Libby moaned as she sat up from her position on the bed and turned on the light that sat on top of the table beside her, squinting as the bulb turned on. She let out a grunt when weight fell on her stomach with a giggle and a faint tune was playing from somewhere underneth all of the blankets. "Daddy's phone is singing," Annalynn whispered, handing Libby the cell phone. Putting on her glasses, she glanced at the call display, her eyebrows raising in interest: Doll Face.

Hanging up on the caller, Libby patted the child on the head, "thanks sweetie," she whispered, clutching the phone in her hand.

"It woke me up four times tonight, who keeps calling for Daddy?" Annalynn asked, curling up in a spot next to Libby. "Is it Uncle Alex? Daddy lets me answer it if it's Uncle Alex."

"How about we get some sleep? Your Dad will be home soon," she suggested, taking off her glasses. "You want to watch some TV before we go back to sleep?" Annalynn nodded with a smile as she got underneth the covers, almost hiding as her body was swallowed by the heavy blankets and pillows. It wasn't long until she fell asleep, her soft snores filling the emptyness when Libby turned the TV off.

Every fifteen minutes his phone would go off and the constant Doll Face showing up on the screen, only annoying Libby more and more. When Austin finally returned that night, his walk more sober than she expected, he walked over to her side of the bed and leaned down, giving her a kiss. "Hey," he whispered, scrunching his eyebrows together in confusion. "Is Annalynn OK? What's wrong?"

Libby stiffed a laugh as she moved out of the bed and stood so she was looking Austin in the eye, his phone in her hand. "Annalynn is fine," she whispered, holding the phone up. "She couldn't sleep well though because your phone kept going off." She handed the phone to him, shoving it in his chest and knocking him backwards onto the other bed. "It's 'Doll Face' you should be worried about because she's only called seventeen times since Annie came in here. Once every fifteen minutes," she informed him, arms crossed her chest. "It was four years ago," Libby whispered, looking down at where he sat on the bed. "Why is she still on your phone?"

He didn't answer her when he stood up and left for the balcony, cell phone in his hand while he overlooked the view. Nothing interesting at this time of one in the pool, no parties, no random yells from Alex about how drunk he is from the balconies around him. He took a look back through the patio doors, finding Libby sitting on a bed with her back towards him, waiting for him to make the call. Just a simple phone call and she could be gone from his life...

Taking a deep breath, he dialed her phone number slowly, making sure each number showed up on the screen before he pushed the sent button. "I'm in the parking lot," Dolly told him for a greeting. "I need to talk to somebody, and you're the only person I can trust right now." Hanging up on her, Austin walked back in the hotel room while he shoved his phone in his back pocket, finding his girlfriend now turned so she was facing him.

"Well?" she asked, tucking her knees to her chest.

"She needs somebody to talk to," he whisperd. "And I'm the only pers.."

Libby let out a laugh, causing Annalynn to stir. "Austin, that's such bullshit," she told him, her eyes flamming. "She's just trying to steal you from me because she's jealous."

"She doesn't want me back, Libs," he told her calmly. "Look, I'm going down to talk to her, then I'll come right back up. No longer than twenty minutes, I promise."

Libby stood up, tucking her brown hair behind her ears in anger before she hid her hands in the sleeves of her shirt. "All she is going to do is break your heart," she said. "And she'll probably try something on you too, that whore..."

"Don't call her that." Her eyes widened at his response, waiting for an explanation. "Dolly isn't a whore..."

"She left you!" Libby shouted, no longer caring about the sleeping four year old. "She left you, and she left her daughter because she's a selfish whore! And you're defending her?"

"I asked you not to call her that," he almost shouted. "Look, I'm going down there, and I'm going to talk to her..."

"Then don't expect me to be here when you get back," she retorted, picking up Annalynn in her sleeping state. "I'm going to Petey's. Take as long as you want, and I'll see you at the wedding." She slipped on her sandals and placed her hand on the door knob, turning around one last time to look at him. "It was four fucking years ago," she told him. "I thought you were ready to move on..."

Austin watched as they left down the hall and towards the elevator, making him take the stairs to get to the parking lot. Stepping outside, the warm weather greeted him as his eyes searched for the familar beat up Chevy that was always parked near the back, that way no one could see her waiting for him...just like it was when they were dating.

