Episode 1: Breakthrough the Barrier! The Call of The Council!

A small group of high level digimon gathered in a larger chamber hidden in an unknown region of the digital world. Among them were four of the Harmonious Ones, Alphamon of the Royal Knights, and Minervamon of the Olympus Twelve. The room was completely silent until Fanglongmon, leader of the Harmonious Ones, and ClavisAngemon, keeper of the key.

"Listen up, as you all are aware The Digital World has fallen into chaos, those that once followed our examples are being turned against us." Fanglongmon said as he stood in the center of the room.

"It is outrageous, even though there are only seven of them ,they must be stopped now!." Alphamon, of the Royal Knights said as he addressed the leader of the Harmonious Ones.

"Yes, as guardians of this world we once sealed them all away, only for a new darkness to rise and eventually break them all free. This means that this time around, even if all of us banded together, we would stand no chance against them."

"What are you saying Fanglongmon? We must do something now, before they launch their attack!" Minervamon said angrily at the way Fanglongmon was acting.

"As you know some of the Olympus Twelve have fallen already, as have a couple of the Royal Knights, you are here as representatives, because if all of those who remained were here we would have no defenses. If we struck now, it would only result in more losses."

"Are you trying to say we should give up?" Minervamon asked furiously.

"No! He is proposing that we seek help, from another world." said ClavisAngemon.

"What, you don't mean, from the... human world, do you?" Zhuqiaomon asked in a furious tone.

"Yes, from the human world, Fanglongmon and myself both believe it to be the best course of actions."

"If Fanglongmon feels that way, then why should we argue with him?" said Azulongmon, the large blue dragon digimon.

A boy with medium length golden-blond hair, wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans sat at his computer checking his e-mail. "Hmm, what's this survey?" He asked as he opened up an e-mail that was titled Personality Quiz! after a few questions he started to think about the sender of the e-mail, it said it was from CVADigicave. he thought it seemed like an odd email address, but quickly decided not to think to much about the email address, after all it was just a link to a stupid personality quiz.

Many of the first few questions on the quiz were rather generic, what is your favorite color, what is your clothing style, what is your favorite type of creature, etc. But the later questions seemed odd, What would you do if you got sucked into another world, through your computer screen? What would you do if you were attacked by Lilith or Beelzebub? and other odd questions. He did his best to answer them as serious as possible, even though they seemed like jokes.

"Well at least that is done with, I wonder who sent the link though." He said as he shut down his computer and proceeded to turn in for the night.

"Well since I have nothing else to do, I guess I'll just head to bed." A girl, around 16 years old, with dirty blond hair, said with a French accent as she shut down her computer and headed to her room.

"I wonder why people send these stupid surveys, and quizzes. Who actually believe the results?" A pale-skinned boy, around 17 years old. He had dark-blond hair that is tied back into a low pony-tail and reaches just below his shoulder blades with long bangs. He had grayish blue eyes, and was wearing a black tank top muscle shirt, and Khaki jeans.

"Hmm, I wonder who came up with that stupid survey. I mean, what kind of question is What would you do if you came across Lilith, or Beelzebub?" A kid with light-red hair, and green eyes, who was wearing a light-blue shirt, jeans, and a pair of elongated sunglasses, with an arrow connecting the two lenses, said to himself as he headed upstairs to his room.

"Well, I think that is enough for the night." A girl, around fifteen, with shoulder length light-brown hair, and brown eyes, with a dark-pink flower print turtle neck, and skirt on said as she turned off the computer and headed to her room.

Several hours after the five kids all turned in for the night, the two guys who had computer's in their room were awoken by a bright light, their computers had suddenly turned on. The other three were awoken from their slumber by a sound from the same room as their computers. As the five of them approached their computers the light intensified and the vanished. After the light died down all five computers seemed to turn off again.

