This is my take on the episode where they are at he astronomy place. Where Hotaru is known for Sailor Saturn.


Hotaru was glowing. Serena could feel the spike in her energy. Serena knew that she had to get Rini away from her. Serena began to yell at Rini to move.

"Rini get away from Hotaru right now." Serena uncontrolably yelled at her. Rini looked up at her in confusion and shook her head. Serena couldn't believe what Rini was doing. Serena jumped up and landed behind Rini. She disconnected her broach and brought out the Purity Chalace. She then roughly grabbed Rini by her waist and threw her to Darien.

Hotaru sent up a black ball of energy as Rini was thrown back. Hotaru sent the ball of energy to the monster, that dared to hurt her friend. Hotaur was filled with rage. She felt satisfaction when she saw the monster explode into pieces. But something deep down inside her, regreted doing that. She was calming down as she was grabbed by her head.

Hotaru looked up to see the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen. Serena grabbed her head and began to concentrate on the flow of Hotaru's energy. Serena was just about there when nails were dug into her arms. Everyone tried to get to them but were thrown back.

Serena and Hotaru were surrounded with dark energy. As soon as it appeared, it disappeared. Serena was left standing with Hotaru just the same. Everyone could hear what Serena said next. "I'm giving you this oppurtunity. Don't screw it up."

With that said, Serena sent Hotaru flying across the chairs only to land in the pile of rubble. Serena then began to breathe hard as a black star appeared on her forehead. A black hole appeared right under her feet. She was roughly pulled into the circle by pale hands grabbing at her.

"Serena!" was yelled out as she was sucked in. The floor returned to normal as they ran to the spot she had been at. Mars turned to Mercury to see her typing furiously, trying to figure out what had just happened to her.

"You won't get her back that way." A soft, well-spoken voice called out from behind. Scouts and Darien turn to see a new Sailor. Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto got into action as they fired their deadliest attacks. This new sailor blocked them with a flick of her hand. Everyone was shell shocked as the mysterious sailor began to move toward them.

Pluto, Neptune and Uranus moved infront of Rini. They had to protect their princess from this new sailor. Venus spoke up as the new arrival stopped.

"Who are you?"

"I am Sailor Saturn. Soldier of Destruction, and last line of defense against evil. Hello, princess." Saturn said as she kneeled down to show respect to Rini.

"Your a sailor? Who are you really?" Jupiter accusingly asked.

"My real name is Hotaru Tomo."

"If your Hotaru detransform." Mars commanded of the supposedly Sailor Saturn. Sailor Saturn looked at her like she was crazy, but complied anyway. They watched in awe as Hotaru was left standing where Sailor Saturn was.

"What happened with Serena? And what did she mean by giving you this oppurtunity?" Darien asked trying to hide his anger and nervousness.

"Do not worry Prince. She did this for the good of the World. She has not changed in the thousand years since I've guarded her." Hotaru said as she gazed as her prince.

"What about the oppurtunity? You haven't said anything about that." Uranus impatiently asked. She was itching to get a good shot in at this sailor.

"Oppurtunity. She meant that since my time was cut short on the moon, she wished to give me another chance to live the life I should have lived." Hotaru explained as she went to pick up her bracelet she had lost.

"You were never supposed to live. You had turned evil with a lust for power." Neptune snarled. It was uncommon to see this side of Michele. She was so calm and collected but not now.

"I never was evil. I was taken over by the Sovern of Silence. I was to far gone back then but Serena brought it out of me before it was to late. She had to kill me last time. I don't think she wanted to do that again. What would you do if you had taken the life of a fellow comrade, dear friend, and personal guard." She let them mull it over. "You wouldn't be able to do it. She struck me down with tears in her eyes, saying she was sorry."

Hotaru's voice went hoarse as she kept back the tears that threaten to spill.

"How did you get possessed this time?" Pluto curiously asked. Hotaru whipped her head up.

"My father had taken me to the park. Something ran out into the street and father swirved out of the way and we flipped over. I remember a little girl with golden hair in meatballs, like Serena, came and pulled us out of the car. I remember her saying, 'I'm going to help you. I will not see you go through this pain again. I will protect you as mu-' she stopped right there.

A cloaked figure appeared and the girl disappeared. I lost consciousness after that. But what I can make out from what my father told me was that he promised anything if that being would make sure I would live." Saturn said as she headed toward the exit. She stopped and turned back around.

"You won't be able to get Serena back right now. She'll be heavily guarded. We need to wait for the right time. She had given me instructions to you all. She said that seeing as I was the second in command on the moon before my death, and that I know what we are dealing with, that I need to be in charge. I'm not trying to take over or step on anybody but it is what she ordered. If you go to the shrine and looke behind Raye's bed you will find an envelope. It'll explain everything."

"Where are you going?" Amy asked.

"I'm going to sleep. I need to conserve my energy. In advance, we will need to go to the place Serena is at and attack. And do not go by yourselves. She has had a dream that if anyone splits, there will be death that follows. Not by her hands but by the enemies." Saturn then disappeared. She left all the scouts in a state where they couldn't think.


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