He found the truck with Dolly leaning against it, a cigerette hanging out of her mouth and dressed in her favourite jean mini skirt, a white tank top and a hat on her head. Even though it was dark out, sunglasses were on her face, but from how her tumb kept going underneth them, he could tell she was crying.

"Dolly?" he asked quietly, approching her slowly. "What's going on?"

Flicking the cigerette to the ground, she took the hat off of her head, shocking Austin when he saw she had returned to her natural blonde. "I'm leaving AJ," she told him, wiping a tear away. "And...I didn't know who to tell..."

"The wedding is this afternoon," Austin mentioned. "Your best friend is getting married today, and you're the maid of honor. Why do you have to leave now? Candy is getting married and you're just going to leave her like that on the biggest day of her life?" He threw his hands in the air and paced a circle while he kept his eyes on the ground. "Just like that, you're leaving? Where are you going?"

Dolly shrugged her shoulders. "I'll figure it out when I get there...I have money..."

"What about Dixie? Did you talk to her?"

"I told her Vince offered me a contract, and she told me to take it." His laughter echoed in the parking lot as he leaned against the next car with his hands on his knees.

"You're fucking unbelivable. Running away again...running away from what? A steady future? A steady relationship?" He stopped and studdied her and how she was leaning against her truck, how her arms were placed and how low her head was. "Running away because someone loves you," he figured it out, whispering the last part.

"It's hard to be in a relationship when the two people in said relationship don't have the same feelings towards each other. You should know about that," she told him with a chuckle. "Afterall, it was me that you were with to get what you want, right? Because it's easy to get what you want when you know someone loves you as much as they do, I figured that out when I was with AJ. If I wanted money, I could get it from him anytime. Wanted to go out, sure, why not? Oh, and sex..." she took off her sunglasses and glared at him through her blood shot eyes, "sex was the easiest thing to get, because to the other person, it's more than just that. It's an intimate connection, it's love making, and it's a beautiful thing. But see, in your case with me, and my case with AJ...we were just getting it because we knew we could." She wiped away another tear and laughed, giving herself a small smirk. "It all makes sense now," she whispered. "When we first started doing it, remember how you'd never look at me? I always had my back towards you because you couldn't watch me, you felt guilty, but that didn't matter. You knew I loved you, so hey...why not play along, right? Tonight, AJ and I...I couldn't look at him. Kept my eyes shut the entire time. I had to keep my eyes shut because if I were to open them, and I saw him him, I'd feel guilty. Not just because I don't love him and felt bad about it, but because if I were to open my eyes and just get the quickest glance at him...he'd be you."

Austin closed his eyes as she walked over to him, the smell of nicotine instantly filling the empty space between them. They stood toe to toe in the back of the parking lot, their first time alone since she had left him four years ago, and with the gentlest touch, he reached out and took her hand in his, pulling her close to him. "Austin, I want you to hold me."

Sighing in defeat, he wrapped his arms around the smaller person and held her close, remebering the familar curves from long ago. She still wrapped her arms around him the same she did back then and placed her head in the exact same spot on his shoulder, leaning against him while she shook. His hands roamed her back, which still soothed her he found, seeing her breathing go down to a regular pace. With a moan, he gave her one last squeeze before he let her go, watching as she was slightly lowered back to her petite frame.

"You and Libby," she said finally, "you're happy with her?"

Nodding his head, Austin answered. "Yeah, she's great. Annalynn loves her. We're taking things slow since...our last relationships both sucked."

"Oh yeah? How slow?" Dolly asked, eyeing his arms. She remembered those arms so clearly, how close they would hold her against him, how protected she felt when she was in them.

"How slow? We've been dating four months, and we haven't had sex yet," he answered.

"You only waited three weeks with me," she said with a chuckle, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth.

Austin nodded his head, pursing his lips together and tried to look at her in the eye, but looked away when he saw she was looking back. "I don't want her like I wanted you," he admitted. "You were this little ball of sensual energy, and you wore those short shorts and small shirts when you trained...Libs is too innoncent to be like that. AJ put her through a lot...were you happy with him?"

"I was," she whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "I was until you came back." They let the words hang in the empty air, the silence between them never dawning on. "At the wedding..." she started, closing her eyes to think, "can you tell Alex I say thanks? And Candy that I'm sorry?"

"Her dress is green," Austin told her, walking up to the door and leaning again the truck. "She said there was no point in wearing white since...well, since she isn't a virgin."

