A/N: Sooo sorry about the shortness and pointlessness of this fic, but I had to right something in my (little) free time to get me out of writer's block! I think this qualifies as a drabble..


A cool breeze from our open window rustles scattered parchment upon the desk and gently laps your hair from its bun. You sigh happily and kiss me on the cheek, and as I lie here with you wrapped tightly in my arms, I thank God for allowing me to be the luckiest man in the world.

The school term has officially come to a close, and despite your urgent insisting that there is much to be done before we may call it a holiday, I have persuaded you to take a break to relax and renew your senses; the smile on your face tells me I was correct in doing so.

Our fingers intertwine magnetically, it seems. I kiss the palm of your hand and hold it to my heart so that you may feel its rhythm- you know you are the reason for its rapid pace. Tenderly, carefully you recline your head onto my shoulder. The soothing touch of your eyelashes and breath against my neck makes my hair to stand up on end.

"I love you.." you whisper, "with all my heart."

I smile and lean into your ear.

"And I love you more."