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Riku was bored. Of all the places he had to work, why did he ask his mother if he could work in one of her snooty stores? It was boring, it was badly lit, and no one fun ever came in to keep him company. He worked at a place where everything was expensive, and only snooty, rich people ever came. And snooty rich peopled were never any fun and only ever wanted to talk about munny. Poor, miserable, Riku with nothing to do had to sit and act like he actually cared, just so those people would come back and spend more munny, so he would be paid. He sighed as he realized it all came down to munny and that he should stop being so hypocritical.

He flipped the page of his book, deciding that thinking was not in his best interest.

He looked up at the clock, growling as he realized it was only three o'clock, and that he had to be here for another three hours. And in those three hours only three customers would come into the store, and they would talk to him like he was stupid, tell him to be careful with the things he, himself, had to set up, and then leave grumbling about such fine artifacts being watched over by an ungrateful brat. And he would have to sit there quietly and pray to any God that would listen that his homicidal urges didn't win.

He turned the page again, not really taking in what he was reading, just staring at the words to pass the time.

He supposed he could do some cleaning, so he could get the store ready to lock up so he would be out even quicker. But the bell that rang whenever someone entered, the 'evil rich, snooty people' store, as Riku had dubbed his mother's baby, cut off his thoughts. He looked up from his book, ready to give out the standard 'Welcome to my Hell' speech he always had to give when someone came in, but quickly shut his mouth as he saw a very delicious looking teenage boy entered.

He was kind of short, about five inches shorter than Riku, with spiky brown hair and eyes that would make the sky jealous. He was thin, but muscular, and you could definitely tell with his dark blue t-shirt that looked to be about two sizes to small for him, and hugged his arms and chest rather happily. His jeans were baggy, but what his jeans didn't show the way he walked made up for it. His hips swung back and forth in a way that would make a pendulum stop and stare.

He didn't stop to look at Riku just walked in and began looking at various objects, picking them up, running his hands over them, and setting them down again. All the while, Riku watched, eyes fixated on the brunette's every movement. He set his book down and leaned forward in his seat, his mouth open as he observed the other pick up something else, a white marble angel, ran his hands over the face and set her back down again.

Riku smiled at the gentleness he had for the figurines. Finally, gaining enough thought process back to get past 'stop staring and say something.' He cleared his throat and said, "Can I help you with anything?"

The blue-eyed teenager looked up, for the first time, smiling, "Uh, yeah. Do you have any like…"He paused, thinking of what he actually wanted. "Do you have any figuring of dancing angels?"

Riku stopped, thinking through all the things he had shelved recently. "Dancing angels?" He asked to make sure he heard right.


"No. We have a dancing couple set." Riku said, walking out from behind the counter to show him the way to the figurine he was talking about. Noticing that the brunette followed at least ten feet behind him, and as Riku glanced back he realized, so he could check out his bum. "Or if you're more interested in the angels bit of that particular idea, we have a figurine of a male angel holding a female angel over his head." He said, smiling at the vacant, yet still nodding, brunette, pointing to aforementioned statue.

Said boy looked over at the figure Riku was pointing to and smiled, one of those rare smiles that Riku usually associated with one of his friends, Namine. That smile that said, 'Oh, pretty!' And he picked it up, holding it close to take in the detail of their faces. Nodding, he smiled in satisfaction, Riku standing behind him.

"Suit your satisfaction?" Riku asked, taking a few steps back towards his precious counter.

"It's not for me." The boy said. "My best friends birthday is coming up, and she is absolutely obsessed with angels." He said, continuing to look around the store but keeping the figuring in his hands.

Riku raised an eyebrow playfully, now safely behind his counter. "Uh huh. It couldn't at all be for you, could it?" the silver haired teen asked.

Sora stopped, admiring a sculpture of a fairy. He smirked and said, "No. They're both clothed."

It took a second for Riku to realize the implement of that, and when it hit him he grinned, uncontrollably. Finally, someone fun! "Ah hah! So you like the dirty poses?" He asked innocently, pulling out a cleaning solution, and spraying part of the glass counter he was behind, washcloth in hand as he prepared to wash the solution off.

