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Life's Mysteries

Chapter 13


Danny, Sam, Valerie, and Zuko eventually got dizzy and fell to the ground. Since the door was open, and Zuko was on the ground, it was the perfect time to escape. I looked at the five teen titans, and knew that they trusted me. Even though they probably had doubts before, they know trusted me.

"Alright, everyone!" I stood up. "Let's go!"

The teen titans ran out of the door, and waited for me in the hall. I grabbed Sam, Valerie, and Danny and pulled them to their feet.

"This way," I pointed to the hall. "Now."

We all knew that we couldn't get out through the walls, so we were just going to have to find another way.

"The Time Jewel…" Danny muttered. "It brought Zuko here. We need… to find it… and then we can send him… back to where he came from."

We all raced downwards, and ran straight into ugly, lonely, crazy Vlad. I snarled, and got ready to hit him, when he hit me.

"Leave Dani alone!" Sam yelled as she pushed Vlad onto his back.

"Oh, settle down pathetic human." Vlad spat.

Danny's POV

My vision was fine, and I could now stand up again. I turned invisible, and walked silently away before Vlad noticed I had escaped. I had to start looking for the Time Jewel.

In and out of rooms that had tables, cars, helicopters even. It took a while, but eventually I found a bedroom with stuff in it. It didn't just have something in it, it had someone in it.

Out of shock, I accidentally turned visible. Zuko saw me, and rushed at me, hands in a fighting position.

"Danny, I want you to know that I really do love you," Zuko said. "You've made me happy these past few days, and I don't want to hurt you, or ever say goodbye to you."

"Well," I yelled. "I don't love you! Where is it?" I asked.

"Where is what?" Zuko looked around the room which he was staying in.

"The Time Jewel." I yelled.

"You're not going to send me back, are you?" Zuko asked miserably.

"Of course I am!" I spat.

Zuko got angry. "I request a duel!"

"Alright then." I answered.

We stood, facing each other. Small flames sprouted from Zuko's fingertips. You could tell he was really angry. I ran forward, and he threw a flame at me. I was caught off guard and it burnt my chest.
I cried out in pain, as I clutched my chest. I saw a bucker of water with ice in it, and threw it onto me, not caring that I wet my whole body. It was a little better, but the incredible pain was still there.

Zuko sent another blast of fire at me, and this time I turned intangible. I have to think like the 21st century boy I am.

I ran around him, in a circle, and his gaze followed my body. He sent out fire, and I stopped in my tracks, turning intangible again. I had the upper hand – I could do many things that a normal human or Firebender can't do.

I turned invisible and stood behind Zuko. He spun around wildly, looking for me. "Where are you?" he shouted to the empty sky.

I turned visible and punched him in the face. He stumbled back, a hand over the mark that I had made near his large, ugly scar. He cried out in pain. I had made connection with the scar, which made it worse.

"I'll ask again. Where is the Time Jewel?"
Zuko whimpered. "I-I don't know."

I punched him in the gut, and flew away, invisible. I normally wasn't a violent boy, but I was so angry. I continued my search for the jewel.

Valerie's POV

It was pretty easy fighting Vlad, because we had the upper hand. We had about eight people onto one. Now that, is an advantage. He hurt us quite a few times, and Dani ended up unconscious.

He was a very tough ghost, but you could tell that he was slowly getting weaker. Suddenly, he bent down on all fours, and spat out blood. Two dark rings appeared around his waist, and soon he turned from Vlad Plasmius the Wisconsin ghost into Vlad Masters, billionaire of the year.

I gasped. This was the man who had supplied me with all my ghost hunting weapons. And he was a ghost all along! But why?

"Come on!" Sam pulled me, and I picked up Dani. "Everyone, we have to find Danny!"

The teen titans followed us as we used my tracker to find Danny.

Danny's POV

I had obviously found Vlad's room, because it was larger than all of the other rooms. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find the Time Jewel. Don't ask me how I knew what it looked like.

I saw a crack in the wall, and figured it was some sort of secret department. I pulled on it, and the bricks came out. Inside was a purple, glowing jewel that I recognised as the Time Jewel.

I sat down on the floor, and pulled a piece of paper from my pocket. I read out the words on the paper, and the jewel began to turn different colours. Soon the Avatar, his two friends, and Zuko appeared in front of me.

"RETURN!" I yelled, and they disappeared into the Time Jewel – into their own world.

Sam, Valerie and the teen titans ran into the room. Dani was being carried by Valerie, and she was just gaining consciousness.

"They're gone," I told my friends. "I sent them back. And now, I shall be taking this to an old friend. Come on, let's get out of here."

"The Time Jewel. Such a precious object. Say, Danny, if you hand it over to me, I shall turn back time so no one knows your secret, apart from whoever you want to know." Clockwork offered me.

"Clockwork, that isn't like you!" I told him. "But, yes please. I only want Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Valerie and all the ghosts in the ghost zone to know who I am. And by who I am I mean me being a halfa."

"Do you want those four to remember what happened?" Clockwork asked me.


"Done, and done." Clockwork said. "You're wanted home."

Valerie, Sam, Tucker, Dani, and Danny sat in the middle of the deserted park. "And so that's why no one remembers apart from you guys." Danny concluded.

"We lead such interesting lives." Sam sighed.

"You need to tell me everything that happened!" Tucker said. "From why you kissed a boy, to why you are back now, all friends."

Danny's cheeks turned red. "I better be going, tell you tomorrow Tucker."

"Me too, bye guys!" Sam rushed after her friend.

Danny and Sam were walking through the streets.

"You know how… Valerie said you were really mad at me…?" Danny asked Sam.

Sam blushed. "It meant nothing."

"Sam…" Danny urged.

Sam didn't say anything else, because she didn't have time to. She felt Danny's lips against hers. When they felt ice cold drops fall onto their noses, they pulled apart and looked up. It was raining, and they were outside Fenton Works.

"Bye Danny." Sam said.

"Bye, Sam." Danny said dreamily.

I had to include a little bit of romance now, didn't I? Well, that's all of Life's Mysteries, and now it is on to a NEW story. Geez, does this EVER end? I guess not. Oh gosh, I have to do my SNE!

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