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"Hey Tera I actually made it to the second level of Dante Must Die as Dante!" A girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes yelled from the couch that was positioned in front of the wide, flat-screen TV, a small table separating her slim form from the screen that showed the Mission 2 start screen.

"That's because you're playing with Dante in his shirtless costume Akina. You know it makes all the difference." A different girl noted as she sat on the other side of the couch, moving her chin length black hair away from her chocolate colored eyes, rubbing them slightly to ensure her contacts were still in place, a rather content grin on her face as her friend start to play again before pausing it randomly.

"Yeah but Vergil shirtless is so much hotter." Akina replied, cleaning her glasses with a brown shirt that said 'As a matter of fact the world does revolve around me.' In a rose colored font, her legs tucked to her side since she was wearing a faded jean skirt that went mid thigh. Tera laughed as she picked the dog hair off her faded pink tank top and jean shorts, crossing her legs to sit Indian style, poking a hole in her red sneakers.

"He's not even shirtless in the game. Just coatless." Her friend rebutted shrugging her shoulders and holding her hands up, palms towards the ceiling.

"That's only cause you like Dante!" Akina huffed and looked at her best friend with a pout. 'So what if only his well toned arms show!' she thought defensively, 'He's still fricken hot!'

"So?" Tera had replied with a confident grin knowing she'd win this argument. She was about to make a comment on the twins when she glanced at the screen. "Hey Akina? You did pause the game…right?" she asked tentivly, her eyes unmoving from the television.

"Yeah why do you….HOLY SHIT!" Akina exclaimed as the large grim reaper like boss was still moving though the screen read pause. She would've assumed it was a glitch that was if Dante moved as well. Frightened but what it might mean she pick up the controller and started rapidly pressing start. "It won't un-pause and the things laughing at us!"

"I'll try resetting it!" Her friend exclaimed as she jumped to the PS2, hitting the power button but to no avail. Getting desperate she pulled the plug and looked up at the screen. It was black with a white fuzz line going diagonally across the screen repeatedly. "Few that was close." She sighed in relief as she sat there with a triumphant smile on her face.

"Tera? HELP!" Akina yelled as Tera turned only to see the boss monster standing between her and her friend. It then raised its scythe over its head, laughing its annoying laugh once more before grabbing Akina and jumping into the TV.

"Shit! AKINA WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO PULL THAT TODAY!" Tera yelled as she jumped in after her friend and the demon. She landed in a strange blue and white wormhole of a tunnel. She took off running as the demon merely walked with its normal limp down the wormhole, still a goods ways from Tera. "AKINA! BITE ITS ARM SO IT LETS YOU GO!" Tera yelled as she still ran, not wanting to know what the demon had in store for Akina. And knowing her good friend, if the demon took her to Vergil there'd be no getting back home.

"ARE YOU NUTS? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE HE'S BEEN!" Akina yelled back as the demon turned to notice Tera gaining on him as he started to run as well. Tera had almost stopped in shock when she saw Akina. Her once brown hair looked…silver with purple highlights.

"I must be seeing things. No more ridin' the white horse for me today." Tera mumbled to herself as she followed the demon thru a mirror like portal at the end. She nearly gasped at what she saw. There, between herself and the demon carrying Akina, was Dante in all his glory. You then noticed the demon dropping Akina and yelling angrily as it started to raise its scythe. Being the reckless person she was, Tera ran up to Dante and took Ebony and Ivory from the back of his trench coat. "Borrowingthese.Needtosaveher.You're hot.Thanks!Bye!" She rattled off as she ran up to the demon, firing rapidly. "Nakia grab the scythe!" Tera yelled as Akina looked around for this 'Nakia'. "NAKIA! Grab the scythe next to you." Tera stressed with a wink as Akina nodded grabbing the scythe from a previous demon that had been killed and started attacking the demon.

"Dante you could make yourself useful and HELP US!" Akina yelled towards the silver haired man who was just standing there trying to catch up with what happened. Snapping out of his thoughts he drew rebellion and stuck the final blow to the demon that was knocked to the ground.