Her hand was on the door handle, and with the slight budge with her shoulder, she pushed it open. When he raised his eyebrows in confusion, Dolly moved over to the passenger seat. "Come sit with me," she offered, bringing her knees to her chest and with a smile. "One more time...before I leave."

"Dolly..." he moaned, running his fingers through his short buzzed hair. When he looked back at her, looked back at those green eyes that he had learned to block out of his mind just a few months ago, after meeting Libby. When he saw her staring back at him, he gave in. "Fine...just this once," he told her, climbing in and sitting on the drivers seat side.

He watched as she climbed over to him, her hands toying with his goatee, threading it between her fingers like she used to. Their lips were just mere milimetres apart before Austin put his hand on the door handle, threatening to leave silently. "I said I wouldn't...I promised I wouldn't," he whispered, his breath brushing past her lips.

"Come on Austin," she whispered back, throwing a leg over him, gently rubbing themselves against her. "One more time?" she stroked his cheek with the back of his hand when he saw that he was tucking a stand of hair behind her ear. When he leaned his forehead against hers, she took the chance to move her lips just that much closer to his, pressing them together. He wouldn't give in at first, rembering his promise he made to Libby before he left, but when she placed her hands on his shoulder and slowly moved them up to the back of his neck, he let his hands roam to her back, bringing her closer to deepen the kiss.

He could feel it, her legs wrapping around him as much as they could before the seat got in the way, using her power to roll over onto her back, letting him on top of her. Their guards were down, and their significant others no longer was back to just the two of them in Dolly's 89' Chevy. His groin rubbed up against her, letting their lips depart for the first time since connecting so she could let out a gasp, allowing her hands to instantly go to the button of his jeans. Their breathing was heavy as their hands fumbled over each others, each of them wanting the other equally as bad.

Looking out the window, he took note of the full moon...just like it was the last time they were in the truck together. The late summer sky, completely black except for the perfect circle in the sky, lighting up what the street lights and stars couldn't. His thoughts drifted to the last time they were in the truck, the time where Dolly told him she was pregnant. The day where she confessed her fantasies and dreams and changed his life forever. He remembered how the smallest things mattered to her, the way you look at her in the eye, how you hold her, even remembered how she mentioned the only thing she ever really wanted was for him to be on top so he could watch her. It wasn't something he had thought about until now, and finally getting the top button of his jeans undone, he went through with her dream.

With a moan, Austin released himself from his jeans, letting out a satisfactory sigh on her neck. She grinned when he felt his hand grab her leg, placing her ankle on his shoulder as he moved his hips so he was placed within her, letting her walls adjust before he began his pace. Dolly took her lip into her mouth, then released when his thrust began. Having her one hip on such an angle allowed him to go deeper, much deeper than she had remembered. This time, she didn't fake her pleasure. She meant every moan and whisper of encouragment, enjoying the feeling of his jeans rubbing up against her and his sweat falling off of his forehead, onto her chest. It was building deep down in both of them, both of their breaths getting more and more shallower before they both shot forward, releasing any energy they had left over.

She watched as he collapsed on top of her, letting his forehead lean against her shoulder while he caught his breath. Dolly wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close while she played with the short hairs on the back of his head, placing kisses on his shoulder.

All she ever wanted was to be with him...and only him.

"I need to get going," he whispered, sitting up and buttoning up his jeans. "But...I hope you find what you're looking for, Doll face."

"The day I signed my contract, I sat where you are for the longest time with my phone in my hand...and your number was glaring right back at me. But I couldn't bring myself to call you..."

"You're still on my phone too," he said with a chuckle. "Still number one on speed dial..." he felt his phone vibrate then from its place in his back pocket. Pulling it out, he leaned over so Dolly could read the text messege as well.

"'Tons of chicks...hurry up. ALX.' Sounds important," Dolly commented with a laugh. "Guess you should get going."

With his hand on the door handle, he pushed his way out, making sure her window was rolled down. "When you get to where ever you're me...just so..."

"Yeah," she agreed. "I'll do that." Putting the keys in the ignition, she started up her truck, looking at Austin one last time. As soon as his eyes met hers, he knew something was up.

Leaning forward so his arms were resting on top of the window, he raised his eyebrows. "Yes?" he asked, leaning forward.