The other 'tsk'-ed, "I prefer to call them 'risqué'." He said, looking Riku in the eye. "'Dirty' implies that the figures are posed doing doggy style."

"Oh, yes. How could I be so silly?"

"It's okay. Most don't know the slight, but very visible difference between the two." He said, as if he was sad, but the devious glint in his eye said otherwise. "However, I have made it my goal to study every sense of the two words and catalogue the difference."

"Really? That's fascinating." Riku deadpanned.

"Not as fascinating as the naked figurines."

"Nothing is as fascinating as naked figurines." Riku said, feigning bewilderment at the idea something could come close to comparing.

"Of course there is!" Sora exclaimed, setting down the figurine he had been looking at and heading towards the counter with the angels.

"And what is that?" Riku asked, once again, his eyes glues to the provocative swing in the small hips walking toward him.

"Well, that's obvious, Riku. Actual naked people are far more fascinating than any naked figurine." He said, nodding factually. "In fact, at the moment, a very naked you is quite appealing." Sora smiled, innocently, placing the item he was buying on the glass.

Riku was stunned to realize, that after the other boy had said all of this, including the very inviting idea of him naked and the other boy soon joining him, the only question that came to his mind was, "How did you know my name?"

And apparently the brunette was stunned as well. His eyebrows knitted in confusion, eyes staring at him in the obvious expression of, 'That's all you have to say?' But he smiled again, and shrugged it off. He tapped something hard and plastic on Riku's chest. "Your nametag." He laughed, his smile still growing on his lips.

Riku looked down at said black nametag, slapping himself internally for forgetting the stupid thing. "Oh! Forgot about that." He said nonchalantly, glaring down at the pin. He sighed, looking back up and smiling at the teenager on the other side of the counter. "I thought you were a stocker for a moment. Was gonna have to call the police, cause I don't be likin's any stockers." He said, purposely using the bad language that his father despised.

The blue-eyes boy sighed dramatically, "Damn! There went the rest of my day's schedule."

"Oh, well if you're interested I do have some fan-club applications you can fill out. I'll consider you very carefully." His customer smiled as if to say 'I bet you would.' And he continued. " I don't mind the fan club stockers, but unregistered stockers…I don't know who they are, what they're doing, whether or not it's illegal for me to call the cops." Riku shrugged. "You get the idea"

"Of course." He said as he handed his munny over. He set the bag he was handed on the ground beside him and leaned over the counter, and for once in his life, Riku was glad that he worked in a snooty place where only rich, snooty people came. Never just the rich people, never just the snooty people, but the rich, snooty people, it was a compilation. And very rare, so the store was empty most the day. And he was usually very bored. But now as the sexy boy leaned across the counter, smiling provocatively at Riku, he was ready to thank any God that would listen.

"Well, that's enough chit-chat, tell me, Mr. Paranoid," he licked his lips. "Do you want my name?"

"Oh, I would completely cherish your name." Riku purred, putting and elbow on the counter and put his head in the hand attached, resting only inches away from the other's face.

Sora watched Riku's lips for a moment, gaining a devilish smirk. "Name's Sora." He said.

And god he was in love with the kid already, Sora raised a hand he had had on the counter up to entangle in his long silver locks.

"Well, you look like you're part of the sky."

"Yeah? You look like you belong in a bank." Sora laughed, tugging, gently, on Riku's hair.

"Oh? Would you keep me locked up safely in a vault?"

"I'd keep you locked up, all right, but it wouldn't be in a vault."

"That sounds dirty." Riku smiled

"Not as dirty as the chocolate sauce that would be involved."

"Oh, this is not a good thought process to pursue." Riku said shifting, as he tried to get rid of the idea of Sora licking any type of sauce off of his body.

Sora raised his eyebrow. "Am I turning you on?"

"You honestly have no idea."

He snickered. "I honestly think I do."

