I'm going to steal you

"Ugh!" Lisa moaned slowly waking, her body twisted and her neck stiff at an angle. She squirmed to find a new position. Her eyes were nearly adjusted to this light or lack of light. She could make out her own hand in front of her face and the bigger items in the room like the toilet next to her or the shower curtain pushed back, bunched up on the opposite side of the tub. She twisted a little again. The thin motel pillow had been hardly any help in the night keeping her comfy.

A chill went through her body. Her feet and the end of the blanket were still cold and wet. In her sleep she had inadvertently kicked the knob turning the faucet on. Lisa had immediately woken up and kicked it off. Still that couldn't undo that fact that she would spend the rest of the night cold.

Lisa closed her eyes and leaned back resting her head against the wall. A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

"Time to wake up" Jackson's smooth voice cooed as he strolled through the door flipping on the light. It flickered to life causing Lisa to cry out and cover her eyes. She muttered a curse word as Jackson placed his hand on the side of her face forcing her to look at him. Lisa dropped her arm.

"W-what?" she growled finally looking at him. She sucked in a quick breath. He was looming over her, a pair of very sharp looking scissors in his hand.

"Sit up, Leese" commanded the man. Slowly Lisa edged her self upward. She was still locked to the tub and had very little room to move.

"What are you doing?" her eyes were still filled with fear but her voice was steady. Jackson rolled his eyes clearly agitated with his captive.

"Okay, once again it seems I have to fill you in on the obvious, yes?" she said nothing and he continued, "My guess is we have one, maybe two days tops before your co-workers realize their anal retentive boss isn't there and isn't coming back." Her eyes dropped away from his face. He sighed quickly and grabbed her chin guiding her eyes back to meet his, "Someone may make the connection between my escape and you're missing. I'm surprised no one's seen the news report and already tried to call and warn you."

Lisa thought of the night before and not wanting to have to talk to anyone. She just hadn't been in the mood to convince her dad that she was okay or having to talk to Cynthia who called practically every night now. Lisa remembed turning off her cell phone. Not tonight, she had muttered and plugged it in to charge.

"Idiot." She breathed.

She felt a hard tug on her hair as Jackson pulled at it, before snipping off a lock.

"HEY!" she cried more in surprise then anything.

"I know what your thinking and stop." He said cutting off another lock of curled hair, "You'll look just as pretty with short hair." Jackson's voice was over flowing with condescending sarcasm.

He continued roughly chopping at her hair as he spoke, "As I was saying, someone may notice you're not there and report you missing. You can't be selfish about this, Leese. We both have to make sacrifices if we want to get the job done. That's what we do. We stay committed to our job whether we like what we have to do or not."

"What sacrifice have you made?" she roared. Lisa didn't have to be careful with her words for fear of her dad getting hurt this time. She was just looking out for herself in this room. So she'd mouth off if she wanted. Lisa swallowed hard before continuing.

"It doesn't matter much anyway what I look like, right! I mean…you're going to kill me when we get wherever we're going." Her voice had dropped to nearly a whisper. Once again she diverted her eyes. She didn't want to give him the pleasure of seeing her cry.

"Oh Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Why must you make everything so dramatic? I try to do something simple but you won't allow it." She could sense he was not talking about her hair, "You have to go and be dramatic fighting ever step of the way. You have to complicate the situation. You couldn't have just played along!" he was getting angrier, "You couldn't have just been a good little pawn and done what you were supposed to. Both our lives would have been so much easier for it!" he stopped cutting and brushed her shoulder, knocking off some stray strands of hair. Almost as quickly as his rage had appeared, it faded. Now his face was calm, almost bored.

"You done?" she asked, not daring to guess at how badly he had mutilated her head. He stood up and walked out of the room. Lisa sighed heavily and leaned back, closing her eyes. Suddenly she felt fabric hit her face. She opened her eyes and with her free hand pulled a grey shirt off her face.

"I'm beginning to suspect that maybe the reason you didn't want to go along with the rules," he said leaning over to jam the key in the lock and twisting, "was because you were so depressed at the thought of never seeing me again." He paused as he was pulling away. His face was only inches from her own as he gave her that charming smile that haunted her nightmares. He slipped the cuffs into his pocket and walked out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

Through the thin wood he called, "Change quickly. We have to get going." Lisa shot a hateful look at the door. This should have all been behind her, she thought as she painfully pulled herself from the tub.

He was supposed to be in jail and she was supposed to be getting back to her nice simple mundane life. Why did everything have to go back to this crazy chaos? Why couldn't things stay simple?

Lisa changed into the clothes he had given her. She felt grateful just to be out of those pajamas. As Lisa looked at her reflection in the mirror she was surprised to see he hadn't done nearly as bad cutting her hair as she had thought. Lisa touched her chestnut hair that seemed to be cut with a purposeful mess to it. Lisa was now wearing the outfit he had given her a grey blouse and black skirt. The woman closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against the cool glass of the mirror. Slowly tears began to fill her eyes and spill down her face as sobbed quietly. There had to be a way to get out of this situation. There just had to be. Lisa opened her eyes. She would not let Jackson kill her. He had tried before and he had failed. Lisa licked her lips. She sniffled and used the back of her hand to wipe away her tears. The woman threw her shoulders back and glared, deviant at her reflection. She had beaten him before. She could do it again. Lisa threw the door open and stepped in to the hotel room.

It seemed so big for a moment. Being trapped in a cramped tub seemed to make everything else seem larger and more spacious. Her eyes roamed over the room, seeing the TV, the bed, the phone and alarm clock on the nightstand, and finally settled on Jackson.

"The clothes fit." Jackson's smooth voice stated. He stood near the bed slipping a cell phone into his pocket. He was dressed in a crisp whine colored shirt with a pair of black pants and a matching black suit jacket. His attire almost didn't seem to match his new look. That clean red shirt seemed to clash with the scar on his neck. His piercing blue eyes, which were so filled with evil, seemed much more exposed without his bangs playfully falling in front of them. He looked cold and dangerous to Lisa. Then again it might have just been the fact that she could now see through the façade of his boyish good looks.

Slowly but purposefully she walked up to him. She balled her fist to stop her hands from shaking. As she approached him Jackson stared coldly at her, with a hint of curiosity. Lisa narrowed her eyes. She was forming a plan as she went through with it her mind buzzing trying to stay one step ahead of what was actually happening.

"I didn't notice it before," she said carefully. Jackson raised one brow, "but your voice…" she continued, "is nearly back to normal. Only now with a slight scratch to it every now and then." Lisa looked up at him, fire in her eyes, "I should have twisted the pen when I shoved it in your throat."

She reached down to the nightstand with lightening reflexes, grabbing the bulky alarm clock. She swung her arm forward letting her self cry out as she prepared for the impact when it slammed into his head.

But that didn't happen. The alarm clock jerked back half way between his head and the nightstand. Lisa's eyes darted down. The alarm clock, probably like every thing in the room, was tethered down.

"Oh shit." Maybe that was a bad idea…

To Be Continued…Again

A/N: Sorry about the long wait! I really am. But I just regained interest in the story and hope to continue it. I know I don't deserve to have you guys keep reading but do it for Jack and Lisa!

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