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Kindergarten Teachers?

"Aahhh… What a beautiful day…Do you want to play, Greta?" Yuuri Shibuya, a normal fifteen year old kid-turned-Maoh, asked his daughter, Greta. He was dragged into this world accidentally a few months ago because some idiotic bullies flushed him down a toilet, and he has been ruling Shin Makoku ever since.

"Sure, Yuuri! But can we play with Wolfram as well?" Greta, a cute and innocent 10 year old girl, asked. She was a young assassin that tried to murder Yuuri a few months back, and is now living with him as his adopted daughter.

"Sure we can… Hey Wolfram! Greta wants to play!" Yuuri shouted and waved to a certain blonde haired Mazoku.

"What? I'm coming…" Wolfram, an 82 year old said Mazoku soldier who looks like a 17 year old teen and also the fiancé of said Maou, shouted back. He became engaged to him accidentally due to a mistake in Yuuri's part that made him slap him on his right cheek, which according to Mazokus is a way of asking for someone's hand in engagement. Blame it on the weird customs of said country…

Later while they were playing, Yuuri suddenly got an idea to make it more fun. He whispered his plan to Wolfram and together they did it.

Grabbing Greta, they dragged her into the nearby fountain and whisked her with water, much to the child's delight.

"Hee hee hee! Stop it!" Greta squealed in glee. It's been ages since they played like this anyway, so… they continued, But…

"Aaaahhh! Oh no, not again! I don't want to go back to earth yet!" Yuuri shouted as the water prepared to drag him in.

"Oh no you don't, Yuuri! You just went back here two da-'' Wolfram was suddenly interrupted because the water dragged him in as well…

"Oh, no! Yuuri! Wolfram! Come back!" Greta shouted with a clear sign of agitation in her voice. All her shouting brought Gwendal scurrying into the garden. When Greta saw him running towards her, she asked for Gwendal's help.

"Gwendal, help me! Yuuri and Wolfram just got sucked in back to earth!" Greta said while running in Gwendal's direction.

"What did you say? But that's impossible! Hadn't he just gotten back two days ago?" Gwendal exclaimed. He suddenly had an idea.

"I know… Why don't we go to Ulrike and confirm what's happening? She might have an idea about this…"

"Okay… Thanks, Gwendal…"

End of Chapter

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