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Chris Jericho wasn't one for commitment, and he never had been. Even so, it wasn't something he regretted. As it was, he was living the good life. Getting paid and getting laid was the name of his game, and he was currently king of both worlds. He was one of the highest paid workers in Vince's company, and he definitely had no shortage of women.

After all, he needed only look at the one laying next to him in his bed for confirmation of that…

He rubbed at his eyes, groaning a bit as the haze of sleep started to leave him. Yawning, he went to stretch a bit until he noticed the warm female body that was wrapped up with his. Frowning a bit, he disentangled himself from the girl before getting up out of bed. He shot a quick glance at the time before picking up his boxers and slipping them on. Without thinking about it, he instinctively started picking up his clothes and slipping them on as he did. He had this routine down pat after having done it for so long.

Several moments later, he stepped out of the bathroom in the hotel room, dressed and freshened up. He was just about ready to go start his day, before he looked at the girl who was still in his bed. He licked his lips a bit as he noted that only the white sheet prevented him from seeing her naked body. It was almost tempting to stir her from her slumber and rock her world again like he'd done the night before. It would definitely make him feel lighter on his feet… he snickered at the thought.

Instead, he headed over to his duffel bag, digging through until he found some index cards. He looked around a bit, before spotting a pen lying on top of the TV. He grabbed it and looked over at the girl, frowning a bit as he tried remembering her name…

It started with an L, he thought idly, before shrugging as he put the index card on top of the TV so he could write on it…

Hey sweetheart,

Thanks for the great time last night, but I do believe you should be the one giving me thanks. After all, it's not everyone that gets a piece of me. You should feel lucky, honored, and privileged to have had me for a night…

He tossed the pen over his shoulder before going over to the girl, looking at her for a moment. And then he shrugged and put the note on her pillow, before turning and walking away. He smirked as he lifted his duffel bag, grabbing his shades off a nearby table on his way out the door.

Slipping them on as he walked down the halls, his smirk grew as two words came to mind…

Fuck commitment.

"Daddy," Stephanie sighed heavily. "This match doesn't make any sense."

"Now Stephanie," Vince warned as he looked up at her. "I know you're dating Hunter, and that's probably -"

"No, it has nothing to do with that," she said with a chuckle. He gave her a wary look as she smiled at him. "I'm serious, Daddy, you know I'm a professional."

"Yes, yes you are, but I still fail to see why Hunter shouldn't defend his title tonight."

"Well think about it like this," she said as she began to rub her hands together. "Why give away such a high quality match tonight, when you can save it for the next pay-per-view? That way we'll increase buys and make more money," she added in, knowing that that would do her father in.

She snickered lightly when she saw him get a thoughtful expression on her face. He was so easy to manipulate…

"You have a point, Princess," he said with an easy smile, one which she readily returned as she stood up from her chair.

"Oh thank you so much Daddy," she said as she blew him a kiss. "This is why you'll always be the number one man in my life."

He got that proud, fatherly look in his eyes, and she had to force her smile to stay on her face as she gave him a wave and walked out of his office. As soon as she was out, she rolled her eyes. The old man just kept getting easier and easier to whip around to her whim…

She looked around a bit before spotting a backstage worker. An evil looking smirk came to her face as she sauntered on over to him, feeling like having some fun. Once she was standing directly behind him, she reached up and yanked his headset off his head, before dropping them to the floor.

"Oh, whoops," she said innocently as the worker angrily spun around to face her.

"What the hell do you think you're – doing…" he finished, gulping when he realized who he was facing. Stephanie gave him a surprised look.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I upset you?" she asked in an innocent tone, but he was a bit unnerved by the glint in her eyes.

"No, not at all, I just, didn't realize it was you Ms. McMahon," he stammered as he gave her a tentative smile. She nodded slowly, looking as if she was digesting his words.

"So, does that mean you're not mad at me?" she asked, giving him a worried look. "Really, it was an accident…"

"I'm not mad," he said, wary of the woman in front of him. He'd heard the stories… if she looked at you, it was to see how you'd fit in as the newest pawn in some game or scheme that she was trying to pull on someone.

"You're not mad then," she repeated, and he nodded. She then smirked, and now he was really wishing he had kept his mouth shut. "Good, then why don't you run along and fetch me a bottle of water, hmm? Can you do that for me?" she asked in a condescending tone, speaking to him as if he was a child.

