Brambleclaw: Continuing his Father's Legacy OR Desperate for Indiviguality??

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ThunderClan warrior Brambleclaw has always been remembered as the son of notorious murderer and traitor, Tigerstar. (For the full story on Tigerstar, see 'Tigerstar's Treachary', by Sandstorm. Or, 'In the Eye of the Tiger: The true Tigerstar Story' by Longtail.) The two cats looked nearly identicle to the last claw.

But how does Brambleclaw feel about this?

Whitewing went around the ThunderClan camp to find out more!

'Oh, he totally lovesssss the way he looks.' said ThunderClan queen, and friend of Brambleclaw, Sorrelltail. 'The dark tabby look is totalllllly in.'

'And those eyes! I wish Dustpelt had eyes that amber.' Giggled ThunderClan queen Ferncloud.

While the above think that Brambleclaw's looks are all in his favor, some think that give false opinions about the tabby warrior.

'He's just as dark as old Tigger used to be. ' said a Long tailed warrior of ThunderClan.

'You should hear him in the warriors den when he thinks no one is listening.. he's always talking about the apprentices he's been recruiting.. I hear he's gonna make his own Clan... Tabby Clan!' said an annonymus warrior.

Squirrelflight, mate of Brambleclaw, had something to say about the above comment.

'He was TRYING to put together a BAND!' she snarled venomously.

Whether or not Brambleclaw has any musical talent what so ever, remains to be seen.

However, startling new evidence has appeared that proves that Brambleclaw is trying to 'beat his own drum'. (though Squirrelflight insures he prefers guitar.)

' I caught that no-good-dirty-rotten-mousedung-eating-mangy-worse-excuse-for-a-warrior in the forest with a bottle of what appeared to be golden spray paint!' says Ashfur.

The above comment may not be true, seeing as Ashfur has had it in for Brambleclaw ever since the ThunderClan deputy stole Squirrelflight from under his paws. (for full details on the Squirrelflihgt love triangle, watch 'Squirrl's MY Girl: The ClanTime Special' on Badger 56 'The News Station!')

What WAS Brambleclaw doing with the spray paint?

Ashfur insists that at the next Gathering, graffeti was found that read 'ShadowClan are Sucky.' (Though police investigations show that the culprit of that crime was infact Firestar. (See, Behind Bars: A New Type of Leadership' Firestar's Autobiography thats hit book stores this August.

But Brakenfur developed the theory that appears better to us.

'He was trying to spray the forest gold, so that Firestar would change ThunderClan's name to Gold Clan.' the tom declared on Tuesday morning.

But is Brakenfur only insisting this because HE want the Clan to be named Gold Clan? Only time (aka 'eavesdropping' ) will tell.

Desperate to find out the truth amongst the lies (no matter how intruiging the lies proved to be), i confronted Brambleclaw and demanded he justify himself.

'I.. I.. I was... uhhh... look over there! Its... Ashfur... starting a rebellion!" the tom yelled. (Og course, eager for stories, I turned, but Ashfur was no where in sight (it was only Leafpool and her yoga class) and Brambleclaw had fled.

We decided to check with a more... reliable source.

'Do you REALLY wanna know?' sighed Squirrelflight.

Yes Squirrelflight, we do.

'Well then this should explain it.' she said, handing over a photoagraph.

The photograph depicted Brambleclaw, except his fur was a shimmering shade of gold.

So, the tabby warrior was ACTUALLY trying to look less like his father..

'No! Brambie! Change your color back! We need you cuteness!' whimpered Sorreltail afer I gave her the news.

Why did he do this? We asked his sibling, Tawnypelt of ShadowClan, to find out.

'Like.. duh.' Tawnypelt said. 'He's trying to see if gold cats attract more auhority then tabbies!'

'Its.. full leaf.. a gold pelt won't attract as much sunlight as a dark dappy pelt!' said Littlecloud, ShadowClan medicine cat. ( I felt that it was safer to ask a sane medicine cat.

Regardless, Does this mean that Brambleclaw is too insecure to be Clan deputy?

'He's FINE! Anyone who says otherwise will be personally introduced to my claws!' growled Squirrelflight.

Ouch.. someone's taking a leaf outa Mistyfoot's book.

'Don't send him to MY den!' pleaded Leafpool . 'StarClan cursed mice will follow HIM everywhere!'

Why Leafpool is under the impression ther StarClan is raving agaisnt the ThunderClan deputy is yet to be determined.

Why ThunderClab has emploryed such a total dunce for their medicine cat is still under investigation.

'Cart him off to Leafpool's den straight away! Let some other cat, ... someone who's fur is.. ashy take over!' suggested Ashfur.

'Hmmm. I'll consider that... I wonder if Stormfur will be deputy though.' pondered Firestar.

'No!!!!! I meant meeeeeee!' whimpered Ashfur.

Coming up next week: Ashfur's Surge for Power: How he will take over ThunderClan with a mixture of blackmail, bad haricuts, and lyme disease.


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