Title says it all. I was thinking of a part in Super Troopers and thought about the little abandoned kitten my friend and I found. It had orange fur and we named it Milo from a kid movie. Then, I renamed it Ed from Full Metal Alchemist. Then, I thought about it more, and renamed it Ari from Okage Shadow King.

Thus... also how this story came to be.

Pairings: Stan/Ari/Epros (chaos included)

Disclamer: Okage Shadow King is not mine. If it was though I would have Stan/Ari soo at the end of the game XD;

Ari sighed and looked up from what he was reading to look at the Evil King and Hero argue. Stan had finally gotten his powers back and was not a shadow anymore. This gave Rosalyn a chance to try and defeat him and turn her shadow back to its original color. Rosalyn was currently pointing the Rapier at Stan and Stan was mouthing off insults. Ari sighed and turned back to his book. Even though the adventure ended, the group often got back together to see how the others were doing. Epros and Linda were talking to Big Bull while Kilsing was not in the room. He was probably talking to Ari's dad about toenails. The Princess was not there either. She left about three months ago, saying that she wanted to see the rest of the world. She also had given Ari back the music box. This gave Ari another chance to give the red music box to someone he loved.

Ari sighed again before putting the book away. It was no use to try and read while Stan and Rosalyn were fighting. He stood from his spot and walked over to Epros, Linda, and Big Bull. They talked for a bit before leaving the room, leaving Stan and Rosalyn alone in the room.

--Three hours later--

Stan and Rosalyn were still fighting. Epros was teaching Ari how to play a one player card game while Linda was going over her new lyrics with Big Bull. Kilsing was still talking with Ari's dad about toenails. The group was in the kitchen with Anne and Ari's mom, who was making dinner. Everybody stopped what they were doing when a loud crash was heard, followed by lots of curses and the sound of a thud. Everybody looked at the ceiling before all pointing to Big Bull.

"It's your turn!"

Big Bull looked uneasily at the ceiling before standing up and going upstairs. The rest sat there quietly before they heard the sounds of feet coming down the stairs. Big Bull came in the room first, followed by Rosalyn and then Stan. Both Rosalyn and Stan had at least one black eye and lots of cuts, scratches, and ripped clothing. They both were glaring daggers at each other before Anne went up to Rosalyn and asked her if she was okay. Soon the two girls were in a long conversation about their shadows and girl stuff. Stan huffed before sitting down next to Ari and watching him play the card game.

Soon everything went back to normal.

After awhile, they all ate the meal Ari's mom made and after word played a card game. Stan won five rounds, but was caught cheating after the sixth round. Ari won the seventh game and Linda won the eighth. Epros and Stan had a draw on the ninth one and on the tenth one Ari won again. Rosalyn would have won the eleventh one but Stan drew the card he needed and won, making him and Rosalyn get into another fight. Ari was caught in the middle of it and ended up with a black eye from Rosalyn.

After Ari got an ice pack for his eye and Rosalyn apologized, the group went their own ways for before the day ended. Rosalyn went with Anne to town, Big Bull and Linda went to the lake, Epros went somewhere on his own he didn't tell anyone where he was going, and Stan and Ari stayed at the house. Ari went back to reading his book while Stan read over his shoulder. It was quiet for a while before Stan sighed and plopped down on Ari's bed.

"Ari, I'm bored. Entertain me." Ari looked up from his book to give his former "master" a strange look. That was a strange thing for Stan to say. He never ever asked Ari to for anything unless it was to find the fake Evil Kings or if it was a random question before a battle.

But he was never asked this.

Ari blinked at Stan before setting his book down.

"Entertain you? What do you want me to do?" Stan opened one eye before smirking. Ari rolled his eyes before picking up his book. "I'm not going to entertain you..." Stan made almost a whimper like noise before rolling off the bed and walking over to the window. He stared out it before fixing his gaze on Ari's reflection in the window, silently watching before something else caught his eye. Soon, the silence was once again broken.

"That princess gave you back the music box." Ari looked up from his book to glance over at the red box. He stared at it for awhile before returning his gaze to the book.

"Yeah... She said that she wasn't the one for me and that I could find someone else..." Stan watched his former slave in the window before turning to walk over to the desk which the music box was on. He carefully picked it up and opened it, letting the box play it's strange melody. Ari looked up from his reading to meet Stan's golden gaze. As Ari stared at Stan, he could feel his cheeks heat up. The two stared at each other before the door burst open.

"Ari! Mom wants to know if you want pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast." Ari blinked at his sister before replying shakily.

"Uh... Yeah, it's fine with me..." Anne looked at her brother and then Stan then looked back to Ari.

"Ari, why is your face red?" Ari blinked before covering his face with his hands, trying to cover up the deeper blush that was appearing.