He nodded and walked off, biting the inside of his cheek as Stephanie laughed heartily. She rubbed her hands together as she walked off towards her dressing room to inform Hunter of the change of plans regarding his match…

Chris gave Torrie a charming smile as he leaned against the wall, leaning a little closer to her as she smiled back at him. He reached up to her and touched her chin a bit, smirking when a blush came to her face.

"So you busy later?" he asked smoothly and she blinked as she processed his words.

"Yes, well, I mean no," she said sheepishly, loving his smile and not able to take her eyes off of him. She had always had a thing for Chris, but never would she have thought he'd actually look at her the same way.

He ran his tongue slowly over his bottom lip as he pulled his hand away, much to Torrie's disappointment.

"You wanna do something?" he casually asked, putting his hands into his pockets as he continued leaning against the wall.

"Like what?" she asked him, eyeing him curiously as he shrugged.

"Whatever you want," he answered as he kept his eyes on hers. She was drawn to him… he could tell. He resisted the urge to snicker as she gazed into his eyes, smiling as if he'd asked her to marry him or something equally retarded. As if he'd truly be interested in her, of all people…

Except for one thing anyways. The thought put a smile back on his face.

"Okay, I'll find you after the show," she said as she struggled to keep her breathing in check when he started leaning into her. He stopped only millimeters from her lips, making her breaths come out shakily as he smirked.

"You do that," he mumbled, teasing a kiss for another moment before pulling back. His smirk grew as he turned and walked away, not giving her a look back…

Stephanie carefully trailed the engraved gold on Hunter's championship belt, loving the power and the status that came with being the boss's daughter and being the champion's girlfriend. She wasn't lying when she called herself the most dominating female in the company. Hell, maybe even in the whole damn business.

If she was being honest, she'd say she was untouchable… no exaggeration, just the simple truth. People either moved out of her way, or they'd get burned in her path.

She sat up a bit straighter when the door to her dressing room opened and Hunter walked in. She stood up, and his eyes widened when he looked at her. She had removed her shirt and was sporting a black lacy bra that showed off her cleavage nicely…

"What the hell?" he asked, surprised as she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"I was hot," she said nonchalantly, smirking at him as she raised his title belt with one hand. "Guess what?" she asked in a sing-song voice, and he shrugged as he looked her over. Her smirk only grew at that… "Well, not even going to guess?"

"I don't know, but I have my match and it's coming up," he said as he reached for his belt. Stephanie raised an eyebrow.

"You want it, come get it… cause you're not defending it tonight," she said in a devious tone as she just held his belt up, and he took a deep breath. He knew that tone well. It meant only one thing…

As soon as he took his belt from her, she was kissing him. He pulled her to him with one arm, letting her touch him wherever she wanted… that is, until her hand somehow found itself at the waistband of his trunks. He immediately reached for her hand and grabbed it.

"I have my match," he repeated, and she rolled her eyes.

"Not for another half hour…" she breathed as she went to kiss his neck, but he pulled away.

"Stephanie, I can't," he said, and there was a momentary look of surprise on her face, before it was replaced with that familiar McMahon anger.

"What the fuck do you mean, you can't?" she asked in disbelief, letting one hand trail down his chiseled chest. Hunter closed his eyes at her touch, the touch that was almost single-handedly arousing him…

Stephanie scowled when he removed her hand from him. She wasn't one who was rejected often, in fact, she couldn't remember the last time she'd been turned down. It was new territory… and she didn't like it.

"My match, Steph," Hunter said as he took a deep breath, trying to sober up from Stephanie's touch. She licked her lips and looked at him curiously.

"That's never stopped us before…" she said as she went to step up to him, but he sighed.

"Steph, stop, not tonight," he argued, and there was a flash of anger in her eyes at this.

"Hunter Hearst Helmsley," she said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "I got you out of your title shot tonight, and if you don't give me something back and perform your duties as my boyfriend by fucking me right now, then I'm just gonna have to find someone who will," she said with a smile, before looking down and pulling up her bra a bit.

"What?" he exclaimed, scoffing in disbelief. "Yeah right, you wouldn't cheat on me."

She raised an eyebrow, slightly amused. "Hunter, Hunter, Hunter… sweetie, I have needs, and I'm not going to wait on you. If you don't take care of me, then I have no choice but get taken care of elsewhere."

