Now I have an idea! I said that I wasn't going to write any more DP stories but, it was just irresistible! So now I am writing more stories. This wont be the only one that I shall be writing… Anyway, I don't think I want to give you the long description… ah stuff it I admit it, I don't know what is going to happen… but an idea WILL come to me… here's a short one:

Short Description: Where did Dani go after Kindred Spirits? How did Valerie react to Danny's secret in Reality Trip? All in one! Oh and other things…

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom. This shall be my only Danny Phantom disclaimer. Warning, this story is a crossover…

Life's Mysteries.

Chapter 1


I was wearing a very unusual top the day my life turned into hell. No one else was wearing different clothes, but I had just bought a cool new top. It was black and it had red stripes at the bottom. I wore some long black pants and black shoes. My curly hair was tied up in a ponytail and I left my fringe out.

Well, enough about what I was wearing.
It was a while after school had ended on Friday, the last day of school for a while. I had decided to go to the schools out concert held on the football field that night. I snuck into my father's lab and grabbed some of my weapons that he kept in there. The rest of the stuff was on the new suit I had gained the time I went into space.

Sneaking back into my room, I put the weapons into my backpack and got dressed into my clothes. Dad wouldn't want me going to the concert with my ghost weapons, so he would check my backpack before I went. But I was one step ahead of him. I told him I would walk, and I would drop my bag out the window, say bye to dad, and then pick my bag up again before walking to the concert.

Good idea, eh? I thought so. No one would steal a backpack, would they? So maybe I might just leave it on my windowsill. But then I would have to fly up there! Ah well, it will be worth it. I have a feeling that Danny Phantom will be showing up to ruin the concert, as he usually does to me.

I said goodbye to my father, and left the apartment that we lived in. I took the elevator to the ground floor and walked out into the bush area. If dad saw me, I would be as dead as Danny Phantom and all the other ghosts I fight. No one was around to witness it, so I quickly brought up the red suit that covered my body.

I flew to the window; avoiding any rooms that dad may be in. Unfortunately, dad was in my room, looking at my backpack. I muttered a bad word and hid against the wall, listening in as he started to talk to himself.

"I knew Valerie would pack a bag. She must've forgotten it. Oh well… what was that?"

Valerie took the bird whistle from her lips and snatched the bag from the windowsill. Quickly but very quietly she flew down the road until the building couldn't be seen, and changed back into her clothes. She decided she would keep one promise and walk the rest of the way.

Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie Valerie

The concert was about to start, and I was watching from the grass. Only a few people sat there, including my best friend Star. Dumpty Humpty were about to come out of a big egg when my watch stared beeping, telling me that a ghost was present. I excused myself, saying I had to use the lavvy, and ran behind the stage.

A second later I was in my ghost hunting uniform, and I was hiding behind the seats, peering over the top. Luckily no one was looking at me.

The egg suddenly turned into a mutant, spewing out the band members. That's when the man appeared. His skin was unusually pale and he looked very, very ugly.

"Are you kids ready to have a great summer?" he asked the audience. "Because Dumpty Humpty had a great fall!" his laughter filled the air.

He was so not funny. He was scary to people who were defenceless against these sort of things, but not scary to me.
His ghost that had been hanging around him flew into the audience and grabbed two people who were most probably useless – Sam and Tucker. I was surprised that of all people, she chose to grab them. I hear someone's voice and strain to hear.

"Will this vacation ever start?" it sounds like Danny Fenton's voice.

He must be worried about his friends, but what could he do? I mean, he is cute, and dopey, but a ghost wouldn't give him his friends back because he said please. I mean, come on! He is known as one of the weakest, wimpiest boys in the school. I don't care though; I still have a mega crush on him. I just couldn't let him get hurt by the ghosts who I usually hunted.

"Ah, the only thing better than an audience, is a captive audience!" the freak said.

