Episode 11: Return to the Digital World. The Council's Bad News.

The group had gathered at Alette's house, and prepared to return to the Digital World. Seifer was wearing blue jeans, a black shirt, and a black sleeveless vest with a flame design on it. He also had two gloves with arm bands attached with the same design.

Alex had a pink tank top, with blue floral print that stopped right above her navel. Instead of her blue jeans she had a pair of jean shorts on.

Lukas was wearing an open blue jacket, with a white shirt on underneath it, along with blue jeans, and black boots.

Felix was wearing a white tank top, black slacks, steel-toed boots, and a black beret. He had a long black coat with him in case it started to rain.

Alette was wearing light blue jeans with a french flag on the left leg, a black corset tank top shirt that ties in the front. Like Felix she had a light weight black coat with her in case it rained.

The five of them gathered around the computer. Seifer and Felix had brought some food so they had plenty to eat if they got tired of the food in the Digital World. Alex had a couple first aid kits just to be safe.

"So are we all ready?" Seifer asked as he sat his bag down next to him.

"Well I'm as ready as I'll ever be to go back." Lukas said as he leaned against a wall.

"So we've got two backpacks filled with food, and one with first aid supplies. I'm sure that is enough." Alette said as she pulled the key out of her pocket and stood in front of the computer. Seifer grabbed his bag, as the others stood behind Alette as she pressed the key into the top of her D-Cell and twisted it as if it were in a lock. Suddenly a light exploded from her D-cell and they were all sucked in through the computer screen.

"Where have the five of you been?" Fanglongmon said as Seifer and the others appeared in the middle of the Digicave.

"We were enjoying our time home. After all you basically abducted us, and forced us into fighting for you." Felix said angrily.

"We were protecting our world, after all, we couldn't let Digimon just have their way with our home." Seifer said as he glanced at Alette who had the digitama in her bag.

"Clavis Angemon saved us twice, and we came back because of that. Not because this council, but because we had made a promise to do all we can to save both this world, and our own. Clavis Angemon gave his life for us, and then saved us a second time. Even though it cost Alette her partner." Alex said calmly.

"In the time you were gone we've lost more members. Dynasmon of the Royal Knights, and Minervamon of the Olympus Twelve have both been defeated by our enemy. Shortly after they were defeated we learned that their data hasn't been absorbed, but is being retained for an unknown reason."

"What does that mean?" Alette asked curiously.

"It means they are unable to be reborn, because their data is simply being stored. We previously thought the enemy was absorbing the data and that is why our allies that had fallen in battle haven't turned into digitamas."

"So is that why Clavis Angemon gave us that key?"

"What key?" Azulongmon asked

"The key that Alette received when we returned to our world. It also seemed to turn Reppamon into him so we could defeat the enemy." Seifer said.

"That key's primary function was probably to protect his data from them, by sealing what he figured they truly wanted." Zhuqiaomon commented as the others pondered how Clavis Angemon made the key.

"If that is the case then it was the key to the human world that they were after. And they might think they can form one by collecting enough data from the members of the council." Alphamon of the Royal Knights said as he stepped forward from the shadows. "If they find a way to forge a key to the human world, they can send Digimon to it in waves."

"We'll just have to defeat them before that happens then." Alette said boldly as she patted her bag.

"The more of us that they take down, the harder that will be." Marsmon of the Olympus Twelve said from the shadows. After Marsmon said this, Seifer and the others were teleported out of the cave.


"So now where are we?" Lukas asked as he looked around.

"A barren wasteland of some sort, I'll check the D-Cell for the nearest Demon Lord's territory." Alex said as she brought up the map.

"So who is our next adversary?" Seifer asked as he sat down on a nearby rock.

"From the looks of the map, the only Demon Lord Territory nearby belongs to Lilithmon, the Demon Lord of Lust."

"Sounds fun, which way do we need to go?" Lukas said since there was no discernible landmarks.

"This way, apparently her tomb was on a tropical island." Alex said as she started off in the direction the map indicated.

"Maybe you should let your partners out." Alette said as she followed behind Alex.

"Right. Leormon, Realize!"

"Dorumon, Realize!"

"KoKabuterimon, Realize!"

"Biyomon, Realize!"


"Daemon, I am disappointed in you. My sources said that the council knows what is happening to their members. They know you stored the data of the last one to enter your territory. They probably believe that is what is happening to all of their members, this is something I would of expected from the old fool Barbamon, not you, however my sources said your's however were clearly visible to all." A humanoid figure with five angel wings, and five demonic wings sticking out of his back.

"Please forgive me, I didn't expect them to send anyone so soon." said a cloaked figure with dark wings, and a pair of horns sticking from it's head.

"I can't do so, I will fetch the data which you stored myself. But first, I must eliminate our weakest link." The humanoid figure said as he summond an orb of light, and an orb of darkness. "Dead or Alive" he shouted as he through them at Daemon. The cloaked figure was surrounded by the orbs, then when they imploded the humanoid figure held out a jar, which the data was sucked into.

"I hope he will be more useful to master in this form."


Next time:

On the way to Lilithmon's territory the group is ambushed by an group of Ore Digimon led by a Meteormon. With Meteormon's Guard Rock, and the number of Ore Digimon the group is at a dissadvantage.

Next Episode: Break through the Rocks, Loader Leomon's power!