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The 7th. Task

(Part Ten)

"HISOKA!" Tsuzuki cried out.

He held the boy's still body close and tears started flowing down his cheeks. Even Jacob had tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe it. The boy seemed to have taken so much and yet this is what kills him?

A smile of joy came across Muraki's pale skin. He was very pleased at this. "The boy shouldn't have jumped in the way. But then again Tsuzuki-san if you wouldn't have jumped in front then the boy wouldn't have jumped in front of you." Muraki said. "So it is actually your fault."

Jacob just sat there unable to believe what had just happened. He was at a loss for words. But something snapped inside him. It seemed to be his rage. A rage that had been slowing building inside him and it was not until now that it had reached its fill line and was now bursting forth. "You … Bastard." Jacob said. "Have you no shame? Are you even human?" Jacob asked. His wings started to spread open.

"Oh? Are you going to kill me?" Muraki asked. "Well, then come at me if you can." Muraki said and the dragon got right in front of him ready to strike.

"Don't …"

Hearing that voice made Jacob stop in his steps. He turned to look to who spoke and it seemed that Tsuzuki had stopped crying and was in fact smiling. What had been seen next even took Muraki by surprise. Hisoka moved his hands up and was embracing Tsuzuki. "Hisoka?" Jacob said.

Hisoka push away gently and looked at Jacob. His Emerald Green eyes had a light glow in them. Hisoka then pointed to the window behind Jacob. "Take Saya … and get … out of here." Hisoka said.

"But what about you two?" Jacob asked.

"We have … something to … finish." Hisoka said.

"Go on Jacob." Tsuzuki said. "We will be along soon." He added.

Jacob saw the expressions in both Shinigami's eyes. It was totally different from seconds ago. This expression told Jacob that Muraki had gone too far and that this was personal. Jacob nodded and with the help of his Vectors, he secured Saya back on his back and went crashing right through the window. The warm breeze of the night hit Jacob's face and tired body. It felt so good to be outside. Suddenly Saya started to stir just a bit. This made Jacob feel even better as now he knew his love wasn't dead but just asleep.


"Hisoka? You sure you are alright?" Tsuzuki asked as he helped the injured Shinigami to his feet.

Hisoka's whole body wanted to fall and probably would have if Tsuzuki did not have a firm but gentle hold on him. "Hai, I'll be alright." Hisoka said.

"You really are hard to kill boy." Muraki said as seeing that Hisoka was still alive. "Well, then if I can't have you Tsuzuki-san then no one can!" Muraki yelled out as he snapped his fingers and the three headed Dragon began to blow fire all around and he set the place a blaze. "Now I must leave you. But incase I don't see you again goodbye." Muraki said and in an instant he was gone.

"Hisoka I don't think either of us have enough strength to beat this thing." Tsuzuki said.

"I agree." Hisoka said. "What do you think will happen after this?" Hisoka asked.

Just then the three headed Dragon was being cut in every part by what seemed to be an invisible knife. This confused them both. Then what really confused them was when the dragon lost their heads literally. "Hey, are you two going to just stay here and let the place come down on us?" Jacob asked. Hisoka and Tsuzuki turned around and saw not just Jacob but Tatsumi as well.

"Jacob?" Hisoka said.

"Tatsumi?" Tsuzuki said. Both could not believe it and yet it was them. Tatsumi and Jacob standing there before them.

"Sorry for being late." Tatsumi said as he smiled at them.

"But how?" Tsuzuki asked.

"Simple we came in the way I left." Jacob said.

"Baka … we know that!" Hisoka said. "But why --" Hisoka suddenly passed out and Tsuzuki swept him up in his arms.

"I think we should get out of here before the house kills us." Jacob said.

It did not take long for them to get outside. Right as they reached the bushes where a now fully awake Saya sat drinking sweet tea and Watari were sitting at the house crumbled into a heap of flames and debree.

"We got worried so we came to see if we could help." Watari said. "Is Bon alright?" He asked as he saw that Tsuzuki was carrying the unconscious Hisoka in his arms.

"Lets get out of here." Saya said. And they all vanished.


(Three days later.)

Four figures appear in the alley away from the crowd on the main street. "Well, I guess this is it then." Jacob said. Both Jacob and Hisoka still looked pretty worn from their mission but both were alright. Hisoka still need Tsuzuki to lean on since his body was still recovering and Jacob still had his injuries from when he got beat up by the people in the Café.

"Are you sure you have to leave?" Saya asked. "You don't need to go. We can find a place to live happily together and I am sure that we could turn you normal." Saya said as she was doing her best to not cry.

