"Energy can not be created nor destroyed," Haley James mumbled under her breath. She closed her eyes and put her hands to her ears in attempt to block out all the noise. Funny isn't this supposed to be a library, what happened to the observe silence rule? She quietly thought to herself, pushing physical theories out of her mind for a second. The library was her territory in Tree Hill High, well here or the Tutor Center that is, and she hated it when the "others" used her sanctuary as a make out place.

"Trying to make contact with the outside world again? I thought I told you they don't want you, Hales. That's why they dumped you on me."

Haley opened her eyes and looked up, it was Lucas Scott her best friend since, well, forever. "Oh shut up Luke!" She laughed as she playfully punched Lucas on the arm.

"Nah, you know I was only kidding you," Lucas teased as he took the empty seat beside Haley.

"Oh Hales, don't tell me your studying." He remarked as he caught a glimpse of Haley's open Physics book. "We just finished a test two periods ago, what do you have to study?"

"That's why it's called a library Lucas; you go here for the books and to study." Haley stuck her tongue out and crossed her arms in front of her chest while answering in a matter of fact tone. She was a nerd and she knew it but that never stopped her from not admitting it.

"Not according to Nathan," Lucas answered as he pointed across the room in Nathan Scott's direction.

Haley Scoffed. Nathan Scott, star of the Tree Hill Ravens was busy making out in the Periodicals section with some random cheerleader, as usual. "Luke, that's all he ever does. He makes a goal and has sex."

"Shot." Lucas corrected.

"Whatever." Haley dismissed. "I bet he doesn't even know what a book is."

Lucas laughed. "Aren't you being a bit harsh, Hales?"

Haley scoffed. "He's rich and spoiled. What else do you expect of him?" Haley threw her arms in the air, obviously getting carried away, unaware that her voice was steadily growing louder. "And he's a jock!" Haley banged her right fist on the table so as to deliver her point.

"What do you call me then?" Lucas asked, offended by Haley's last statement.

"Oh, Luke, no you're different." Haley laid her hand on her best friend's right hand, sincerity was in her voice. "I just don't get it how you get along with him." Haley said while shaking her head.

"He's my brother, Hales." The answer was quite obvious.

"Still, your brother's an ass." Disgust filled her voice as she let the words out of her mouth. Her nose wrinkled, she hated saying it but still it was the truth.

"Why James, I didn't know you had such strong feelings for me." A voice from behind them suddenly made itself present.

Haley and Lucas turned around to face the voice. It was Nathan Scott, looking his usual high and mighty self as he stared down at Haley. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest and a look on his face. Lucas let out a laugh as he watched Haley's mouth open agape. Haley upon hearing Lucas's suppressed laughter was quick to recover from her shock and shot Lucas a glance. Lucas quickly stopped laughing; he knew that Haley's looks could kill. He never dared mess with his best friend and "the look".

Haley's face heated up, Why the conniving little--Haley's eyes lit up. She knew what to do.

Slowly, she got up from her chair, and in one swift move was stationed in front of Nathan. Her right hand gingerly moved up and down his left bicep. Damn, he's strong, Haley silently commented. She pushed the thought away and started running circles on his arm before tiptoeing to reach his left ear. She softly breathed into it, and in doing so sending shivers up his spine.

"You know, I have always wanted to do this." She said into his ear. Her voice was in a seductive whisper, she made sure only he heard her.

A tingle went up Nathan's spine. Who knew Haley James could be so sexy?

Haley slowly shifted her body upwards. She placed both her arms on his defined shoulders and her head slowly rose to meet his.

Nathan held his breath. His pulse raced and his breath quickened. Yet he remained cool on the outside, waiting for Haley to make her move.

And she did. Their heads were parallel now. Haley closed her eyes, with her lips directly moving towards his.

Nathan closed his eyes, he knew what she was about to do. And he was going to enjoy himself while she did it.

"Ouch!" Nathan let out a yelp.

Obviously he thought wrong.

Haley pulled back, a satisfied smile on her face. Lucas was laughing in the back, pleased by his best friend's cleverness. And the people started to stare, curious with the scene that had just unfolded.

"What did you do that for?" an embarrassed Nathan demanded, he was hunched up and hugging his stomach. He was in pain and it showed.

"I have always wanted to do that," Haley mocked in a sultry voice. Ha, take that Nathan Scott! She sneered and made her way back to the table to gather up her things.

Nathan couldn't help but smile. He had to admit, she was clever. But he was cleverer.

He stood up straight, letting go of his stomach which still hurts by the way, and shook his shoulders a bit to recompose himself before making his way to Haley to make his move.

He took on his regular smooth façade, the Scott grin that could melt any girl's heart and the walk that exuded confidence, they wanted him and he knew it. He made his way towards Haley; all eyes were on him anticipating his move, well everyone except Haley that is. That's right watch me make a fool of Haley James; he smiled to himself as he acknowledged the growing number of people who were watching him. A few strides and he was directly behind Haley, for a moment he stopped to think if he was going to go through with it. Nah, revenge is revenge, period. No matter how dirty it can get.

He placed his right hand on Haley's tiny waist and felt a shock jump through his spine. Touching her had an effect on him.

Haley surprised by his touch let out a small gasp; It couldn't be, could it? Before she could even answer her own question the answer, the answer came to her.

Nathan pulled her in closer, their bodies fitted in perfectly. He lowered his head to her hair; it smelt of strawberries and he instantly decided he liked the smell. He bent down to whisper something in her ear, causing a gap to escape her lips. She stood there, surprised and motionless for a brief second before turning her head to face him.

Then it happened.

Nathan Scott's brilliant plan was in action. Only it wasn't as how he expected it.

As Haley turned her body to face him, Nathan took everything into his own hands, literally. He cupped her face with his hands and leaned in to kiss her. Nathan softly pushed his lips against hers, his grazing against hers forming a kiss. Her lips were soft and for a second he didn't want the kiss to end. Surprisingly, Haley did nothing to stop him and after Nathan pulled back from their kiss she continued to stand there frozen. Her face was blank without expression; her brown eyes stared intently into his blue one's until finally she turned around towards the table to pick up her things. She slung her backpack on her left shoulder and left without a word. No punch in the stomach, no cocky remark, it was totally un-Haley like. Nathan stood there puzzled. Now it was Nathan's turn to go silent, he wasn't expecting his master scheme to go that way nor was he expecting to feel like this. This. What exactly was he feeling?

Nathan Scott wasn't the only one shocked by today's turn of events. Lucas Scott stood there mouth hanging open, it never occurred to him to run after his best friend out of the library after all he was just as surprised as he was. Meanwhile people were whispering, did the kiss mean that Nathan Scott and Haley James were now an item? How the girl's were going to be disappointed that Nathan Scott was now not available anymore. Well that's all in a day at Tree Hill High, and to think it isn't even lunch yet.