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Ari gazed up at the night sky, ready for something to happen. Seeing nothing, he risked looking behind him to his friends. They were all scattered about the field, Rosalyn, Annie, and Linda in a group together, while Kisling and Big Bull were in another. Stan and Epros were nowhere to be found.

A frown came over Ari's features before looking up at the sky, patiently waiting for something to happen. Behind him, he listened to Kisling explaining to Big Bull about the constellations and the shower that was suppose to happening right now. Annie had been talking about it all week, but it was only this morning that Ari really heard anything about it. Though, no one could blame him for not paying attention. Thinking back, Ari replayed his life as a cat. It was quite different, but exciting. His senses heightened, the littlest movement sending thrills of chase through is furry body, and the joys of being curled between two equally furried bodies.

Having his mind brought back to Stan and Epros, the green-eyed boy looked around again. Still, there was no sight of the Demon King and the Phantom.

Shoulders slumped, Ari made to stand when tanned hands grasped him. Gasping, Ari soon found himself swept up into the air and in the arms of the Evil King Stan. Ari glared, but only provoked a deep laugh from Stan. He was soon cut off by Rosalyn, who threatened to stab him in places that would be very uncomfortable. Growling, Stan set his slave back on his feet.

Once standing upright did he notice Epros, who had silently come with Stan. He gave Ari a sweet smile, and kissed him on the cheek. Not one to be out done, Stan also placed a quick peck to Ari's other cheek. Embarrassed by their openness and the stares they were getting, Ari quickly hid his face in his hands and sat down. A soft chuckle was heard before strong arms rewrapped themselves around the red-head. Looking up, Ari found himself sandwiched between his two lovers (did he dare call them that?), both having loving expressions on their faces.

Attention drawn to his lovers, he almost didn't see the start of the star shower.

Stars fell around the group of friends, resembling dancing fairies. Awes and oohs came forth, everyone in bliss at what they saw. The sight was so enjoyable, but Ari soon found that his neck was being strained in his position.

The angle must have hurt Stan's neck, too, for he flung himself down, pulling both Ari and Epros with him. This earned him a glare from the phantom, and a giggle from his slave. They fell silent, watching the stars as they fell away from their comrades. As the lovers lay there, Ari was once reminded of their time as cats, curled up on the bed and using their body heat as warm. He smiled, giving a content purr.

He knew, that he was a fortunate boy to have not one, but two people to love.


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