front of her.

"Well," she said, "She… I… err…"

She wasn't sure what to say. Thoughts flooded through her find. Should she lie again? The truth was far too embarrassing. But he deserved to know, didn't he? She sighed, took a deep breath, and decided to let the truth flood out.

"She remembered but denied us. She didn't want to come back."

"Wait," thought Raven as she eyed Beast Boy's bewildered expression, "That isn't what I meant to say!"

"No!" she yelled, "That isn't it either!"

"Rae…" said Beast Boy, softly, "What is with you today?"

"Nothing," thought Raven, "Just feeling some stress for some reason. Maybe because I'm stuck in your body, dimwit!"

She tried to feel hatred or even just anger, but somehow she just couldn't do it. So she came out.

"Beast Boy, it hurts. Seeing your feelings for her, even after everything she's done to us, tears me up inside. I don't know why, but it does. I couldn't stand to bring her back, I just couldn't stand seeing you hurt again after she betrays your trust."

She paused to sigh, her- his- eyes twinkling with sadness.

"Beast Boy, look. I don't hate you. I don't dislike you. You mean more to me then you could ever possibly know. I hate this act I put on, of hating everyone around me. But that's just who I am. You might just be my closest friend, and do you know why? Because even though I do so much to you, you're always there for me. Because even though I make fun and prick and prod at you, you're still always trying to make me laugh. Because you're a sweet and caring person and one of the only people in the world who really makes me feel… loved. There, the truth. You happy?"

She was silently shocked with herself, but looking at Beast Boy she saw this feeling was not only hers. He looked surprised and a little sad and completely ecstatic at the same time.

Before she knew it he had pulled her into a hug, which although strange (she was hugging herself!) was also very… nice. It was comforting.

She didn't know what fueled the desire and she didn't know why she did it, but the next thing she knew she softly pushed him backwards and gave him a soft kiss. She forgot they were in each other's bodies and so did he as the two just stood there, their lips on each other's, sharing both of their first kisses. It was almost like a wedding party. Well, not really, but there was tons of shattering glass. (A/N: ;) )

And that same moment, the two of them were enveloped in dark magic that was unlike Raven's and slowly drifted into the air. Beast Boy grabbed Raven tightly in fear and she didn't object. Before long, they were back on the ground with a crash. Raven rubbed her head.

"What was-" she began, but she stopped suddenly when she noticed- she was talking in her own voice!

"Beast Boy!" she yelled at him, as he was on the floor, "We're back! We're normal! Get up…"

She lightly stepped on his stomach and he jumped up from his daze, grasping it in pain.

"Hey, what was that…?"

At that moment he noticed that he was staring at Raven rather than himself. He smiled widely and took the moment to grasp his chest as one last check.

"Dude! I'm flat! It's me again!"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Pathetic," she said softly.

Beast Boy put his hands on his hips and glared at her smugly.

"Nu-uh, Rae. You're not getting away with that anymore. I know you love me now, haha!"

Raven groaned, but she had to admit she was surprised at his glowing happiness and his quick acceptance of her over Terra. And not in a bad way.

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