"Um... I... I... I'm going to go see what Grandma and Grandpa are doing." With what, Ari rushed out of the room. Anne blinked before looking over at Stan.

"Is he okay?" Stan smiled before looking down at the still playing music box.

"He's perfectly fine." He replied, putting the box down. He then looked back up at Anne. "Shouldn't you be doing something besides bothering me, girl." Anne glared at him before walking out of the room, closing the door after her. Stan shook his head before picking up the music box again. He then rewound the box and sat it back down on the dresser, having the lid open to let it play. Stan then sat down on the chair Ari was sitting on and closed his eyes. As he listened, the owner of the music box came into his mind. Stan smiled as he though back to when he first met the boy. Ari was quite over shadowed, and a quiet boy. Stan could barely get any words out of him unless he was included into the conversation. Days and days during the journey, Stan saw progress in his little slave and he became less and less over shadowed. He also had many friends and the princess to look after him. Thinking back to the princess brat, Stan could never understand why he always felt strange when she was always around Ari. He always thought it was because Ari was his slave, not hers'. But he soon figured it out through all the fortunetellers that he was in love with Ari. He denied it at first, but now he welcomes it with open arms.

Stan slowly opened his eyes and glanced over at the still music box. It had ended it's song and silence filled the room. Stan stared at the box before sighing and standing up. He then gently closed the lid and fingered the golden carvings and the small decorations. He then slowly pulled away from it and allowed himself to walk away from it. He then made his way out the door and down the stares, hoping to find the green-eyed boy that he had just been thinking about.


It was about an hour and a half when the group was back at the house. Linda was showing Ari her newest song and Epros was visiting with Anne and Big Bull. Kilsing was actually there in the same room with them, but he was still talking to Ari's dad about toenails. Stan and Rosalyn were having a staring contest from the opposite sides of the room, glaring at each other. This went on for awhile before everybody decided to go to bed.

Rosalyn and Linda were sharing a room with Anne, Kilsing and Big Bull were sharing a room together in one of the guest rooms, and Ari, Stan, and Epros were all sharing Ari's room. Everybody was saying good night to each other and going into their rooms. Ari was changing into his pajamas when he heard an argument between Stan and Epros. Sighing, Ari shook his head since he knew what the argument was about.

"I should get the bed! I am the Evil King!" Stan's voice.

"But thy always gets the bed when we visit Ari." Epros' voice.

"So? I am more superior to you, fake evil king!"

Ari rolled his eyes and slowly walked out of his closet where he was changing in. The two demons were glaring daggers at each other, both never seeming to hear Ari walk in. Ari stared at them for awhile before plopping down on his bed, too tired to try and stop the fight. As soon as he was adjusted on the bed and comfortable, he closed his eyes and instantly fell asleep.

Epros and Stan were still arguing when Stan noticed that Ari was sleeping already. Both not wanting to wake him up, they came to a quick sleeping agreement. Stan would sleep in Ari's shadow, since Stan could still do that, and Epros would sleep in the bed. As soon as Stan was in the Ari's shadow, Epros turned off the lights. He then crawled into the extra bed that was in the room and laid there. He wasn't very tired and wanted to think things over. He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before sitting up to stare out the window. The stars and moon were shining very brightly, it's light casting small shadows in the room. Epros watched some of these shadows and soon found himself staring at the red head across the room. The red eyed phantom stared at Ari with longing. He wanted to tell the boy his feelings, but knew that Stan would probably beat him too it. His eyes narrowed when he thought of Stan. Thinking of this made him mad and he became mad at himself for not telling Ari his feelings. When he first met Ari he had a crush on him. Back then Stan also had a crush on Ari, but it didn't show as much. Now, after their adventures, almost everybody knew Stan liked Ari.

Well... Almost everybody.

Ari didn't notice at first, but was now starting to notice. Rosalyn noticed right away after the journey, making her want to protect Ari more from him. Linda thought it was just a normal little crush thing that would fade away. Both Kilsing and Big Bull had no idea what was going on. Epros was the only one who had noticed Stan's growing liking during the journey. Now the more Epros thought about it, he decided that the princess also knew. It was probably the reason to why she left.

Epros sighed and closed his eyes. He was finally becoming sleepy from all of his thoughts. He lay back down and rolled over to his side so he was facing the wall. He knew he was going to be dreaming of Ari this night, as he always did when they were over at his house. He sighed and closed his eyes, allowing himself to fall into the shadows of dreams.

As soon as Epros was asleep, he was not able to see two shadow like arms come out from the shadows. They carefully readjusted Ari's blankets, so he was warmer. They then disappeared back into the shadows. Soon the room was silent and still, only sounds were from the deep breathing of the sleeping dreamers.

To be continued.

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