St. Valentine's Massacre

Hello, fanfic readers! Welcome to my 7th fanfic installment of anime TV series Ghost Stories / Ghosts at

School / Gakkou no Kaidan.

Although Valentine's Day is 6 months away from now, I decided to write it anyway, since it's already set

in motion. Also, I decided to put some anime characters in for guest appearance as they will be pivotal to

the aforementioned fic. And again, there'll be lots of ghosts, lots of violence, but plenty of action. And let's

not forget a whole lot of romance, since this fic will take place on Valentine's Day.

And speaking of which, I'll be borrowing some elements from Justice League Unlimited. In Justice

League Unlimited, a group of students supposedly summon a "genie" to help them take on some bullies,

but ended up summoning Solomon Grundy. Here, I'll make it appear that some villains re-awaken a ghost

(you'll soon see) to wreck havoc on the Seirin High School Fair. You'll just have to wait and see when he'll pop out…

For those who are new here, I'll be putting my past Ghost Stories / Ghosts at School fics here so that you'll

know that there are other fics that are connected to my current one.

You're wondering why I also called it Ghosts at School. You see, in South East Asia, a 24-hour anime

cable channel named Animax-Asia aired their own English version of Gakkou no Kaidan. The difference

between the North American and South East Asian English versions are: In North America, where ADV

did the dubbing, Ghost Stories aired an edited, comedic, and maybe, campy version, while in Animax-Asia,

Ghost Stories was aired in its original, unedited format, dubbed in English. There it was titled Ghosts at

School. For more information, go to www. wikipeida .org and type Ghost Stories on the search engine. There

you'll see the difference between the two versions.

Listed here are the Ghost Stories fics and their brief synopsis according to the story's appearance:

The Ghost Hunt Continues (M-Rated) – Part 1 of this trilogy. Takes place after the TV anime series.

Plot taken from the Stephen King novel and movie "The Sleepwalkers". Despite the fact that

Amanojako and the ghosts that the gang defeated were laid to rest, three more ghosts managed to elude

exorcism, and are targeting two of the five members of the Ghosts at School gang. Meanwhile, three

high school girls joined Hajime and the crew. Contains slight, but brief lime scenes, violence, and mild

gore. My very first Ghost Stories fic ever uploaded. (",)

The Haunted Circus (T-Rated) – Takes place a few months after The Ghost Hunt Continues. Hajime

and the gang witnessed strange paranormal activities occurred inside a circus and later spread it's

terror at the rest of the Tokyo Theme Park. Meanwhile Hajime's feelings for Momoko intensifies.

Also note that the fic's story and plot ties in with the Detective School Q fics. Parts 1-3 are located in

Ghost Stories, while Parts 4 -5 are in Detective School Q (under the fic title The Haunted Circus: To The Theme Park),

and parts 6 - 7 are again in Ghost Stories.

Due to graphic nature of this fic, it will contain semi-violent scenes such as blood and gore. This is my

2nd Ghost Stories fic to be written by me. ):0

The Fetus of God (T-Rated) – My 1st multi-titled chapter fic. Follows shortly after the events in The

Haunted Circus. The Ghosts at School gang joined forces with various anime heroes in stopping a

secret cult from unleashing hell on earth. Listed here are the anime titles where the fic parts are


Part 1 & 9 – Detective School Q

Part 2 & 10 – Ghost Stories

Part 3 & 11 – Digimon

Part 4 & 12 – Get Backers

Part 5 & 13 – Darkstalkers

Part 6 & 14 – Read Or Die

Part 7 & 15 – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (go to Misc section on Anime/Manga)

Part 8 & 16 – Yu Yu Hakusho

Each (and some) part of the titles contains mild lime, mild violence, but semi-gore and blood. This

multi-chapter, multi-titled fic was inspired by Marvel and DC comics that featured several titles having

one story (examples are Marvel's Fall of the Mutants, X-Tinction Agenda, Batman's Knightfall,

Knightquest, Knight's End). My 3rd fic.

The Boogeyman (T-Rated) – Follows shortly (about 2 months) after the Fetus of God. Characters

from the anime Nightwalker appears here. The Batman and Ellen Yin, along with the Ghosts at School

gang were soon embroiled in stopping the Nightwalker villains from committing child massacres.

Some villains from The Batman TV series will make a brief appearance here. This fic's title and idea

came from WWE Smackdown! Superstar The Boogeyman, and The Real Ghostbusters villain of the

same name.

Due to the graphic nature of the story, it will contain some gore, and violence due to blood and a lot of

fighting. And don't forget the disgusting worms…:P

The Ghost Hunt Continues: The Deadly Seductress (M-Rated) – Part 2 of The Ghost Hunt

Continues trilogy. Takes place after The Boogeyman fic. The 2nd ghost appears, which turned out to

be a Succubus, and Hajime is her target, and uses a hostage to coerce Hajime to do her bidding.

