Grad Night

It's the evening of their graduation and Kyo and Tohru spend one last visit on the roof of Shigure's house together, unknowing to what plans will soon be in store for the two of them. Oneshot and a bit of fluff.

Me: Hello and welcome to my first oneshot story! I hope everyone enjoys this!

Kyo: It's stupid if you ask me...

Me: Well you agreed to read off the disclaimer.

Kyo: On what terms!

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Kyo: You wouldn't...

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Kyo: Who's your first then!

Me: Hatori.


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It was the night Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, and many others finally graduated High School. The ceremony had long ended and a lively party had only gotten started at Shigure's house. Everyone seemed to be there: most of the members of the Juunishi (Kureno had to stay with Akito back at the main house and Rin decided to stay home in sulk in her frustrated mood), Uo, Hana, and even a few members from the "School Defense Force" showed up.

But throughout all the excitement, Tohru could bee seen hard at work in the kitchen. It was obvious to the fact that she was hard at work preparing tons of food for the party. This was how Kyo found her. He came into the kitchen to partly hide from Kagura and mostly because he knew he'd find Tohru there.

A slight but sad smile appeared on his handsome face. The orange-haired neko knew that he only had a few days, if not, hours left before he would be doomed to his cursed fate. But he wanted to spend what time he had left with-

"Tohru," Kyo started, his head tilted to the side. "What are you doing?"

Tohru looked up from the rice cooker and then turned to face him. "Oh, hello Kyo! Are you enjoying yourself?"

"You should be enjoying yourself, too." Kyo replied with a shrug. "It's your night too."

Tohru smiled warmly. "It's okay. I wouldn't want anyone to go hungry."

"Aw, let 'em starve."

"That would be terrible!"

Kyo watched Tohru panic for a moment, trying so hard to keep his laughter in. He then rolled his eyes and took her by the hand. "C'mon, let's go enjoy the party...together."

Tohru blinked through a slight crimson blush that tinted her sweet face. "But Shigure asked me to cook-"

"Tohru! My precious little flower!" Cried a voice from the doorway. Kyo turned around while Tohru looked around him to see Shigure standing there, a fan in his hand. "Tohru, you take such good care of us, even on a night of celebration!"

A look of death appeared in Kyo's eyes as they narrowed at Shigure. "You damn bastard! You told Tohru to work on our graduation night, didn't you!"

"Well, it was more or less a request." Shigure confessed, hiding a dirty smile behind his extended fan. "But other than that, I don't know what you mean!"

Kyo's fist clenched and a dark and aura seemed to hang around him. "Why you-"

Tohru hurried between the two and faced Kyo, her hands in front of her. "I-It's okay! I-I don't mind-"

Without warning, Kyo grabbed Tohru by her wrist and pulled her along with him, heading for the door.

Shigure slouched forward and had a sad look. "Kyo! What about the food?"

It was then that Kyo relieved Tohru of the cooking utensil that she held in her free hand and pelted it at the shameless dog. "Do it yourself, dammit!"

Shigure frowned and looked to the array of pots and pans filled with cooking food. There was no way he could manage his kitchen like this. But suddenly, the ringing of the telephone gave him the perfect excuse to sneak away. With a smile, the dog sauntered down to his office to take the call.

Tohru was quite speechless as she was dragged from the kitchen. But the expression on her face calmed down as she looked up at Kyo which then slowly saddened. Although Kyo had no knowledge of this, Tohru knew quite well of what would be the neko's fate. To think that someone she truly cared about was going to be locked away stung cold in her heart. She was sad for Kyo and wished there was at least something she could do to help him.

Kyo frowned. He saw Tohru's sad disposition from the corner of his eye. He hated to see her sad. Any girl for that matter. Girls were supposed to smile and laugh and be happy! He sighed and released Tohru from his grasp.

"What's wrong?" He asked. But when Tohru looked down and didn't respond, the neko sighed. "C'mon...let's go up on the roof."

In his bedroom/office, Shigure managed to find the persistent telephone under a mound of neglected papers. "Moshi Moshi!" He said into the phone cheerfully. A few moments passed and Shigure's hyperactive personality was put on hold.

"Why Akito, shouldn't you be on bed rest?"

The young graduates were greeted by a night full of lovely bright stars. A few thin black clouds stretched across the everlasting twilight skies. For a while, Tohru and Kyo sat there with nothing to say. But it would be Kyo who would break the ice first.

"Um, Tohru," He started. "There's something I should tell you."

Tohru looked up at Kyo, her eyes still filled with sadness. She had a hunch about what he was going to say. "What is it?"

Kyo looked at her with a guilty look. "Before I came here, I made a deal with Akito."

"What kind of a deal?" She asked.

Kyo looked away. "That if I couldn't beat that damn rat in a fight, then I would be...I would-"

"You would be locked away."

The neko's eyes filled with surprise as he looked up at the onigiri who had stood up and was standing a ways away. Her back was to him. " did you find out!"

Tohru folded her arms against her stomach and looked up into the skies of inky black. "I've known for a while...ever since-"

"Ever since Akito confronted you at the summer house." Kyo realized, standing up.

Not at all surprised, Tohru looked down. "I...I wish you didn't have to go. You mean so much to me."

Those words struck Kyo like a punch in the stomach. He didn't want to go either, but what choice did he have? "I mean that much to you?"

Tohru's voice shook as tears trickled down. "Y-yes..." She then felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her and a head resting against hers.

"I wish I could stay with you." Kyo whispered in her ear, making sure Tohru stayed close but to a point to not make him transform.

"So do I." Tohru responded. "Do you think we'll ever get the chance to see each other again?"

"I...dunno..." The neko replied honestly. "Just right now, please stay with me...even if it's just for one night."

"I will." Said Tohru with a nod.

Shigure sat with the company of Hatori away from the excitement of the party. But neither one of them seemed happy.

"Tomorrow, Akito wants me to bring Kyo to the main house." Shigure said.

"As figured." Hatori replied in his emotionless tone.

"Also..." Shigure added. "He wants you to erase Tohru's memories before you go back in the morning."

The dragon said nothing but gave a curt nod, taking a long drag on his cigarette. But you could see the sadness in his eyes. The loss of Tohru would be a loss to all the Juunishi, but what choice did he have?

Hana looked up from the displayed tray of grilled meats. Voices, so many voices hit her at once. But it only lasted for a few moments. But the waves still remained. But the initial surprise made her drop to her knees.

"Hana, what's wrong?" Uo asked gently, her voice worried. She knelt by her friend. "You're crying! Has something happened!"

The goth gave a small yet bittersweet smile through many tears that fell. "Something beautiful and yet so sad."

"What do you mean?"

"Tohru is going to need us over the next few days. I sense great chaos on the road ahead."

Uo gave a determined look. "Something is gonna happen to Tohru? We must stop-"

"No." Hana replied simply, standing up. "They must be together alone for a while. They don't have much time left and there is much love between them."

Uo looked up, confused, at her friend who turned her attention back to the grilled meats.