Chapter VIII: The Return

Beast Boy rolled over restlessly on his bed and buried his head underneath the pillow. It had been almost two days since he sent Raven to talk to Terra. He hadn't heard a thing since and he was beginning to get worried. If she didn't show up soon he was going to have to tell the others. Robin and Cyborg were bound to put him through an uncomfortable lecture.

Thankfully everyone was used to Raven disappearing without a trace for a couple of days so no one had bothered to check up on her. Beast Boy had snuck a quick peak at their tracking program and noticed she had gone east into the desert. Raven didn't seem like the camping type so he had no idea what she was doing out there.

Beast Boy heard a knock at the door and groaned softly to himself from underneath his pillow. He was sure that it was Robin of Cyborg coming to tell him they had found out what he had done.

"Come in, the door's unlocked," he said without bothering to extricate himself from his bed. He was contemplating turning himself into a fly and hiding in the vents until this whole thing blew over. Beast Boy heard his door slide open and waited for Robin's voice to call out to him.

"This is some welcoming committee," Raven's familiar dry voice filled the room.

Beast Boy quickly turned over and sat up in his bed. He was startled by Raven's odd appearance. She wasn't dressed in her usual outfit; she wore a tight-fitting pair of khaki shorts, an over-sized white t-shirt and a tan canvas hat.


Raven folded her arms across her chest. "I trek two days across the desert and that's the response I get. You didn't even bother getting dressed for me." A small smirk crossed her face.

Beast Boy looked down. He had a pair of boxers on and an extremely worn short-sleeved shirt.

"I brought someone to see you," Raven said with a smile.

"Hey Beast Boy," Terra said faintly from the doorway as she stepped into his room. She was dressed very similar to Raven.

"Terra, is it really you?" Beast Boy said hopefully.

"Yes, I'm all here now," she said cryptically as she turned and looked at Raven.

A silence settled over the trio as Beast Boy's mind raced.

"Look," Raven spoke up finally. "I'm really tired and you two need to catch up so if you don't mind I'm going to get a shower and turn in for the night."

"Good night Raven," Terra said gently. She gathered Raven into her arms and hugged her tenderly before she left the room.

Raven wearily walked out of Beast Boy's room and over to her door then smiled to herself. She had done her good deed for the day and was ready to grab a quick shower, change into something more comfortable and collapse into her nice soft bed, by herself. The door slid open and the familiar smell of her room wafted over her.

"Raven, wait," Beast Boy's voice called out behind her. Raven turned around just in time for Beast Boy to gather her in a mighty bear hug. "Thanks, for everything. I owe you big time," he said softly to her.

Raven closed her eyes and buried her face into Beast Boy's chest. She enjoyed his warm embrace as they swayed gently together in the hallway. The pair slowly withdrew from each other. Raven looked into Beast Boy's beaming face.

"Beast Boy," Raven softly said to him. "It's rude to leave your guest by herself."

Beast Boy laughed lightly then turned and went back to his room. Raven smiled to herself as she watched him reenter his room and his door slowly slide closed behind him.

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