"Oh, so you're into torturing me, aren't you?"

"Yeah, makes me happy to see you squirm at the mere sound of my voice."

"Great. We have the beginnings of a beautiful relationship."

"Yes, and I really wish I could pursue it, but I've got very important meeting I must attend." Sora smiled. " Have to go make fun of my poor defenseless friends. They so don't see it coming." He smirked happily walking out of the store.

Riku watched him go, watching his bum swing sexily as he walked out. He'd be back, Riku knew. Not only because he knew that he was incredibly sexy, but also because he had forgot his bag. He smiled evilly as he jumped the counter, grinning as his months of doing this proved effective when he didn't hit any of the displays. He grabbed the bag and set it behind the counter before following it.

Now all he had to do was wait. He sat down in his chair, leaning back leisurely, a small smile playing his lips as he picked up his book, and began reading. However, he didn't get to read long. Before he knew it the bell rang signaling a customer walking in, and he had a feeling he knew exactly who it was.

He glanced up indiscreetly, thanking that his bangs hid his eyes when he was reading. Sora was standing in the middle of the doors looking around confusedly, eyes darting from the counter to the shelf he had picked it up from.

Riku couldn't help but smile.

"Forget something, good looking?"

Sora stopped, glaring lightly at the silver-headed man behind the counter. "No." He said in an unfashionably prissy voice.

"Oh, then you missed me that much?"

Sora laughed, "Indescribably so."

Riku laughed as well, setting his book down to appreciate Sora's gait as he walked up to the counter and leaned on it all over again. "I believe you have a package waiting for me." Sora said, looking from Riku's face and then leaning further over the counter to look down.

"Yes, I do, but it's in terribly bad fashion to give it to you in public." Riku replied, with a mask of innocence plastered on his face.

"Yes, but I don't have to pay you for that package." Sora replied, his smirk nearly becoming a natural part of his face. "I did however have to pay for the one I was referring to. The one sitting curiously close to your feet."

"Oh, yes. You left it behind when you left to go make fun of your friends."

"And you couldn't tell me before I left?"

Riku feigned to be thinking about it, before shaking his head. "No. Unfortunately, I am a selfish bastard and I wanted you to come back and spend more time with me."

"Well, that's completely understandable. I can't deny you the want to be close to by horribly desirable self." Sora said, with a hint of sadness in his voice, albeit a very false hint. He suddenly shook the façade off of himself and said, "Can I have my bag now?"

"Oh, why of course you can." Riku said, leaning over to grab the bag. He stood again, putting the merchandise on the counter, and grinning when he saw Sora's eyes still Riku's seat.

Sora looked up, catching the platinum-haired teens, sea green eyes. He smiled innocently, grabbing the bag off the counter. "You have nice back pockets."

Riku laughed, loudly. "That's one I've never heard before."

The brunette blinked innocently. "What?" He asked as if he had no idea what Riku was talking about. "I appreciate the fine art of back pockets."

Riku raised an eyebrow. "How do mine rate?"

Sora acquired a dreamy look as he stared off into the secret corners of the store. He smiled, "Ten! Those were some completely delectable pockets."

Riku sat back, an arrogant look completely covering his face. "I always did think I had incredible taste in pockets."

Sora nodded, vigorously, and Riku smiled, thinking he honestly hadn't had this much fun in eons. Then Sora sighed, looking completely dejected as he looked at his watch, then back up to Riku. "I have to go, now. I'm late." He moved away, slowly, Riku was happy to admit. He looked to make sure he still had his bag, before taking another step back.

Riku leaned forward again, hopping out of his seat to stand over the counter. "What? No good-bye kiss?" He asked incredulously.

Sora smiled, seeming relieved. He took a step forward again, a coy glint shimmering in his eyes. "Sir, you haven't even taken me on a first date. I don't want to seem loose."

"Yet you will talk so freely about locking me up and covering me in chocolate sauce." He smiled, trying his damnedest to lure the brunette back over to him.

