Title: Rowan Has Two Mommies.

Author: Me

Rating: PG

Summary: Spencer and Ashley and baby makes three. Future fic.

Disclaimer: This fic was kind of inspired by an OC oneshot I read over at but will differ in characters, plot, and storyline. I don't own that fic, but I own this one. I do not, however, own its characters except for the ones I make up.

Author's Note: I'm taking a break from my other WIP because I'm stuck, so sorry to anyone who was follwing "City Too Corrupt." Let me know if you like this and maybe I'll make it into a series or spin it off or something. Oh, and if this bit reads like it was written by a child, it's because that's what I was going for. Un-beta'd, so any mistakes are my own.

Rowan has two mommies. He doesn't think it's weird even though some other people do. He just thinks it makes him a little different but different is good because it would be boring if everyone was all the same. So he's happy he has two mommies instead of a mommy and a daddy, well, he has a daddy that helped make him but he doesn't see him or even know what he looks like, and that's okay because two mommies are plenty enough parents. So even though almost all the other kids have a mommy and daddy, it's okay because he likes being different.

Rowan remembers hearing once that having two mommies is wrong, but he doesn't understand this because his mommies are really good to him and even though they make him eat vegetables and give him time-outs when he's bad, they still love him very much and tell him so all the time. He knows that even though they fight sometimes and take time away from each other, they love each other too. So how can that be wrong?

So Rowan doesn't care too much when the other kids tease him sometimes because mommy Spencer says that sticks and stones may break his bones but words may never hurt him. He's not exactly sure how a stick would break his bones but mommy Ashley taught him how to throw a mean right hook if he ever needs it.

And Rowan thinks he'd much rather have two mommies anyway because his friend Stevie says that dads aren't all that great. He says that all they do is work all day and come home when they're too tired to play with you and just sit on the couch and watch the news. Rowan's mommies always have time to play with him. His mommy Spencer doesn't really like the news and works from home so she can be there when Rowan gets back from school to help him with his homework and even play Tonka trucks when she's not making dinner. And even when mommy Ashley gets back from work, she's never too tired to take him to the park or play catch in the backyard, and she always brings him really cool presents. Both his mommies say that family is the most important thing, next to God, so Rowan believes them.

That's why he doesn't complain too much when he has to go see his Grandma Paula or Uncle Glen or go to church. Even though he doesn't really like doing any of those things, he does because mommy Ashley says they're really important to his mommy Spencer and it makes her happy. And since Rowan is a good boy and he loves to see his mommy happy, he goes.

Once, Rowan heard his grandma say something that sounded like she didn't think his mommy Ashley was like a real mother. That made Rowan really angry and he didn't talk to his grandma for weeks because of it because his mommy Ashley was just as much his mother as his mommy Spencer was. They were exactly the same as mommies. Well, not exactly the same. They were different on the outside.

His mommy Ashley wasn't as tall and she had reddish-brown hair and brown eyes almost the same as his. And also, his mommy Ashley usually let him get away with more stuff and was more fun most of the time. She was the one who liked to spoil him and let him play all those video games that mommy Spencer says are too violent. But she can also be strict when she wants to. Like the time she washed his mouth out with soap when he said the S-word.

His mommy Spencer has sort of golden brown hair and blue eyes, like he does, because she was the one who gave birth to him, and she's usually more firm with him. She always makes sure he brushes his teeth and takes his bath and doesn't put his same underwear back on. But she can be really kind, too. She's usually the one that kisses him better when he gets hurt and tells him that it's okay when people stare meanly.

His mommies aren't exactly the same but they're both his mommies and that's the point.