St. Valentine's Massacre

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Second, I sort of ran out of ideas on how to continue this fic, as well as I realized that this fic is getting out of hand, since this is a Ghosts

Stories (for the anime purists, it's also known as Gakkou no Kaidan/Ghosts at School) fic, and it's supposed to be filled with ghosts and

spirits, yet I ended up putting Batman villains in the mix.

At least I've included the ghost in the last chapter, as well as putting the Nightbreeds in for the mix, since they're supernatural entities as

well (like the ghosts and spirits).

Oh, well, it was a nice experiment. I leave the opinions to you guys. Anyway, on to the story!


That night, everyone were crying and sobbing, after recalling some of their horrid experiences. From the fake Solomon Grundy to being

possessed by Joker Gas to Scarecrow's Fear Gas. The first batch Digimons were reunited with their human partners, who seemed to

have recovered well. They were also reunited with their families, who were also victims of the Joker and Scarecrow's gas attacks. The

police also conducted a manhunt on Cain and the other villains who were still on the loose.

Satsuki (along with Keichiirou), who were escorted by her boyfriend Takeru, went to her father's side, after being released from the

hospital after a thorough check-up to observe any side effects from the gas attacks. They went straight home. Takeru then departred

through Angemon.

Hajime and Momoko checked on Leo, Aya, Fuko and Natsumi to see if they were alright after recovering from the gas attacks as well.

The three went home along with their parents. Hajime escorted Momoko to her home, and were greeted by Momoko's parents.

Momoko's parents were grateful at Hajime for protecting their daughter. Before leaving, Hajime and Momoko exchanged a long,

passionate kiss while Momoko's parents went to their bedroom to rest. After the kiss, Hajime and Momoko hugged each other for five

minutes before parting.

A week later, it's back to normal at Seirin High, as the gang reported for class (except for Satsuki and Keichiirou, who are still enrolled in

their respective schools). Although their encounter with Cain and the Batman villains were thrilling, their schoolmates' paparazzi-style

inquiries were a little too much, as they realized that they kissed passionately during the school fair, inside the marriage booth. Hajime and

Momoko were blushing furiously at the questions, like how they ended up together, how long they have been a couple, have they ever

make out, and other questions. Leo, and Momoko's three friends snickered at their friends' predicaments.

The End

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The "continuation" of the St. Valentine's Massacre will go to Nightwalker under the title "Knight Quest", as Shido and the Batman

continues their hunt on Cain and others.