Mori's Birthday

It was a special occasion, decided Haruhi as she entered Music Room Three. Balloons, ribbons, streamers were arranged attractively across the ceiling. Everything seemed to sparkle, to shine.

The Host Club, smiles ready, sat around the steady Mori. Honey is sitting on Mori's shoulders, whispering and shouting and cheering.

Pinned to Mori's school blazer is a terribly out of place, pink badge. On it, Haruhi reads, is 'Happy Birthday', in curly script.

Honey is bouncing, but never falls off Mori's shoulder. One of Mori's hands is securely wrapped around Honey's slim legs. Honey doesn't seem to mind. Always together, always freely exchanging touches and thoughts, while never saying a word. They have known each other for years, and care deeply for one another.

There is cake. With more candles than Mori could ever age. Mori cuts a huge slice, almost bigger than the cake, places it on a plate and hands it to Honey. He smiles contentedly as Honey smiles with excitement and devours the cake.