The next thing the five of them noticed, was the fact that they were in what seemed like a cave, or ancient temple. When they looked around they realized that each of them were standing on a different symbol that was carved into the ground. The girl with the dirty blond hair was standing on a cross with four triangles around it, making an irregular octagon. The other girl was standing on a what looked like the shape of a bird. The red headed boy was standing on a carving of a beetle, the boy with dark blond hair was on a dragon's head, and the remaining boy was standing on the shape of a foxes head.

The next thing they realized was the fact that there were voices, all around them, though they couldn't quite make out the mumbled words. However they did realize the five figures in front of them, two large dragons, a phoenix, a tiger, and two headed turtle of sorts.

"What's going on here?" The boy with the golden blond hair asked.

"Seifer West, Felix Beauvais, Alexandra Collins, Lukas Reed, and Alette Bardot, the five of you are now in the Digital World,"

"The what? Who or what are you, and how do you know our names?" Seifer shouted extremely confused.

"We are the Harmonious Ones, and this is the Digital World. We know your names because we selected you to help save this world, and possibly your own. I am Fanglongmon." the large gold dragon said introducing himself.

The other four Harmonious Ones introduced them selves and explained that Azulongmon chose Felix, Baihumon chose Seifer, Alexandra was chosen by Zhuqiaomon, Ebonwumon chose Lukas, and Fanglongmon chose Alette. They also explained that the Olympus Twelve, and the Royal Knights had already suffered great losses when it came the evil that was slowly taking control of the Digital World.

"I hope the clothing I chose for the five of you is acceptable." A figure with six wings, and white armor said as he stepped out of the shadows, in his right hand was a large key.

"What do you mean?" Lukas asked then looked at him self, he no longer had on what he did when he went to check his computer, he had a darker blue jacket, with a red stripe going from the shoulder down each arm. Other than that he was also wearing his black shoes, but besides that he was still wearing what he had on when he checked the computer room, however he also had his sunglasses on that he took off before going to bed.

Seifer was wearing a Red button up jacket over his black shirt. Felix now had his black lace up boots. Alexandra had a pair of blue jeans instead of her floral skirt, but her shirt remained the same. Alette now had her royal blue barrette on, and her French flag Corset over her khaki shirt, of course she also had her black combat boots, and her plaid skirt on.

"How did you get this stuff on us?" Alette asked slightly angered.

"We took a look at your wardrobe and selected what we figured you'd be most comfortable wearing while here. When we called you all into this world we materialized the clothes onto you. Don't worry we didn't physically undress, or dress any of you. By the way, I am ClavisAngemon." ClavisAngemon said as he motioned for the five of them to step back. After they did so he tapped each symbol with his key, all of which lit up as he did so.

"Lukas, chosen by Ebonwumon, you are the Insectoid Tamer, and your partner will be KoKabuterimon." ClavisAngemon said as a large blue beetle, that stood on it's hind legs, with red spikes on it's shell, and red markings on its limbs. It had green eyes, and a light-yellow scarf around it's neck.

"Chosen by Zhuqiaomon, to be the Avian Tamer, Alexandra, your partner is Biyomon." The angel digimon said as a pink bird appeared in front of Alexandra, and stood on the bird carving.

"Felix, the Dragon Tamer, chosen by Azulongmon, your partner will be Dorumon." The angel said as a purple furred, creature, with a bushy fox like tail, and a dragon like appearance to it's head appeared before him. On the creature's head was a black triangular outline, with a red triangle in it.

"Seifer, chosen by Baihumon, you will be the Beastly Tamer, and your partner will be Leormon." ClavisAngemon said as a small lion cub, with a red tuft of hair on it's head, and a gold necklace that contained an emerald pendant rose from the carving that was now in front of Seifer.

"Last but not least, Alette, you were chosen by Fanglongmon, you will be the Holy Tamer, and your partner will be Kudamon." As ClavisAngemon said this a white pipe fox, with some red markings on it, and a light blue earring and collar, appeared on the cross carving.

"So what exactly is going on? Why did you kidnap the five of us?" Alette asked curiously.