"Whatever," he laughed as he turned and walked towards the door. Stephanie bit her bottom lip angrily as she watched him, but she kept her mouth shut. She wanted the status that came with being his girlfriend, because he was the champion. That's all there was to it. She didn't really give a fuck about him, it was more about that piece of gold that came attached to him. He was just her key to getting more power…

Even though she knew she was blatantly using him, she didn't care. She knew they would one day come to a crashing end, and she expected it. After all, she'd never been one for commitment…

Meanwhile, Chris had just been informed that he was going to face Kane for the third time in as many nights. The first time had been enough to annoy him. The second time had been enough to offend him. But the third had just about pissed him the hell off. He was going to get to the bottom of whatever it was conspiring against him in the damn company.

And since Vince had stepped out, there was only one other person that he could go see…

He stalked down the hallway before ending up in front of Stephanie's dressing room that she shared with Hunter. He was thankful that Hunter's match was going on though and that he wouldn't have to see that man. Stephanie was nothing he couldn't handle.

In a move he'd one day regret, he didn't knock and pushed the door open to the room. Stephanie was laying on the sofa watching TV, and his angry tirade died at his lips when he saw that she wasn't in a shirt…

She looked over, half expecting it to be Hunter so they could finish what they started. She was more than a little surprised to see Chris Jericho standing at the door. Even more surprising was the way he was almost shamelessly staring at her…

"I do believe I feel violated," she droned even though she didn't even make a move to cover herself up. "You like what you see, Chris?"

He popped a bubble with his gum, getting over the initial shock of seeing her without that much clothing as he gave her a cool look.

"I've seen better," he said with a smirk, and she slowly pushed herself up so she was sitting.

"Is that so?" she asked, before pushing herself off the sofa and slowly walking over to him, her head tilted to one side. "I find that hard to believe."

"Believe it," he smoothly answered, intrigued by the look in her eyes.

"I've heard about you, Chris Jericho," she purred as she stepped up to him.

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah," she said as she reached up to his face. He didn't pull back nor did he flinch when she started trailing his jaw line with one finger, instead a smirk coming to his lips.

"Don't tempt me Stephanie," he warned, and she laughed.

"Tempt you to what? Fuck me like you fuck everyone else?" she said, smirking at the look that came on his face. "Yeah, I've heard about you all right…"

"I can't help that I'm hot," he said arrogantly, and her smirk grew as she reached to him and trailed a finger down his chest, in the same way she had done to Hunter not so long ago.

"Hunter didn't want me tonight," she said in a calm, almost dull voice, but there was a glint of something in her eyes that kept him rooted to the spot. He raised an eyebrow at her claim.

"Well, he's a jackass," he said with a shrug. "He obviously doesn't know how much you care…"

Stephanie threw her head back and laughed at that. "Care? Chris, I don't give a fuck about him."

He looked at her curiously. "You don't?"

"No, I never have."

"Then why are you…" he started, before she leaned in close to his lips, making his voice trail off as his eyes dropped to her lips. There was something about her, an edge about her, that was drawing him to her.

"With him?" she finished for him, dangerously close to him… "Power," she said with a shrug. "Status… take your pick."

"If you don't back up from me, I'm going to have to throw you against the wall and give you the fuck of your life," he said in a low tone, and she raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she studied his blue eyes. She noticed that there was something different in his eyes, a cool edge about them that had never been there before. Even when they were business partners, she had never seen that edge… it was intriguing.

Reaching around him, she shoved the door closed before locking it. He watched her silently as she walked around him slowly, trailing her fingers lightly on his shoulders.

"Bold words," she said with a smirk, before coming to stand in front of him again. His eyes immediately went down to her breasts, and he licked his lips when they did. Stephanie was legitimately surprised by his blatant scrutiny of her, before she reached up to his face and lifted his head so he was making eye contact with her. "I think we could help each other a bit, Chris…"

"Yeah?" he asked, not sure what she wanted, but getting slightly flustered by all her touching. She nodded innocently, but that look in her eyes was far from innocent.

"Oh yeah," she said, smirking as she leaned in and teased him with another kiss. "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?" she threw in, wondering if he was really that bold...

She didn't have to wonder much longer as he growled and leaned in the rest of the way, hating the way she was teasing him. He was the one who did the teasing, not anyone to him, and he proved it by capturing her lips in a hot kiss. Her shock lent itself to anger, and she was getting ready to kick him in the balls when he deepened the kiss and pulled her tighter against her. His kiss was sweet, sweet and addicting, and she forgot her anger as she wrapped her arms around him. What had started as a game soon had them falling onto her sofa together as their hot breaths mixed together.

Neither cared how they had ended up undressing the other at lightning speed. After all, neither one expected it to ever happen again… she just wanted to get back at a man she didn't care about, and he wasn't about to deny her gorgeous body...

And that was how it all began.