"Now this is turning out to be quite the party!" Dante yelled excitedly as more demons appeared as the trio fought them off. Once they were gone the two girls stood there panting as Dante looked as if it was nothing to him. "Now my lovely demon friends, would you mind giving me back my guns?" the half demon asked as the girls looked at each other and back to him. Then it finally hit the girls.

"OH MY GOD WE'RE IN THE DMC3 WORLD!" they both squeed as the jumped up and down excitedly. Suddenly they stopped as they looked at each other in shock. Akina now had silver hair with purple highlights down to the middle of her back, her jean skirt now a silky purple fabric. Her shirt was the same except the font was now purple and the top a black color. She also now had a silver lined black leather trench coat that went to her black army boots that came up to her knees. Tera's hair was now crimson red with gold highlights the same length and a black choker around her neck. Her pink tank was now a halter-top that faded from white at the top to red at the bottom. Her short were now black with the left side have a pant length leg while the right remained short Her left had a gun holster on the thigh while the right had it on the hip. Both holsters were empty. She also wore black army boots but they only came half calf. Tera and Akina's eyes had stayed the same.

"This must of happened…" Tera started as she went the check out the back of Akina's trench coat, observing the belts on the back that seemed to be arranged to hold a scythe.

"…when we went through the portal. What now Flare? Beat the game?" Akina finished as she faced Tera, a smirk on her face hopping this wouldn't be her only fight today. Tera was about to answer her when Dante coughed loudly to get their attention.

"Like I was saying. Guns. Now." Dante ordered as he held his hand out towards Tera who smiled devilishly twirling Ivory on her finger before placing it in her right holster, Ebony in her left. Dante frowned at this and started to walk towards her, obviously wanting them back.

"Now Dante, you wouldn't leave a poor, defenseless human girl without a weapon would you?" Tera asked sweetly and Akina laughed knowing full well that Tera was going to try for Dante's weakness. Girls.

"Oh I wont leave you defenseless. After all you got me. You don't need a weapon as long as I'm here." Dante replied with a cocky grin across his face as he took the guns from the holsters, letting his fingers clumsily drag across Tera's skin in the process. Tera backed away slightly as Dante laughed. Akina just shook her head.

"Yeah but who's gonna protect her from you….why aren't my feet touching the ground?" Akina question as she looked over her shoulder, immediately regretting she did it. There was the demon boss again, but this time he had her stuck on his scythe because of the belts on her trench coat. "TERA! DANTE! IT'S ALIVE!" she yelled as she tried to hit it with her own scythe, only to have the demon take it from her.

"Nakia! Wiggle free of you trench coat!" Tera yelled as she tried taking the guns from Dante to help her but when she looked Dante was already trying to kill it. Tera looked back at Nakia who was clinging to her trench coat.

"NEVER! I've wanted one forever and it's wicked awesome!" she yelled back. True she did want the trench coat but there was another reason she was letting it take her. 'If my memory serves me well, this demon goes back to Vergil. Which means I get to meet Vergil face to face.' She thought happily and she smiled. "Flare I'll be fine! Meet you at the top!" She shouted with a wink as the demon fled, Akina with it.

"DAMMIT! I knew she'd try to find Vergil! Who knows what she'll get herself into! GOD DAMMIT!" Tera yelled in frustration as she punched the wall to her left causing it to crack slightly as her hand started to bleed. After a moment she started to head towards the Temi-guru that loomed in the distance. Dante however caught her wrist and stopped her.

"Whoa there lady. Going after her is suicide with all those demons in there." Dante stated as he turned her to face him, making strange hand motions that made no sense.

"Your point?" She asked, determination burning in her eyes.

"You could be killed since you don't have a weapon." He added with a smirk after seeing the look in her eyes as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. She wasn't going to stop for anything…well…maybe some things.

"I thought I had you." Tera replied with a coy smirk. She knew she had him now. After all, girl plus ego trip was the half devil's favorite kind of parties…well almost. Dante's smirk just widened as he shook his head.

"And how might you aid me?" Dante asked seductively while eyeing her up and down. 'Not bad.' He thought. 'I wonder how fast she'll be mine.' But "Flare" knew all too well about Dante's ideas of 'aid' and 'reward'.

"I know how to get to the top and I know Vergil is there. Plus I might be inclined to reward you in the end. So, here's my question to you Dante, son of Sparda. Wanna crash a party?"

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