Me: I'm sorry if I made Sinner sound like a Yoh/Lyserg fic in the end. But now this little sequel drabble is still Marco/Lyserg.

Marco: This captures us totally wrong.

Me: I know, but if I don't type this it won't get out of my head.


I would bleed. Cry. Though my bones never shattered. Yes, I would swim in a pool of my own blood sometimes, and the pain could be so unbearable that the next morning I couldn't move. But it was okay. To see his smile. I fell for a man that abuses my body, doesn't care if I have a soul, and knows nothing about what I think. He doesn't have to rape me to get what he wanted. I would have gladly given it to him. Yoh. He tries to save me, but I don't want to be saved. Sure, I would say I wanted to after the abuse. But once I fell asleep, I would dream that he and I were... a normal couple. All of you must think I am pathetic. Maybe I am. But the way he smiles as he hits me, and the way that he gets so amused when I struggle. But it's all an act. I would have willingly given him everything.

But nothing can change. He feels no love towards me, and I cannot make him. I am weak. Something like me doesn't deserve happiness. I want revenge on the death of my parents, and I rely on a girl I just met a couple weeks ago. Yoh. He thinks I want help, and sometimes when he visits me, I think that too. He sees the scars the abuse left behind and would try to treat them. Marco. A man great in in height. Who's blue eyes that drew me into joining the X-laws. Who appeared to be a man so dedicated to his faith. Was really a bigger sinner than Hao. But I can't help my feelings for him. If he were to die, then I would die as well. The blood and tears that he has to spill, I pray to god that I will do enough to make him do less. Though it's so hard when he doesn't even care. Just glares at you like you were just a piece of trash found on the street.

Though I know he at least cares if I live. He wouldn't beat me until I actually died. But it still hurt. Being beaten by the one you love. The one you long for to hug. Instead he hits you. I cry, scream until I cannot speak, and crawl. I am nothing. And he is my everything. Here he goes again. Punching me in the stomach. I feel the blood coming out of my throat. My screams giving him pleasure. If that's what it takes, I will scream as loud as I can. I feel it now. He hands ripping my clothes off and forcing himself in me. It burns and I will never experience anything anymore painful. I wish he granted me the mercy of death! There I go again. I'm so weak I don't know what I want. He grunts as he thrusts harder ad harder, his hand playing with my limp cock. There is nothing to get turned on about. This pain makes my head spiral and all I can see is darkness.

A few hours later, I would wake up bottomless. I'm lying in liquid and soaked to the bone. Probably my own blood and semen. Or Marco's semen. Who knows. Then I see him. Yoh. Why must he try to be my knight in shining armor? I don't want him! "Please, Yoh..." I can't talk anymore cause my throat feels so dry. He just pulls me to his chest and let me cry. Why can't I be stronger? Why don't I have what I need to make Marco love me? "I am weak..."...


Me: I can't right angst...

Lyserg: You're telling me...

Me: Wel... read and review... I wouldn't.