"Can I get a kiss?" she asked quietly. When she saw him procrastanate, she laughed. "Come on Austin, nothing can be worse than what we just did," he told him, placing her hand on top of his.

He cupped her face, resting her chin on top of his thumb, and gently placed his lips against hers, letting it linger. "Be safe," he whispered, wiping away a tear that was falling down her cheek. "And don't forget to call."

"I still love you," she whispered, looking down at his feet. "I never stopped." Her eyes gazed up at his one last time before she pulled out of the parking lot, leaving him behind once again. And from his spot in the back of the parking lot, he watched the truck leave until the tail lights were out of sight...watched as she left his life.


With his hands in his pockets, Austin turned and left the parking lot, his mind a fuzzy haze of what had just happend. Just over the fence in the far distant he could see the orange circle, representing the sun, about to rise, with the purples and pinks behind it. The screen on his cellphone read 6:13AM, and he quickly thought about if it was too late to go back to Alex's hotel room where all the girls would be...something to get his mind off of his deciteful ways.

Entering the hotel lobby, he took a seat on the couch, next to Bobby who was staring at a picture and had packed bags beside him. "She's gone, isn't she?" Bobby asked, placing the picture on his lap, a hurt expression on his face. When Austin didn't answer, he shook his head. "Figures...why are you so torn up about it?"

With a chuckle, Austin shrugged his shoulders, gazing off into space. "I don't know, man...she said she was happy with AJ...then I came here, and that was that." Proping his feet up on the table in front of him, Austin let out of a sigh, running his fingers through his hair. "I don't think I'm ready to be with Libs anymore."

Bobby raised his eyebrows in confusion. "But, you just started seeing each other," he pointed out.

"And then Dolly came back and now everything is fucked. Like, Libby is a great girl, she's awesome with Annie, and Annie just adores her...I guess it was too soon..." Austin let out a puff of air, placing his hands on top of his head and closed his eyes. "Mind if I change the topic?" he asked Bobby.

"Go ahead."

"Why are you so torn up about it?" Bobby ran his fingers through his hair as he stood up, placing the picture in his pocket and grabbed his bags that were on the floor. When his back was turned and he began to walk towards the doors, Austin shot up out of his seat, grabbing the much larger man by the arm. "That's no fair," he whispered. "It's not fair that I sit there and tell you what's going on in my mind, after the only woman I have ever loved leaves my life, again, and you just get to get up and fuck off like nothing."

Clenching his fist, the Canadian looked down, keeping his eyes focused on his feet. Reaching into his pocket with his free hand, he handed the picture over to Austin, his brown eyes tearing up. "I know you've seen that picture before," he said as steady as he could.

Glaring down at the picture, Austin briefly closed his eyes before opening them again. The white sundress...the blonde staring off in a distance...the pregnant stomach...

The tulips.

"I was only looking out for her," he continued. "I just didn't want her to get hurt...I was trying to be the older brother she didn't have the first time around..." Bobby took the pictured out of Austin's hand, quickly shoving it back in his pocket and left the hotel, leaving the smaller man by himself.

While he walked towards the elevators, the sun now completely rised as beaming down its lights, he shook his head to clear his thoughts, trying to get that one tiny voice from all those years ago out of his memory...

"I think I might have a half brother or something out there..."

Dolly placed her carry on luggage in the over head compartment on the plane, standing on the very tip of her toes to reach. "Allow me to help," a voice from behind her said, pushing her luggage all the way to the back of the small cabinent. "You look like you're struggling."

She moved out of the way and stood in the middle of the aisle, watching as the man helped her. "Thanks," she said with a smile, shocked when he smiled back at her. He was a tall man, easily standing at 6'2" and was dressed in a three piece business suit. His brown hair was slightly shaggy, enough for him to keep having to move it out of his eyes, which were blue, and when he smiled, his left cheek had a dimple.

"You're off to New Zealand too?" he asked, closing the compartment.

Dolly nodded her head and moved in front of him, sitting in the seat next to the window, "I am," she answered, curling up in a ball.

"Any reason?" he sat next to her, laughing when she raised an eyebrow at him. Reaching into his pants pocket, he pulled out his ticket. "45 K," he said, refering to his seat.

She laughed and brought out hers as well, "46 K," she responded. "So, what's a savy man like you doing in New Zealand?" She took another glance at him, quickly noticing the ring on his left ring finger. "What does the wife think?"

