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Final Goodbye

I never should of waited so long to say
What I've always known since the very first day
Thought that you would stay forever with me
But the time has come to leave

"I can't…I can't believe it. After fifteen years of friendship, always being together, we're finally splitting up." Danny Fenton sighed as the words he'd just said repeated over and over in his head. Sam Manson, who was sitting in the computer chair in Danny's room, nodded in agreement.

"We've been friends for so long. We've been through so much." It was Danny's turn to nod in agreement.

"How am I going to fight ghosts without you guys?" He was referring to his best friends, and sidekicks, (though they hated to be called that; they much preferred Team Phantom) Tucker Foley and Sam Manson. They had been fighting ghosts together since the lab accident four years ago that gave Danny his ghost powers.

"I don't know. But we'll try to make it work." Sam said hopefully, even though she knew as well as him that there was no chance of that. They had spent the whole day together, since it was their last chance to be together for a long time. Tomorrow was the final day of summer. It was also the day that the three of them left for their new colleges. Their new lives. New lives that didn't include each other, for the most part.

Sure, they could try there hardest to make it work. They could all drive, and the colleges were within reasonable driving distance of each other, but it wouldn't be the same. They were never going to be Danny, Sam, and Tucker, the three losers, ever again. They would be Sam Manson that attends New York University, Tucker Foley, who attends New York Institute of Technology, and Danny Fenton, who decided to stay close to home and attend Amity State University. The thought was completely depressing.

The lives they'd come to know were over.

Tucker had left about an hour ago, saying he needed to pack and he'd be back in the morning. Now it was just Danny and Sam, alone in his room. It was sometime near midnight, and they were both getting tired. Sam sighed, knowing that telling Danny what she was feeling would be the best, if not hardest, thing to do. She stood up and walked over to Danny's bed, where he was propped up on his elbows. She was running out of time, and he needed to know.

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life
It's you that I live for, and for you I die
So I'll lay here with you 'til the final goodbye

"Can I sit?" He looked up at her and nodded, moving over to make room for her. She laid on the bed, imitating Danny's position. This was it. The moment she'd been waiting for her entire life. She was about to tell Danny Fenton, her best friend since pre-k, that she was in love with him. She'd gone over this a million times before with Tucker. She memorized exactly what to say and do, so she could be sure she wouldn't get flustered and start babbling like an idiot. Now though, when she was actually about to do it, everything she memorized seemed to float out of her mind.

Danny watched Sam curiously. She seemed to be racking her brain, trying to remember something. He wondered what it was. He glanced at the digital clock on his bedside table. The small numbers told him that it was 11:43. He started to get a little nervous. He had promised Jazz he would tell Sam how he felt before midnight. He wasn't the kind of person to go back on his promises. He knew that she needed to know, but he couldn't help but feel this would ruin everything. They were about to be separated for at least four years, with only short week long breaks in which to see each other (which would probably be cut even shorter due to traveling and spending time with family).

If he told her he loved her now, his whole world would crash and burn. Even if she felt the same way, it would still be impossible to maintain that kind of relationship. She would be away at a new school, with new people, and new guys. He figured one morning she would wake up and say to herself, 'Why am I wasting my time with that boring Danny Fenton when I could be spending time with the smart, interesting guys here? I am such a fool.'

Of course, it was obvious to everyone besides Sam and Danny that they were meant for each other, and something like that would never happen.

"So…" Danny started, breaking the silence between the two of them. "What's up?" It sounded like the completely wrong thing to say to her, but he couldn't think of what else to say. For once, Danny Fenton was speechless.

Hold, draw me close, close to my lips
Listen intently as I tell you this
Outside the world wages its rewards, I'll rest in peace as long as you know

Sam looked up into Danny's eyes. They were the color of a small bear Danny had given her for her birthday when she turned six. When he asked what happened to it one day after school in 7th grade, she lied and said her mother took it from her, suggesting she threw it out or gave it to one of her young cousins. She could tell the comment hurt him, but there was no chance in hell she'd tell him what really happened to it.

The truth was, nothing happened to it. Sam didn't want anyone to know she kept it though. She didn't want them to know she slept with it every night. It made her feel safe, like she was never alone. It made her feel close to Danny. She suspected he knew she still had it; he had probably seem it one of the times he stopped by her room late at night when she sleeping. She loved it when he did that. He'd come into her room (in ghost form, of course) and wake her up. Then he'd take her up on the roof. They'd sit for hours, staring at the late night sky, not saying anything, but saying everything at the same time.

The nighttime visits were part of the reason Sam didn't do so well in her first period class. She was always tired, and she usually ended up sleeping most of the hour, but she didn't care. It was all worth it.

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life
It's you that I live for, and for you I die
So I'll lay here with you 'til the final goodbye

Danny stared into Sam's eyes the same way she stared into his. He loved her eyes. They were the color of the seesaw that he and Sam would play on back in kindergarten. Kindergarten. They'd had so much fun back then. It was before ghost powers, before hormones, and way before college. They were so happy and carefree. They had no idea of the hell they'd go through in ten years, or all the fun they'd have going through it together.

