It's the return of the La Femme Nikita ReRun Series! This little piece was inspired by Dante's Inferno and the episode Gates of Hell -the best Michael ep ever in my opinion. Trust me, it works. Humbly brought to you by the bard of bad poetry, the master of missed meter, the ruler of wretched rhyme- me. I present to you, oh mighty audience, what I think should written above Section's front door.

The Gates of Hell Have Pressure Valve Locks
By BithaBlu

Abandon All Hope
Ye Who Enter Here

Abandon all that you know
Leave yourself on the threshold
For once you walk through these doors
You are Section's clay to mold

All that you had is now lost
Those who loved you now grieve
To all but Section, you're dead
And only with death can you leave

Hope is a thing of the past
And we serve the future only
Do not dwell on what's been lost
For memories will make you lonely

Ye might be tempted to hate it but
Without us the world would corrode
Though Section's good intentions
Have paved an exclusive road

Who amongst us still bears a soul?
That blessed 5%
And yet they too must fall
Leaving no one to repent

Enter this gate of hell
A pressure valve locked door
Here you will obey and serve
And forget what you once were. For-

Here is your winter of discontent
Here is your spring into despair
Here is your summer of pain
Here is your fall into hell

Abandon All Hope
Ye Who Enter Here