The stranger gave a chuckle and looked back at her, moving the hair out of his eyes. "The wife thinks its great because it's to settle a deal worth over thirty million dollars," he said with a raise of his eyebrows. "But, the wife probably was hoping for me to sit next to an old, smelly man that listens to Toby Keith religiously, and not a cute, blonde like you that listens to...Rolling Stones?"

"They have a few good tunes." She grinned back at him and their eyes met. Instantly, she could tell they wanted the same thing, and that was to forget anything that had happend before the flight. "So, James, you're a business man," Dolly stated.

"Whoa, we're on first name basis now?" he asked, giving her another smile.

"I checked your ticket when you showed me it."

"Ah, a smart blonde. Another thing the wife didn't expect," he joked, giving her a nudge. "I wasn't smart enough to check yours."

Dolly shook her head as she kept the grin on her face, "my name isn't important," she told him in a whisper.

"Maybe you could tell me it over drinks at hotel room?" James questioned, his fingers trailing up her arm.

Feeling the goosebumps and a heated feeling from below her, all she could do was nod. "That can be arranged."

She called out his name in extascy as her body quaked from underneth her, making Dolly collapse on top of him in a sudden heap of exhaustion. It had been the fifth time that night they had preformed such an activity since they reached his hotel room, three empty chapagine bottles and a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries later. James' arms held her body close to him, letting his fingers move up and down her back to bring her down from her high.

"Unbelievable," she moaned, kissing along his collarbone while he flipped her over so he was on top. Their lips met again, exchanging soft kisses while their bodies recovered. When the kisses stopped, he rolled off of her and laid on the sheets, letting Dolly bring the covers up to cover themselves. "You," she said, moving closer so her head laid on his chest, "are amazing."

James grinned to himself as he kissed the top of her head and took a sip from the fourth bottle of champagine they had opened previously. He passed the bottle to her and watched as she pretended to drink it down, just like she had with the other three bottles; he didn't need to know he was doing all the drinking. "I'm going to go outside," she told him, straddling his hips and leaning forward to press their lips together.

Grabbing the large comforter and wrapping it around her naked form, Dolly left the king sized bed in peace. She walked over to her purse to grab her phone, remembering what Austin had told her about calling him when she got to where she had wanted to go, and what better place than to call him from the hotel balcony in a country no one would ever suspect?

The wedding by now would be over and everyone would be at Joe's beach house for the reception, having drinks and a good time. She tried her best to picture where he would be at that moment...sitting next to Libby and laughing with the other couples? Dancing with Annalynn while she was on his hip and her head was on her shoulder where she was fast asleep? Making promises to Petey about how he'll treat Libby, swearing he won't be like AJ?

Where would AJ be? Alone in a corner, watching as everyone celebrated with the newlyweds?

With so many thoughts crossing through her mind, she stared down at her cell phone, seeing Austin's number looking right back at her. Just a simple push of the send button, and she could hear his voice again, the same calming voice that would console her whenever she needed it most...


She could delete his number, and not have to speak to him again. If she were to delete his number, she could start that whole new life she had wanted to when she first bought her plane ticket to New Zealand and not have to worry about what he was doing, because she had finally moved on.

"Doll face," James moaned, wrapping his arms around the smaller blonde, "I buy you dinner, I buy a nice hotel room for the two of us..." he moved his hands to the top of her neck where the comforter was and slowly pulled it down, exposing her bare skin for his lips to kiss. "And I still don't know your name."

Flinging her blonde hair over to the side, she looked over her shoulder with the seductive grin on her face. While her mind was in perfect condition compared to his, she remembered how he wasn't smart enough to know to look at her plane ticket to find out her name. Taking the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth, she thought hard about her name. She looked around her surroundings, then looked at him, knowing he wouldn't even remember tonight because she'd be gone by sunrise, and James would be going home in a few days, back to his wife.

That's when it hit her. She could be whoever she wanted for the next few hours...she could be whoever she wanted while she was still in New Zealand. Dolly Paliti and Sadie Niall didn't have to exist to anybody, so with a final sigh, she turned around to wrap her arms around him, letting the comforter fall to the ground.

In her mind, she could still be with him...she wasn't ready to move on just yet.

"Libby," she whispered, making sure their lips were barely touching. "Libby Williams."

She wasn't ready to move on...

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