"As you've been told this world is in trouble, so we called on you five to help. In order to do so, you'll need your digimon partners, and these." ClavisAngemon said as he stepped away from the carvings. As he did this a pillar of light shot from each one, he then instructed the kids to reach in to the light, and when they did they pulled out their hands they each had a different color device on their wrist, which resembled a watch. "They are called D-cell's, and will definitely come in handy."

"So what do they do?" Alexandra asked as she started to look over the devices.

"Their functions will become clear later on."

"I feel it is time for them to leave, if we wait to long our location might be compromised" Alpha said calmly.

"Agreed!" Minervamon and Zhuqiaomon said at the same time.

"If you'll all step forward, I'll send you on your way." ClavisAngemon said, and the kids stepped forward, he then stuck his large key into a whole in the floor and turned it. When he did this all five kids, and their digimon vanished.

"Hey, this isn't my room!" Alexandra shouted when she looked around. The five of them were in the middle of a forest, with their digimon partners.

"Did you really think that they would bring us here to this world, and then send us home? I think when he said he'd send us on our way, he was referring to the mission they volunteered us for." Lukas said as he studied the near by trees.

"So what are we supposed to do, were just kids?" Alexandra said as she sat down on a rock.

"Alexandra, there isn't anything we can do about it now. I actually think this might be kinda fun." Seifer said as he sat down next to Alexandra.

"Seifer, I don't know what to think, they abducted the five of us, and think we'll just help out of the goodness of our hearts, because they gave us some little creatures, and some odd devices."

"Hey, at least the five of us get a chance to make friends that we probably wouldn't otherwise." Lukas said as he continued to examine the trees.

"Why are you staring at the trees?" Alexandra asked.

"Maybe he thinks their magical." Felix said as he leaned against one.

"I don't see any insects at all, this is strange, you would think that a forest would be filled with insects, but I don't see any."

"Wait, don't tell me that you are a bug freak?" Seifer asked.

"Entomology, the study of insects. It's just a hobby of mine."

"Well at least we won't have to freak if any of us gets bit, especially with him around." Alette said jokingly.

"How about we all sit down and introduce ourselves." Lukas suggest as he stepped away from the trees.

"Ok, my name is Seifer West, I am 16, and I am into reading and Kendo."

"Alette Bardot, age 16, and I am a straight A student." Alette said hesitantly considering she had slight trouble with her English, since she was born and raised, for the most part, in France.

"My name is Felix, and I just turned 17." was all that Felix said, though after introducing himself he kissed Alexandra and Alette on their hands and said "Bonjour, Mademoiselle"

"Felix Beauvais? The Felix Beauvais?" Alette asked extremely excitingly.

"Let me guess, you're my biggest fan?" Felix said as he glanced at Alette.

"Yes I am, I've got almost every magazine that you've been in and..."

"What's going on?" Seifer asked extremely confused.

"I take it you don't read many magazine interviews concerning teenage male models from France then."

"Wait, are you trying to say that you're a model, for some reason I find that hard to believe."

"I find it hard to believe that you are into Kendo, you don't look like you get out much."

"I said I am into Kendo, I never said that I practice Kendo."

"Calm down you two, I think that it's Alexandra's turn." Lukas said interrupting Seifer and Felix's little argument before it broke out into a full fledged fight.

"Alexandra Collins, I am only 15, and uh... my hobbies include drawing, and shopping. Oh, and I prefer to be called Alex." Alexandra said rather nervously.

"Lukas Reed, 15, I'm into Etymology and computers." Lukas said introducing himself. The digimon were the next to introduce them selves but they simply stated their names.

"Well what way should we head?" Seifer asked as he looked around.

"Lets take the path of least resistance."

"What are you talking about Lukas?" Felix said as he turned to give Lukas an odd look.

"There is a trail over there." Lukas said as he pointed to a dirt trail. The other four looked at each other and nodded before following Lukas and KoKabuterimon along the trail.

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The group winds up coming face to face with their first opponent, a Champion level Dragon Man digimon, known as Strikedramon. Will the group be able to survive Strikedramon's beating?

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The First battle, Strikedramon's Claw!