Contains some lemon scenes, which is a first in Ghost Stories fics. :O

The Moment of Silence (T-Rated) – Hajime was emotionally scarred following the events in The

Ghost Hunt Continues: The Deadly Seductress, and avoids contact with his friends. Momoko finds

Hajime to calm him down. My 1st Ghost Stories fic that is laced with drama and angst.

But in the end, something heart-warming will occur (you'll just have to read it…)

And now, Ghost Stories fanfic # 7 is about to commence. And since this is a Valentine's fic, expect a lot

of WAFFy (Warm And Fuzzy Feeling) and romantic themes here throughout some of the chapters (and

expect a lot of fighting that are coming through!). And there'll be a lot of anime (and non-anime) characters

appearing here to help support the Ghosts at School gang in their upcoming battle (you'll just have to wait

and see).

And lastly, you're also wondering why I came up with the idea of pairing Hajime with Momoko instead of

Satsuki. Well, the reasons are simple. I got this idea from three anime series and fanfics. They are:

Ranma ½. There were several romantic fanfics involving Ranma Saotome and Kasumi Tendo, in

lemon, and non-lemon fics. And by far it was most well received pairings that Ranma fans made.

Ah! My Goddess. Aside from the cute and the WAFFy looks, the fact that Belldandy is a bit taller

than Keiichi Morisato is among the reasons why I came up with the idea of pairing Hajime with


Fullmetal Alchemist. Same as # 3, but without the tool-bashing and insults, and no, I'm not basing on

the heights of Winry Rockbell and Edward Elric. I just simply based them on the cute factor.

Ok, enough of this. It's time to commence…

Note: Rated T for Violence, blood and gore in later chapters.

Disclaimer: Ghost Stories / Ghosts at School / Gakkou no Kaidan is owned by Aniplex and Fuji TV. The

rest of the characters appearing in this fic are owned by their respective owners.

Preparations for the School Fair

February 14, Thursday. 10 am. Hajime was sitting on a bench on Seirin High school grounds, sipping a cup

of coke. He was watching his fellow students buying and eating food. Some were in booths playing games. Some were manning the

prizes for the games booth, while others were led to "cages" after stepping on the "trap marks". He was pretty much happy that things

went smoothly after the events that took place four weeks ago. He looked back at the recent events. Though he was still bitter about the

Succubus incident (see The Ghost Hunt Continues: The Deadly Seductress), it took Momoko's slap, and Kayako Miyanoshita's

encouragement to get Hajime to stop blaming himself about letting Momoko down and "violating" her (see The Moment of Silence).

Since entering Seirin High, Hajime, Leo, and Momoko became schoolmates again, and unknowingly at first, Hajime was drawn to

Momoko's beauty when he met her again after two years following Amanojako's sacrifice. Even when the two got close to each other,

Hajime and Momoko see each other as a sibling buddies, despite constant teasing from Momoko's three friends. After learning that

Charles Bradezuka became Momoko's boyfriend, and learning that he was a demon who consumes female virgins, Hajime became

somewhat protective of her (see The Ghost Hunt Continues). After Amanojako returned to the human world to watch over the

Ghosts at School gang, Hajime and Momoko were told that they were targets of the two remaining ghosts. This made Hajime more

determined to protect her, but still kept his feelings for Momoko to himself, as he was not quite sure if confessing it to her was the right

time. Momoko, on the other hand, started to see Hajime in a different way. Although she considered him as a little brother, Hajime's

slight matureness, as well as gaining an extra height and good looks, started to get to Momoko. She slowly sees him more than just a

friend, but after her bout with Charles, she felt that she was not yet ready for a new relationship. But after a few months of adventures,

and the recent battle against the Succubus, and an emotional discussion, Hajime ended up confessing his feelings to Momoko. Moved by

Hajime's confession, Momoko, in turn, admitted that she too loved him. Today, Hajime and Momoko are a couple, but both agreed to

keep it a secret from the rest of the school to avoid the gossips and teasing. Hajime shook his head and focused on the present. He

realized that today was Valentine's Day. And realized that it was school fair today.

Turning around, Hajime then saw his friend and fellow Ghosts at School gang member Satsuki Miyanoshita, walking with Takeru Takaishi

on the school grounds. Hajime giggled as she twisted Takeru's ear when Takeru was talking with some of the female Seirin High

students. Satsuki has become somewhat jealous when she sees a boy talking to other girls. Hajime then blinked his eyes and thought,

"Wait a minute, Wait a minute…don't tell me that Takeru and Satsuki are…". Then his attention was caught as Takeru's elder brother,

Yamato, was being chased by a horde of female students. Hajime then recalled that Yamato's band, the Teenage Wolves will be having a

concert on the school fair. He then saw Daisuke Motomiya and Hikari Kamiya were at one of the game booths, trying to hit some bottles

with balls to win a prize. Hajime's train of thoughts was interrupted when a hand tapped his shoulder. It was Ken Ichijouji and Miyako

