Five year old Dean and his twin sister Rain are sitting on the couch, enjoying a little late night TV. John comes into the room with six month old Sammy sleeping in his arms. He looks over at his two children who should be in bed.

"And what are you two doing up?" John said as he sat down in between the twins. Dean looks up at his father and smiles.

"Raindrop had a bad dream. She wanted me to sit here with her for a while."

"Don't be mad daddy. We weren't here for long." His daughter said to him. John just smiled at how well Dean looks after his sister, even at this age he could see Dean's need to protect her as well as Sam.

"It's ok I'm not mad, but it's late. You two should get some sleep." The two siblings looked at each other and it almost seemed like they were talking without talking. After a moment or two they looked at their father.

"Good night dad." Dean said as he hugged his father. "Good night Sammy." He said as he kissed his baby brother's head. He waited for his sister to say good night and they headed to the room they shared. John sat there for another hour before heading upstairs himself. He placed Sam in his crib and went to check on his other kids. They were sound asleep in their room. He smiled at how good his life was as he went to his room for a good nights sleep.

3:30 am

Mary woke up to the sound of her baby crying. She thought that he was hungry and went to feed him. As she got to his nursery, she saw, who she thought was her husband, standing over the baby.

"John, is he hungry?" She asked, but was answered with a shush. "Ok." She was about to go back to bed when she heard the TV on downstairs. When she got to the bottom she realized that John was there, asleep in his favorite arm chair. "Oh my god!" She said as she ran back up to the nursery. Mary opened the door and came face to face with something she couldn't even imagine in her wildest dreams. All she could do was scream.

John was awakened by his wifes screams and he ran up the stairs and to his son's nursery where the scream came. He went in and saw nothing out of the ordinary. There in his crib lay his baby boy.

"Daddy?" John turned around to see Dean standing in the doorway.

"What is it son?"

"Is Rain with you?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"What? She's not in the room?" John started to get scared. He figured the scream was just a dream and he was about to go look for his little girl when he felt something hit his hand. John slowly raised his head to look at the ceiling and that when he saw her. His wife, pinned to the ceiling, her stomach sliced open. That's when he realized that his six year old son was still in the room. He looked over at Dean who had hit eyes on his mother face. A face that was twisted in pain and misery. Before they knew it, the ceiling behind Mary erupted in flames. Without hesatation, John grabbed Sam from his crib and handed him off to Dean. "Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back!" John ordered.

"But Rain..?"

"I'll find her. Go Dean, Go!" Dean took off down the stairs with Sammy in hand. He made it out the front door and across the street just in time to see his father exit the house without his sister. John went over to where his son was standing and took the baby from him.

"Rain?" Dean asked almost pleading with his father.

"Dean...I don't...She wasn't in there. She' just gone." John couldn't even look at his son. He sat on the hood of his 67 Impala and watched as the firefighters faught to control the blaze, his mind never wondering from the thought of his missing daughter. Dean hasn't stopped crying and Sam fell asleep. One of the firemen came over and began talking to John. "Did you find her?" He asked with tears streaming down his face.

"Sir I'm sorry, but we only found one body. There was no little girl in that house."

"If she's not there, then where the hell is she?"

"I don't know sir, but we'll find her." When he finished, the man walked away. John didn't know what to tell Dean. He knew that Dean knew his sister was gone. They had a weid connection. Something John or anyone else would never understand. Even when they were as young as three, they would do things that seemed impossible. John knew his children spoke with each other with out words. He remembered a time just a couple months ago. They had broken a window while playing and were being punished. They had to sit in seprate rooms for a half hour. When ever John walked past either room, he heard them laugh and he knew they were talking to one another. Dean loved his sister so much and always looked after her. To find out that she was gone would tear the boy apart, but what could John do? He told his son that his sister was gone in a way that he would understand. Dean cried for hours that night, mouring not only the loss of his mother, but his sister as well. That night John swore that he would track down the thing that killed Mary. he knew whatever it was it had something to do with his daughters disapperence and he wouldn't rest until he found and killed it. He just hoped that he found his little Raindrop along the way.

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