His glove that he wore looked very strange, and very old. It started to glow orange, and he pointed it at the crowd. Seatbelts suddenly appeared and held everyone in place. Well, everyone except me. I was glad.

"Shows over, Freakshow!" yelled Danny Phantom, appearing from nowhere. He dove down at the man, known as Freakshow.

Freakshow smiled. "Oh contraire," he said. "That's French for, I'll bet this hurts!" he held out his glove, and when Danny Phantom dove closer, he punched Danny.

I still hid, trying to see where this was going. Sam and Tucker were still being held by that ghost, which I recognised from ghost magazines as Lydia.

I looked back at the stage, and Danny Phantom had regained his balance and stood on the stage, facing Freakshow. He wasn't smiling his usual, dopey smile. He looked unhappy. Freakshow looked the opposite – it seemed he was enjoying all of this.

He raised his gloved arm and it started to glow red. He made some noises and pointed it at the drum kit, which then started to glow red. It became a mutant, just like the egg, and turned into a giant spider. He sent it towards Danny Phantom, who stood there watching, looking surprised with his arms sticking out.

It sent a spider web like net at Danny Phantom, who just stood and watched as it hit him and knocked him into the goals, sticking him there. I watched him struggle, but not for long.

"Any last words? Might I suggest: ah, Freakshow, don't hurt me!" Freakshow joked. At least I thought it was a joke.

"Leave him alone," yelled Sam as she ran towards Freakshow. She threw a book at his head, and he picked it up when it landed on the ground.

"I see we have the same taste in authors."

Sam kicked the book from his grip, and started to fight him for that glove. I wonder what it is and why she wants it so badly.

"And in gloves! Let go girl!"

Sam ignored him and kept trying to get it from him. Tucker jumped and hung onto the glove, joining her. It must be an important glove.

Tucker pushed a button, and the three flew into the air. Danny Phantom started to glow green and then the spider web that had held him to the goals disappeared. He flew up to Freakshow and hung onto the gloves, next to Tucker and Sam.

"You did it," I heard Freakshow say. "You've found the combination that unlocks all the gems! That means I control all reality!"

Wait a minute. Reality? That meant that it was… the Reality Gauntlet! I had read about it in books, but I never knew that it was real! And with that gauntlet, he could do anything! That would be bad!

"Guess again cue-ball!" Sam yelled, interrupting my thoughts. "As long as we're touching the gauntlet, we have just as much control as you do."

"Let… go… of… my…gauntlet!" Freakshow yelled, throwing them off the gauntlet and into the air. They fell back down and landed on the gauntlet again. This was quite amusing. I wondered if I was going to be needed at all.
Sam muttered something to Tucker and Phantom, and then they shut their eyes. The jewels slowly disappeared, one by one.

"No," Freakshow gasped. "NO!"

There was an explosion and Sam and Tucker were the first to fall to the ground. The drum kit returned to normal as soon as the smoke disappeared. Then everyone's seatbelts disappeared.

Freakshow crashed to the ground. "Blast, the gems are gone." Lydia appeared. "We must flee. But, dramatically."

A green swarm of ghosts swallowed them up and they disappeared into the night sky. Danny Phantom crashed to the ground, making a loud noise. People watched to see what he would do next. I was about to fly towards him and shoot him, when he got up and put his hands to his head.

One blue ring formed around his waist. It split into two and one quickly went up while the other went down. Everyone gasped, including me. Standing in Danny Phantom's spot was… Danny Fenton.

"Uh, nobody saw that, right?" he asked.

Now I know that it just sounds like Reality Trip now, but you'll see Valerie's reaction in the chapter after the next. No, wait, the fourth chapter. Oh, and this story is told after everything happened, so the one with Dani in it won't be at the same time. And the fourth chapter with someone in it won't be the same time either. The next chapter is called 'Dani' so I guess you must know who is in it…. Well, I hope ya liked it, bye-bye!

Love Kirst…