They all looked to the source only to find the white robed figure. "All is not lost yet..." Was all that was said from the robed figure.

"Your the person from the memory. Who are you?" Mars yelled as she tried to hide her tears from everyone. She knows she's lost her friend, maybe even her best friend. Shecold tell by their faces that she had no success when they turned to her. She had one tear rolling down her face until she felt a cold touch. She jumped not having noticed the robed figure had made their way to her.

"Do not cry Princess of Mars. All will be well. Saturn may I talk to you?" The figure calmly stated as she backed away a good fifty feet from everyone. Saturn looked at everybody trying to ease the tension. She was unsuccessful when she was held back by Uranus. She could see fear in her eyes and uncertainty. Saturn tried her best to show understandment and calm but truly Saturn didn't know what to do.

The group watched on as the robed figure and Saturn talked in hush-hush whispers. They could see that Saturn's face turned upset but she fixed herself. They could see that she had a tight grip on her Gilde as she was talked to. The figure tried to lay a hand of what looked like to be comfort on Saturn's shoulder, but Saturn just shrugged off the hand and turned her back to the figure.

Everyone except Saturn could see the body language of the figure. She slumped her shoulders as if in defeat and slouched as if exhausted. They were cut out of their trances as Saturn stood in front of them and raised her Gilde. They were about to ask her what she was doing but they never got their words out.

Saturn raised her Gilde and a black barrier came around them. Everyone started to freak out as Saturn let some stray tears fall as she stared at the figure. Their were questions being fired at her as she continued to stare.

"Keep your promise to me Saturn. Do it as an Order." The figure said as they held up theyir hand. Their weapon appeared. It was in a spear shape. There was a sword blade at the top and one on the bottome. In the middle was a place for them to grip their hands their. The figure turned their back on the group of scouts and Darien and walked over to the dark dome.

The scouts started to fire questions off again. "What did the figure mean when they said to keep the promise and it was an order. You can only take orders from Serena." Jupiter yelled as Saturn kept concentrating on her barrier. They stopped yelling as a steady flow of tears fell down Saturn's face. They turned their heads toward the dome as they heard grunting.

The figure was shot back onto the ground. Black vines ripped through the dome and shot towards the fallen figure. Thier feet were grabbed and then dragged into the dome. They could here cries of pain, almost inhuman as they watched hoping to get a glance of the figure. They couldn't see anything as a green light shot throughout the dome. They watched as they were consumed in the light as well.

When the light settled down, the scouts found themselves in field of destruction still in Saturn's barrier. Saturn kept hold, looking for more danger. After two minutes, she let the shield down and collapsed to the ground. They all crowded around her as she tried to control her breathing. She was feeling better as she lifted her head. She spotted something white standing in the distance.

Saturn knew who it was. She jumped up and started to run. She ended up in the center of where Pharoh 90 was at before disappearing. She stopped ten feet behind of the robed figure. Their robe had been torn to pieces. Their was nothing left to cover the mid thight and down except some loose pieces. One arm sleeve was gone while another barely held on. The hood was completely gone. All you saw was hair.

Saturn tenatively walked up to the figure. She walked around them to see a dark, heavy bleeding wound on the right shoulder and left side. Saturn was about to start on another outburst when the figure fell.

"Serena. Serena wake-up please. You've saved the world. Don't let some stupid wound kill you now." Saturn yelled as she caught Serena. The scouts were stunned to their spots as Saturn layed her out on her back. She pulled open the robe to reveal the wounds. She instantly began to heal as the scouts watched on. They saw that Saturn's power was weak and supplied her with their own.

Saturn's glow began to glow a dark purple as she healed Serena. Serena just sat there peacfully sleeping. All wounds healed and Darien used his cape to cover her body from the cold. "Darien.." a timid voice called as they were left with a sleeping beauty and their savior.

"What's going to happen to her?" Mina whispered so quietly that it was foreign to her.

"What do you mean? Michele asked her in a confused voice. She wasn't prone to being in the confused area. She was always so clear and collected.

"What Mina means is that when she used that much power last time, she lost all her memory. Is it possible it could happen again?" Jupiter interjected. She was scared that her first friend wouldn't remember her. Everyone after contemplating the possiblity moved their eyes to the form of Serena.

"Let's just get her to her home. That way if she remembers, she can come get us. And if she doesn't, we don't overload her mind and have her go to sleep again." Saturn explained as she went to look around. She motioned to Darien to come over. She instructed Darien to pick Serena up and they would begin the journey to her home.


They had just put her in her bed at sunrise. Luckily for all of them they had no work or school for that day. They knew the destruction would be on the news. They went back to the Trista's, Michele's, and Amara's house. They all had breakfast and just took it easy.

They were right when the news came on. They had pictures and videos of Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Mistress 9, The weird zombies, and the white figure they came to know as Serena. They were all shocked at what all happened, while looking at it at a different point of view.

They let it maul over for a while before deciding to go to the arcade. They knew that Serena would go there just to play games and eat. They all suited up and left for the Crown Arcade.

They arrived in silence twenty minutes later. And true to their word, there was Serena. She was pigging out on food while trying to talk to Andrew. Andrew some how had figured out her language and knew what she was talking about.

The group came up behind her and said 'hi' to both of them. Serena turned around and gave Darien a cold look. She turned her gaze from Darien to see 8 girls and they had two cats. One cat being hers.

"Hey what are you doing with my cat?" Serena said as she made a swipe and got Luna from them. They looked at her shocked. Serena didn't know what she did.

"Why are you all starring at me?" Serena annoyingly asked as she turned to see Andrew. He had a confused look on his face. She got up and pulled out some money.

"Here Andrew. I'm just gonna go somewhere else where I can think. Bye." Serena then made a B-line toward the door. She got out the door and when she past the windows, she ran all the way to the destruction of the previous night.

She didn't know she was being followed as she ran down the street. Nine people she wanted to get away from were following her. She ended up in the exact spot that she was in when they found her. She stood there starring out into the bay.

"This happened the way it should have. Now where is he?" She whispered to herself as she started to search. They watched her turn rock over, rubble moved, and wood tossed. She finally stopped after five minutes of looking. She pulled on something. The 9 couldn't figure out what it was until Hotaru gasped. It was her father.

"Why is she messing with my father's body?" Hotaru whispered.

Serena leant down to put her right hand on Tomoe's head. "Bring back the victim. Show him life. Come now." Serena whispered as her hands glowed. When her hands died down, a movement of a hand gave attention to the doctor's body.

"You can come out now you 9. I've known you were there." Serena called out as she helped the Doctor to his feet. They jumped down and Hotaru immediately jumped on to her father.

Serena was watching the reunion when she was brought into a hug. She was hugged over a million times and until she was pulled in the a pair of man arms. She felt warm lips on her own as Darien expressed his love to her.

"Sorry I forgot for a few minutes." Serena whispered as she returned her kiss.

So they lived on to fight the next enemy.


I don't plan to make a sequel to this unless it's a one chapter story. Hope those of you who read and review loved this story. Until my next story.