Me: Um… to answer Leuv's questions… um…

have you read the shaman king manga? – Um, not all of it. I saw that picture on the internet with Yoh hugging Lyserg. And yeah, America only has only up to book nine. So I only know Lyserg from the anime.

how come Lyserg choose Marco over Yoh? – Um… I know I usually ship Yoh with Lyserg (or Hao with Lyserg), but I wanted to capture a really sick and wrong relationship. Yoh's such a sweetheart! And I thought about Marco since I thought about that one episode where Marco slapped him in the face. Cause this will be the last time I try to do this couple in a fic!

is he sadomasochist? – I don't know. To tell you the truth, this was just on my mind and was giving me a major headache and it only went away when I wrote it. So… now that I read it, he does seem that way!

Me: I don't really know if these were good answers, but um… I answered them as best as I could. But um… yeah. The sequel to 'If the past was different' is coming out soon! I just have to finish my Ryoga/Ryoma one shot and I'll be good to go start it! Though be warned… it has more plot and stuff than the last one. And it's going to get confusing… so yeah! Be prepared to see it soon everyone!