"I had to keep you interested in me somehow." Sora said, innocently, as if he hadn't purposely been trying to turn Riku on. "Poor charm-less me…how else would I have lured you into my trap, if it weren't for my quick wit?"

"Well, you have nice hands."

Sora smiled, a pure smile that lit up his entire face, and took another step towards the aqua-eyed man.

"Riku, be honest. Your mind was nowhere near my hands." He smirked shrewdly; finally standing over the counter, once again face mere inches away from Riku's.

Riku smiled happily. "All right, I was thinking shamelessly of your lips."

"At least that's more believable."

The bell rang just then, breaking their odd trance. A customer walked in, a young woman in lovely, white, business outfit, giving them a brief glance before going to look at the fine crystal off towards the back. Sora looked back and smiled.

"I should really leave before your inattentiveness gets you fired." He said, playing with Riku's tie.

"Oh, well that couldn't be that bad."

"Yes it would." At Riku's lost expression he continued. "How would you take me to dinner and a movie if you didn't have a job."

"Oh, yes. That would be terrible."

"Yeah, it would. I was so looking forward to it." Sora mumbled quietly, eyes once again transfixed on Riku's lips.

"My shift ends at six." Riku said, watching Sora's eyes intently, trying to guess his next move.

"That's perfect." Sora said, smiling briefly. Looking up to catch Riku's aqua eyes, and then subtly, quickly pressed his lips against the other's, catching Riku's soft pink lips between his own in a simple kiss. "We can go to dinner and then catch a nine fifteen showing of a movie." He said, kissing the other again, moving his lips teasingly as Riku mirrored his actions, trying desperately to get him to part his lips. "Hell, I'll even be nice and we can go Dutch on the first date."

He smiled, face still centimeters away from the others. Their eyes locked, ocean green staring into sky blue.

"That's very nice of you." Riku said. "But I'll take care of it."

Sora giggled. "I bet you will." He said seductively. And this time Riku started the kiss, still not gaining entrance to the brunette's mouth, but enjoying the kiss just the same.

Once again the girl interrupted them, humming thoughtfully. They looked up to her noticing her still staring at the crystal, but noticed rapidly that she was grinning like a mad woman. She sighed. "Oh, I'm definitely coming her more often." She glanced at them, winking, before going to look at the marble statues further in the back of the store.

Riku and Sora both broke out into a grin, laughing quietly at themselves for completely forgetting their small audience.

Sora looked up at Riku again. "I really am leaving now." He said finally.

"Bored with me already?"

"Afraid I'll drag you to a secluded area of the store, more like it." Sora said offhandedly.

"That would be fun!" Riku exclaimed, causing Sora to laugh.

"But not nearly as satisfying." Sora said, picking up his bag from his feet.

"Fine leave. It's okay. I'll survive somehow." Riku said dramatically. He looked back to Sora, who was standing in the middle of the store with his arms folded over his chest. Riku smiled again, and asked, "Six o'clock?"

"I'll be waiting at the door."

"I can hardly wait."

Sora chuckled, walking towards the door, and Riku resumed his work, watching Sora out of the corner of his eye, as he cleaned the glass counter all over again. His heart leapt as Sora hesitated at the doorway, and he turned around.

"Hey, Riku?"

Riku looked up, tossing his bangs away from his face. "Yeah?"

"Where are those fan club applications, again? I have a feeling I'm going to be ogling at your ass an awful lot." He said, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Oh don't worry about that. I've considered you very carefully and from the interview we just had, I'd say you could be president."

Sora raised an eyebrow skeptically. "No votes from the rest of the members or anything?"

"Well, I am the object of this fan club." He said matter-of-factly. "Obviously I should get to choose who's in charge."

"Awesome!" He said, smugly. "Instant power." And with that he headed out the door.

Riku watched the door for a few seconds, smiling as he thought about the short brunette. He continued his interrupted task of washing the counter, washing off the evidence of their first meeting off. He glanced at the clock that read four o'seven. He sighed irritably. His remaining two hours were going to seem like hell, now.

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