Inoue. They were holding hands, and both dressed in casual attires, in red color. Of course, the Seirin High School Fair only lets students

and visitors enter the premises if their clothes are in red color to symbolize Valentine's Day. "Hi, Ken. Hi, Miyako. Glad you guys

came.". Ken smiled and said, "So how are you and Momoko doing?" Ken inquired. Hajime said, "Fine, but I feel a bit inferior. I

sometimes don't know what to do when it comes to relationships. She sometimes take the lead on what to do in relationships.". Miyako

smiled and said, "The same goes with me and Ken. Ours is not perfect, but we do get by when it comes to what to do, and what we

should do. So, what did you two do when spending time together?". "Well, last night, we sort of…prepare the foods for the fair, and we

get to spend time in the kitchen…" Hajime trailed off. Miyako leaned forward and said, "Go on.". Hajime huffed, and continued his story.


Wednesday afternoon. Leo, Hajime, and Momoko were at the kitchen of the Aoyama residence. They were assigned to bring food for

the fair. Momoko decided to stay over at Hajime's house so that they can work over on the food. Leo, however, couldn't stay over and

had to leave by 9 pm. Natsumi, Aya, and Fuko stayed at Seirin High to help finish the decorations. Back at the Aoyama residence,

Hajime's parents were watching behind the door of the kitchen, spying on Hajime and Momoko putting the dressings on the sandwiches,

and then placed them on the sandwich bags. They spend almost 5 hours making over 300 sandwiches, at the same time were chatting

happily. Hajime's father was mumbling about his son not taking any initiatives on making a pass at Momoko (like stealing a kiss, or

putting an arm over her shoulder). Hajime somehow heard this, and went outside the kitchen and yelled at his dad. Momoko giggled

upon hearing the shouting, and heard Hajime's mom playing the pacifier. The sandwiches were finally completed, and the couple were

preparing themselves for bed. By 10:30 pm, the couple went to bed. Although Hajime's bed is quite small, it was big enough to fit two

persons. Unlike before, wherein both were comfortable in sharing a bed (see The Boogeyman), Hajime was a bit flustered, since he'll

be sharing his bed alone with his girlfriend. Momoko giggled a bit and told him that it was alright. They both settled on the bed, Hajime

taking the left side, and Momoko the right. As Hajime was lying on his back, Momoko leaned her head on his left chest, her left arm

encircling his waist. Although blushing, Hajime wrapped an arm around Momoko. Momoko snuggled closer to Hajime and asked,

"Hajime, can I ask you something? What made you attracted to me in the first place?". Hajime had to organize his thoughts to honestly

answer the questions. "Umm…back at fifth grade, I sort of having a crush on you. Then when Leo and I entered Seirin High, and I get to

meet you again, well…you blew me away. I was instantly drawn by your beauty and charms. But at the same time, I still think of you as

an elder sister. But when Charles became your boyfriend, and caused you to abandon our gang, I became a bit of jealous, but at the

same time protective of you, after one of the jocks told me about Charles' hidden secret, coupled with the strange feeling I got when I

first shook hands with Charles. After that, the rest is history.". Momoko was a bit surprised, finally learning that Hajime was having

feelings for her all this time, but kept it a secret out of respect for her. She then gave her reply. "Well, when I first met you at the old

school building, I thought of you as a small brother. Even after we met at Seirin, I still think of you as a younger sibling. But after Aya and

the others told me about how you became suspicious of Charles, and the rescue effort you made, I started to see you more than that, but

then, after my brush with Charles, I had doubts about dating again, and that not sure about my feelings for you were that of falling in love,

so, I decided to keep it to myself at that time. Then when you were there to rescue me from the Cult of Makai (see The Fetus of God),

and the big risk you took in dealing with the succubus, and admitting your feelings to me, that was enough to tell myself that I've indeed

fallen for you.". Hajime smiled and hugged her, then said, "I love you, Momoko. I'll do whatever I can to keep this relationship strong

and intact. I promise.". Momoko smiled in return and said, "Same here. I love you too.". And the two kissed passionately, and the kiss

lasted about 5 minutes before falling to sleep. By morning, the two woke up, prepared themselves, and brought the food to the school.

Although they managed to behave themselves since they agreed to keep their relationship a secret.


Miyako was cooing upon hearing Hajime's tale, and was waltzing around like a cupid carrying a bow and arrow. Hajime bowed his

head, covering his face with his hand in embarrassment, Ken rolled his eyes upon seeing Miyako acting like a romance freak, while

Wormmon and Hawkmon sweat-dropped. Soon more visitors arrived and the school became almost jam-packed with children,

teenagers, and adults alike.

To Be Continued…

Hope you like my first chapter. And yeah, I should have waited until February came, but that's quite a long time if I have to wait…

The ghost-bashing won't happen until after chapter 3 or 4, depending on what will commence on chapter 2. I still have to thresh out the

fun at the school fair, and I'll be putting more characters in before I unleashed the ghost to crash the party.

Until then, take your time in reading this chapter. Reviews are welcome, flames are not…