He tried to remember when he first started to fall in love with Sam. He knew he'd loved her since the day they'd met, but in a special way. He didn't love her as a friend, or as a sister, or as a lover. He loved her as Sam. He loved her as the young girl with the tiny pigtails and tiny dresses that didn't look like they belonged on her. He loved her as the tall, skinny preteen with braces who was a good two inches taller than him and Tucker. He loved her as the awkward-figured teenage Goth girl with half her ponytail on the top of her head and all black and purple clothing. He loved her as the full-figured, semi-Goth young adult she had become.

Overall though, he loved her as Sam Manson, his best friend, and so much more.

Sam smiled as Danny's eyes glazed over, meaning his thoughts were somewhere else. She wondered if he was thinking about her. She hoped he was about her. She shot down that hope quickly. She knew he wasn't thinking of her. Why would he want to do that? There was no way he loved her as much as she loved him, right? She remembered the first time she laid eyes on Danny Fenton. She had spotted him from across the school playground. He had been wearing a tiny orange jumpsuit that resembled the one the large man walking away from the school had been wearing. The little boy was small. Sam guessed she was taller than him. She guessed right. He had jet-black hair that fell over his eyes, shielding them from her sight. He was smiling. His smile had soon turned into a frown when another boy walked over to him and started teasing him about his clothes. The other boy had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was built like a miniature-sized football player. The boy was Dash Baxter.

She had walked over to where the two boys were to find Dash laughing as Danny held back tears. She walked in front of Dash and stood between him and the other boy. She put her hands on her hips and gave him a 'Death Glare,' as her grandma called it (she was the one that had taught Sam the glare).

"Leave him alone!" She had said as nastily as she could. It's hard to be nasty when you have a squeaky four-year-old voice. Dash backed away and started walking towards his friends. Sam had turned around and smiled at the boy. He had smiled back, shaking the hair out of his eyes, which were now revealed to Sam. They were the prettiest eyes she'd ever seen. They were blue, like the ocean, only prettier. They introduced themselves and after that moment they were inseparable.

That was when she fell in love with Danny. Before she even knew what love was.

Danny and Sam looked towards the clock at the same time. It was 11:52. They had wasted nine minutes of their time daydreaming about the past and each other.

Promise you our love will carry on
Until you turn eternal, we belong

"Danny, there's something I really have to tell you." Sam said, biting her lip in anticipation of what she would say next.

"There's something I have to tell you, too." They were silent again, wasting another minute of the precious few they had left.

"Danny, I-" Sam started, not wanting to waste time. Danny talking over her cut her off.

"No Sam. Me first." At first Sam was offended that he cut her off when she was saying something so important. All that offense went away when she felt his lips against hers. The kiss was short and sweet, but it was exactly what she'd been waiting for all this time. "Sam. You're my best friend, and you're leaving me tomorrow to go start a new life, and I'm happy for you. But there's something I have to tell you before you leave. I'm not telling you here though." He quickly went ghost, grabbed her around the waist gently, and flew out the window. They flew over the rooftops of Amity Park, flying higher than the tallest buildings in the city. They reached the roof of Sam's house and Danny landed a top with a quiet thud. He put Sam down and changed back to human form.

They lay down on the roof, looking at the stars. Both had a million things to say, but neither wanted to ruin the serene moment, which was extremely rare when you were best friends with a half-ghost superhero in a town filled with ghosts. Danny decided he needed to finish what he started back in his room.

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life
It's you that I live for, and for you I die
So I'll lay here with you 'til the final goodbye

"Sam, there's something I really should've told you a long time ago. Now that you're leaving, telling you this could ruin everything. I'm willing to risk that." Sam glanced over at him, her lavender eyes locking with his cerulean ones once again. "Sam, I…I love you. I've loved you for as far back as I can remember." Sam smiled.

"Danny, I love you too. I've loved you since we met that day on the playground." Danny smiled, remembering his first encounter with Sam.

"So. What do we do now?" Danny asked, referring to their future. Sam shrugged,

"We play it by ear. See where life takes us. If we stay together, that's great. If we break-up, hopefully it's for the best. We really don't have any control over this. If you love me like I love you, this shouldn't be hard." Sam realized she was taking a big risk with this whole 'play it by ear' thing, but really, what choice did they have? Danny nodded as he stood up, then stuck out his hand and helped her up. He closed the gap between them once more; this time with a longer, more sensual kiss that made them both blush and smile shyly.

His respectful lips for the last time
And spell out the lyrics to love in the sky
Its you that I live for and for you I die
So I'll lay here with you till the final goodbye

Danny went ghost and picked Sam up once more. They flew around Amity Park one last time, and then went back to Danny's bedroom, where they fell asleep for about two hours, until around 3.

"Danny, are you awake?" Sam whispered, hoping for a response.

"Yeah. What's up?" He asked sleepily.

"Nothing. I just wanted to say goodbye. You know, get it over with now instead of tomorrow."

"Okay. Goodbye Sam." Danny said, stifling a yawn.

"Goodbye Danny." She laid back down as he wrapped his arms around her. "I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too." He whispered back, as they finally fell asleep.

The next day, Sam and Danny told Tucker goodbye, which he did in return. Danny and Sam never told each other goodbye. They'd already taken care of that. As they all went their separate ways, not a single tear was shed. They knew they would see each other again soon. They had learned something.

Team Phantom was inseparable.



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