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1st. Task

(Part one)

Pitch dark with no way of knowing which direction to go. The only sound was the echo of the footsteps of a running person. This person is trying to find something, something that is just out of his reach.


Hisoka wakes with a start. "A dream." He said as he sat on his bed with his hand on his head.



"Tsuzuki?" Hisoka said as he looked over at his apartment door. The knocking continued. "Okay okay keep it down." He said as he got out of the bed. Hisoka slipped on a white long sleeve shirt and walked over to the door. He had just opened the door a crack when Tsuzuki burst through the door the rest of the way. The force actually forced Hisoka against the wall.

"Hisoka …" Tsuzuki said. "Come on get dressed!" He said excitedly.

"Why? What's wrong?" Hisoka asked.

"The Doughnut shop is about to open now hurry!" Tsuzuki said as he grabbed Hisoka's hand and was going to pull him out the door in just his shirt and boxers.

"What!" Hisoka said. "Are you nuts!" He added as he pulled his hand out of Tsuzuki's grasp. Hisoka looked at the time and this annoyed him even more. "Tsuzuki … It is 5; 30 in the morning stupid!" Hisoka yelled.

Tsuzuki actually cowered and had the look of a little innocent puppy. "I know that." He said. "I just thought you might want to eat some freshly made sweets Hisoka." Tsuzuki said.

"T-suz-uki …" Hisoka said. "You …" He added.

"Had a great idea?" Tsuzuki asked. "I know I did." He added and his tail was wagging. "Now come on -- Hisoka? What's wrong?" Tsuzuki asked as it looked to him like Hisoka was going to burst.

"Stupid! … You woke me up two hours before we had to get up for work!" Hisoka yelled. Tsuzuki dashed over to a corner of the room and had his puppy ears down and his tail between his legs. Hisoka gave a sigh. "I'm going back to bed." He said and he started to make his way to his bed.

"But … Hisoka …" Tsuzuki said.

"What now." Hisoka said and he turned around only to end up seeing a Tsuzuki with big round eyes giving the sad puppy look. "That won't work on me Tsuzuki." Hisoka said flat out.

At the doughnut shop Tsuzuki and Hisoka were sitting at a table. Hisoka gave a sigh. 'I can't believe it work.' Hisoka thought to himself. HE really didn't like a lot of sweets so he just got a coffee while Tsuzuki ordered almost every kind of doughnut there was.

It was almost nine O-clock when Hisoka and Tsuzuki came running into work. "Tsuzuki! Hisoka! You're late." Chief Konoe said as Tsuzuki and Hisoka sat down at the conference table.

"Food?" Tatsumi asked Hisoka.

"Yeah at 5:30 in the morning." Hisoka said to Tatsumi. Tatsumi sighed and smiled. He knew Tsuzuki was like that.

"Well, now that everyone is here on to business." Chief Konoe said. He turned off the lights and started the slide show. "There have been unexplained disappearances of Children in Hiroshima.

"But we don't deal with missing lives." Watari said as they looked at the slide show of kids that were just ten and eleven years old.

"That may be true." Chief Konoe said. "However these children that ended up missing turned up again a week later with no memory of the past week but they then died that night while sleeping." Chief Konoe added.

Hearing that got Hisoka's attention instantly. There was only one person that he thought could have done this and he gripped his pencil as Chief Konoe continued on.

"Now another thing is these children are boys with blue eyes. The police seemed to be baffled." Chief Konoe said. "­Gushoshin? Have you pin pointed the possible next target?" He asked.

"Possibly two." One of the ­Gushoshin said. They uploaded the photo onto the electronic slide show. The picture was of two boys that were twins and completely identical. Both were eleven years old and had blue eyes and short light brown hair. In the picture it looked as though the boys were laughing about something.

"The boy on the left is named Kishi Suki and the one on the right is Kishi Awai." The second Gushoshin said. "They live right in the center of the whole thing." He added.

"Okay then." Chief Konoe said. "Now who wants to volunteer for this case?" Chief Konoe asked.

"Well, we certainly don't --" Tsuzuki started to say that they don't want to do it however he was cut off.

"We'll do it." Hisoka said.

"What!" Tsuzuki said as he fell out of his chair when he heard this.

"Very well then." Chief Konoe said. "I will leave it to you two." Chief Konoe added.

"But … but …" Tsuzuki said.

"Don't forget my souvenir." Chief Konoe added and he left the room.

"But …" Tsuzuki said again.

"Good luck you two." Watari said as he and the Gushoshin brothers left the room.

"But …" Tsuzuki said again.

"Try not to let him go past the thirty dollar limit Hisoka." Tatsumi said as he to left the room.

"But … but …" Tsuzuki said as he seemed to be trying the puppy look again.

"Let's go." Hisoka said and he started heading out the door.

"But …" Tsuzuki said again.

Hisoka grabbed Tsuzuki by the ear and started pulling him along. "I said let's go." Hisoka said.

"OW! OW! OW!" Tsuzuki said.