The Turquoise Stone

Beast Boy fails to resurrect the girl he knew as Terra. Raven reluctantly agrees to try her luck and discovers she has much more in common with this mysterious girl than she thought. Can Raven do what Beast Boy could not? BB, RAE, TER; prequel to First Date, post Things Change. Titans are not mine. Some dark topics touched here.

Miutsu, see end of chapter 8

Chapter I: Beast Boy's Appeal

The Titans staggered into the Tower's main room after another long unsuccessful confrontation with the "Thing". It had eluded them for almost a week. Robin slammed his fists down on the table in frustration.

"There's got to be a way to stop it!" he growled in frustration. The others watched him intently but were too weary to join him.

"Easy Robin," Cyborg spoke up. "We'll get him. Let's relax for a bit and try fresh in the morning."

Robin buried his face in his hands; he hated losing. Starfire walked up behind Robin and gently laid her hand on his shoulder. Raven could feel some of the tension leave his body. She was glad someone could take him down a notch. Robin could wind himself up so tight sometimes.

"Anyone up for a snack?" Cyborg asked the others as he headed for the frig.

"No thanks, I'm turning in," Raven told the others. She needed some down time after their confrontation and she just wasn't into eating at the moment.

"I think I'll do the same," Beast Boy surprisingly said. The other Titans looked curiously at him.

"Goodnight everyone," Raven said as she lightly waved to the others. She turned and headed up to her bedroom. Beast Boy followed close behind her. She could sense anxiety swirling inside him.

Raven paused in front of her door; Beast Boy had walked past his and stood silently behind her. She turned her head and looked curiously at him. "Yes?" she said slightly annoyed. It was late and she really wanted to find sanctuary in her room.

Beast Boy looked down and nervously ran his hand through his hair. He looked back up cautiously into Raven's dark eyes. She could be so intimidating sometimes.

"I need to talk to you," he said.


Beast Boy paused unsure how to start. "It's kind of personal. Can we talk in your room?"

"No," Raven replied curtly. "Look Beast Boy I'm really tired. Can't we do this tomorrow?"

Raven's door opened. She was about to enter her room when Beast Boy suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm. Raven jumped at the sudden contact. She turned and glared at him.

"Raven," Beast Boy stammered. "I really need to talk to you, please."

"Let go of my arm," Raven said in a low voice. Beast Boy refused to release her. "I said let go, NOW!" She had just about had enough of Beast Boy's antics.

Beast Boy sighed then reluctantly let her go. Raven turned and entered her room. Whatever Beast Boy had to say could wait until morning. She slowly walked into her room as the door slid closed behind her before she collapsed onto the bed. Soft moonlight illuminated the room through the open curtains. Raven's eyes closed as she drifted off into a light slumber.

Raven suddenly sat up with a gasp. She looked around slightly disoriented in her dark room as the remnants of her dream drifted from her consciousness. Her eyes ached as she swung her legs back onto the floor and stumbled towards her door.

The door slid open and Beast Boy tumbled backwards. His eyes shot open as he lay in the doorway.

"How long have you been here?" Raven asked.

Beast Boy slowly rolled over and stood up as he tried to rub some life back into his eyes. "How should I know?" he said slightly agitated.

"Come in," Raven surprisingly said. She figured he had something important to discuss with her if he had waited outside her door this long.

"Thanks," Beast Boy said groggily as he staggered into the darkness then stood uncomfortably.

Raven brought the lights up to their lowest setting barely illuminating her room. She walked over and sat on the corner of her bed. She held up her hand and slid one of her chairs over for Beast Boy to sit. He turned it backwards then straddled it folding his arms across the top of the back rest. Raven waited silently for him to begin.

"It's Terra," Beast Boy began slowly. "She told me not to see her anymore."

Raven folded her arms across her chest. "You mean the girl you think is Terra," she mildly corrected him.

"No," he said forcefully. "I KNOW it's her; she's lying to me."

"Aren't you being a little too persistent about this," Raven tried to correct him. He was bordering on being obsessed. "I mean if you keep this up she's going to file stalking charges against you."

Beast Boy turned his head down and seethed at Raven's comment. "Look, I need you to talk with her; to figure out if she's telling the truth. I need to know who she is." He looked back into her eyes nearly in tears. "Please," he gently pleaded with her, "do this one thing for me."

"What the hell do you want me to do?" Raven said slightly perplexed.

"I don't know," Beast Boy replied in frustration. "Just talk to her. Figure out if she's hiding something."

"What makes you think I have a better chance of figuring out who she is?" Raven continued. "I'm not exactly a social butterfly you know."

Beast Boy sighed. "Because, you're the only person who understands the way I feel about her." He paused to let his words sink in. "We've both had our hearts broken before. I need to know. If it's not her at least I'll be able to move on."

Raven looked at her flustered friend. Both of them had endured a love that had double crossed them. "OK, I'll talk to her; but promise you won't take it out on me if I find out it's not her."

"I promise," he said thankfully.

"Let's call it a night," Raven replied wearily. It was nearly 4:30 in the morning and she desperately wanted to get some sleep. She hoped the other Titans were as spent as she was; a seven AM wake up call would not be appreciated.

Beast Boy smiled then slowly rose from the chair. Raven stood up and escorted him towards the door. It slid open and Beast Boy paused momentarily. He turned and unexpectedly gathered Raven into his arms and hugged her tightly.

"Thanks Raven, I owe you one," we whispered softly to her.

Raven cautiously extracted herself from his embrace. "I think you owe me more than one."

Beast Boy smiled to her. "I think so too." He slowly exited the room then turned around to face her just as she was about to close the door. "Raven," Beast Boy called lightly to her. "You're really a much better person to talk to than you give yourself credit for. Thanks for listening to me."

Raven smiled back at him, "Get some sleep Garfield."

Beast Boy frowned momentarily, "Good night Raven." He turned towards his door. Raven watched him enter his room and waited for his door to close before she turned in for the night.