"I need to." Jacob said. "He is still alive and so long as he is that means you are in danger." He added.

"I don't care! I don't want you to go!" Saya said as the tears she fought so hard to keep restrained burst out as she and Jacob embraced each other.

"I know but I must." Jacob said.

Saya let go of him and tried to wipe her tears away with her fingers. "Just promise that you will come back to us." She said.

"I will." Jacob said as he kissed her soft wet lips. As he drew back he looked at Tsuzuki and Hisoka. "Make sure you take care of him. He can be a handful even though we were only partners once." Jacob said.

"Will do." Tsuzuki said. Hisoka and Jacob just looked at each other and it was like they made a wordless promise to someday meet again. Cab then pulled up to them in the alley and Jacob picked up his backpack and with one last look he gets in to the cab. The cab driver then drove off and turned the corner onto the main street and was gone in seconds.

"Lets go." Hisoka said. The three of them then vanished into thin air.


(Later that night at Hisoka's place)

"Are you feeling alright Hisoka?" Tsuzuki asked as he helped his love to the bed. Setting him down so that he was sitting up he looked into those gentle green eyes as he sat down next to him.

"Hai, I am alright. Just glad to be out of the hospital." Hisoka said. "I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble lately." Hisoka said as he looked away from the purple eyes of his partner.

"Hisoka …" Tsuzuki said. Using his hands he took hold of Hisoka's face and brought it towards him. "You are no trouble at all." He said. Before Hisoka could speak another word his lips were preoccupied with the gentle lips of his lover's. Hisoka closed his eyes and felt like he was going to melt in Tsuzuki's arms. The kiss that felt like it was going to last forever pulled apart just after a minute or more. "I love you Hisoka." Tsuzuki said.

Every part of Hisoka's body ached to be held. He wanted it to be Tsuzuki that entered him and he wanted the pleasure to last forever. Finally without a single word. Hisoka touched his lips to Tsuzuki's. Feeling adventurous Hisoka allowed his tongue to slip into the mouth of his lover who after a few seconds copied the boy both allowing their tongues to swim in the other's mouth. Hisoka felt his shirt being unbuttoned and soon felt the cool smooth hands on his chest. A shudder and a small moan escaped his body and mouth. Once his shirt was off Hisoka was leaned back ever so gently onto the bed. As their lips left each other Tsuzuki pulled off his own shirt and soon began to kiss Hisoka's neck.

As Tsuzuki's lip began to travel down his pale neck, nipping and evicting moans from Hisoka's throat, causing the boy to throw his head back, gasping as he felt the gentle lips trail over the tender heat of his neck. His hands came up and wrapped around Tsuzuki's shoulders. Tsuzuki stopped for a moment and saw Hisoka was completely relaxed. Even more so then the first time they have done it. "Are you certain about this?" Tsuzuki asked as he slowly started to undo the boy's pants. Watching as his love gave a nod. Tsuzuki then wasted no time into kissing the boy deeply again, allowing his hands to roam free of their own accord, tracing the skin as the lips left the swollen ones, following the hands in a small trail downward.

Hisoka arched his back and let out a small cry of pleasure as teeth bit down on his sensitive skin, licking and being blown on apology as he began to pant. He let out a gasp as he felt the mouth tracing his abdomen, just over the waistline of his jeans. Tsuzuki gently pulled Hisoka's pants off, his hands sending light shivers throughout Hisoka's body. He lightly caressed the entrance with the tips of his finger while every so often playing with his Ochinchin. (I trust you will know what I mean by that.)

Hisoka may have had his eyes closed but he felt his partner gently get on top of him. He then felt something else. Something that made him raise his back just slightly and moan. It was Tsuzuki's Ochinchin that had entered the boy's body. Hisoka then placed his hands on Tsuzuki's hips as Tsuzuki rocked ever so gently back and forth. He was being careful to not hurt the boy. Tsuzuki then came down and kissed those soft lips again.

"Mm, Tsuzuki…" he whispered huskily as he broke the kiss, panting for breath and letting his lips glide over Tsuzuki's cheek. Tsuzuki rolled onto his back and now Hisoka was on top. Hisoka gave into temptation as he continued to go up and down with Tsuzuki's Ochinchin still inside him. Tsuzuki took hold of Hisoka' Ochinchin and moved his hands up and down. Both began to moan as they felt the other's as well as their won Ochinchins' fill up. Then in one final shot and erection happened. Both giving in and letting the pleasure fill their entire body before relaxing. Laying down on Tsuzuki Hisoka waited for his and Tsuzuki's breath to slow down before they went another round.

By morning time both were fast asleep in each other's arms. Both were smiling.

(The End)


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