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Kindergarten Teachers?

"Wolfram! Wait up!" Yuuri chased Wolfram to who knows where. When they finally stopped, they found themselves in the park near the river where they landed.

"Wolfram, why did you run away?" Yuuri asked.

"Get away from me." Wolfram said in a dangerously low tone. Yuuri laughed lightly, which made Wolfram shoot his head up. When he did, Yuuri's face was dangerously close to his.

"Come on, Wolf, did you seriously think that's going to happen?" Yuuri asked breathlessly while getting closer. "I can't break our engagement. You said it will be a disgrace for your pride, remember? And of course, I love you." Yuuri then closed the distance between them. When they parted, Wolfram's eyes were smiling.

"You just said it, wimp." Wolfram's voice was strangely joyful.

"Hmm, I guess I did." Yuuri replied with a smile. "Seriously, Wolf. No one can take you away from me. We will stay engaged."

"But… this is the future." Wolfram, who was still doubtful, remarked. "If you don't marry Flurin, then this will be a false future."

"I don't really care. It's not like Tokyo will be affected without Yukina-san. Sure, it will be sad coz there's no one like her, but if it means being taken away from you, then I don't care. Besides, she is… or rather… she will be a product of untrue love."

"Fine, I believe you." They then both went back to the house.

"Günter! How many times do I have to tell you to stop your little ranting? Weller's coming back in a few days. Then we can properly plan how to bring the Maou and Wolfram back. I thought somebody broke in!" Gwendal shouted at the ranting man, exasperated.

"But Gwendal! It's a bad omen! Heika! Oh, heika!" Günter was still throwing and banging stuff around, but Gwendal grabbed him by his shoulders.

"Günter! Compose yourself!" Gwendal sternly ordered, which sent Günter in a state of shock.


"If you keep being like this, your emotions will take over your investigation, and you will not be presenting truths! All you will be presenting is based on your emotions! Stop worrying and try to do something productive for a change!" Gwendal then stomped out of the room, leaving a shocked Günter behind.

"I-I guess he's right…" Günter then went back to the papers he was going through.

"Goodness, where have you two been? We've been worried about you!" Yukina told the two teenagers who just set foot in their house.

"Sorry. We unknowingly ventured out too far." Yuuri explained sheepishly.

"If you don't mind, we'd like to sleep now." Wolfram butted in tiredly.

"Of course! Goodnight, Yuuri-san and Wolfram-sama."


The next day, Gwendal confronted Anissina once again.

"Anissina!" Gwendal called after the inventor. "About the thing we were talking about yesterday before we were so rudely interrupted…"

"Yes, what about it?"

"Your new invention, the one that you call 'Portal-kun'… Did you place one of it somewhere in the vicinity of Blood Pledge Castle?"

Anissina pondered for a minute. "Why, yes… I think I placed it in the fountain. And if I remember correctly, that one is designed for the Maou, so that he may come back to this 'Japan' whenever he wishes. I was about to tell him but it slipped my mind. Why, did something happen?"

Gwendal slapped his forehead and sighed in relief. "Problem solved."

"What do you mean?"

"We have been trying to figure out who was behind their mysterious sending back to earth for a whole month now… And it seems like Shinou-sama's power is no match for your electronics…"

Anissina chortled evilly. "I know! I'm such a great inventor…"

Gwendal ignored her self-praise remark. "Can you bring them back?"

Anissina shrugged her shoulders. "Sure. If I set it, I can make them come back if both of them come into contact with water."

"Excellent! I shall be leaving you to that, then." Gwendal then went to find Greta.

"Wolfram, when do you think we're going back to Shin Makoku?" Yuuri asked out of the blue while he was washing his hands.

Wolfram then put his hands under the running tap water and spoke, "I have no---" but he was interrupted when they were suddenly sucked in!

"What?! We're coming back now? I haven't even said goodbye to Yukina-san yet!"

"Me either!!!" But unbeknownst to them, Yukina's granddaughter saw that they were sucked into the faucet.

I guess they're going back. I have to tell grandma about this. She then walked away.

"Ah, I see." Yukina said calmly after listening to her granddaughter's story. "I guess they didn't know when they were going back. Let's just hope… we meet again…"

Wolfram and Yuuri emerged out of the fountain a few minutes later, gagging and coughing. When their visions cleared, they saw Günter, Gwendal, Greta, Anissina, and Ulrike standing before them. Günter hurried and got a towel for both of them.

"Thank goodness we're back!" Wolfram sighed in relief while squeezing out excess water from his clothes.

"Everyone! How did you manage to bring us back?"

"Well, it turned out to be my invention at work." Anissina explained. "I built it especially for you, heika, and it only goes to Japan, but it seems I accidentally set it to future."

"It's a good thing that you didn't set it to past, or else we'll be facing deranged samurais and ninjas." Yuuri remarked gratefully.

"But how come Shinou-sama didn't know any of it?" Ulrike asked no one in particular.

"It's probably too easy to figure out who did it, and if he told us he would be taking away the fun." Gwendal replied. Greta then jumped down from his arm and hugged them.

"Yuuri, Wolfram, I'm so glad you're back! I was worried about you!" Greta cried while clinging onto them.

"Relax now, Princess." Yuuri consoled with a smile. "We won't be going anywhere soon."

Later that night as Wolfram lay in Yuuri's arms in their bed, Wolfram softly spoke up. "Yuuri, are you asleep?"

"No." Came the equally quiet reply.

"Would you mind if I asked you a question?"

"Not really."

"Do you really love me?"

Yuuri kissed Wolfram's forehead. "Is that even a question? If you don't believe me I can rouse the whole castle and marry you right now."

Wolfram laughed lightly and pulled the covers over them. "Oh, whatever. You don't need to do that. But I wonder how Yukina-san's doing?"

"She probably doesn't exist anymore… After all, this is about the time when I marry Flurin, according to her… And thank goodness I didn't." All he received was a light snore in reply. Yuuri laughed lightly and went to sleep as well, dreaming of a world far away from his own.

End of Story

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