Warriors: Rise of Three

Chapter 8

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Are you going to have kits?

Why do you care?

Would anyone care if she told?

Rosepaw saw Sootfur sitting by the camp entrance. All she could do was smile at him. He was so kind to her, always sticking with her when her father died, when her mother became a shell. How could she tell him she was going to have kits? How could she tell anyone? He'd be an outcast, a reject. She couldn't crush him like that.

"Rosepaw!" Sootfur ran to her and licked her affectionately on the head. She smiled slightly at their normal greeting. His eyes were always she bright when they were together. Forget the strange cat from her dream. He didn't cloud her mind when she made decisions. He made her stronger.


She could never tell him. With that, she nodded sadly and walked slowly away from him, leaving him standing alone and confused. It was better than shame.

I can't believe I'm doing this

"So… you need us to get your revenge?"

"No, my mother's. My father's. I need to take down ThunderClan for not helping her, then WindClan for not helping him. I need to make a difference for both of them."

"Are you sure? We take no prisoners."

"Don't kill! Hurt them, not kill them. Give them scars to remember their horrible mistakes by. Leave my family alone, though. Don't touch kits, queens or elders."

"When do we strike?"

"Tonight. When they return from the Gathering."

(a/n: I shall skip the Gathering. We need to end this story now… before I get bored of it…)

"FIRESTAR!" yowled a strong voice. This was it. Revenge.

The orange tom looked twoard the thorn entrance to ThunderClan camp. A pale she-cat stood proudly at the entrance, eyes blazing with fury and vengeance.

"It's time you realize your wrongs!" Loners poured into the camp from all directions, striking the first warrior they saw, ignoring the screaming queens begging them to leave their grown kits alone. Rosepaw didn't care; this was her moment. She foughts through the crowd to find her leader staring anxiously around.

"Rosepaw!" he hissed angrily, his eyes shining with worry for his Clan.

"Enough talk! I will avenge my mother and father!"

She lept nimbly in the air, slamming onto the ground right before she hit him, diving under his standing body. He rolled away before she could strike, slashing at her leg. A hit!

"Should've listened to Dustpelt more, Rosepaw!"

"Shut up!"

She slashed wildly. Forget training! Forget that he was her kin and that she wasn't supposed to kill him! He deserved no mercy from her! When she finally looked upon him, tears streaming down her face, he had scars and tears equal in length to her own. No, don't pity him! FIGHT!

She felt claws rake down her back!


No, how could he? It was her brother!


Rosepaw struck him viciously before running across the clearing away from her family. She made her point. WindClan was the one who needed to be destroyed! They killed her father!

"Retreat to WindClan!" she called. Suddenly, three ThunderClan warriors grabbed her midrun, pulling her towards the middle of camp. The loners left, gone to fight WindClan.


She needed to save her. They needed to let her go!

"Rosepaw! You have lead an attack on your own Clan, attacked your leader, your brother, and disgraced the whole Clan! ThunderClan can no longer be your home!" Firestar yowled as he approached her, "Leave!"


She looked at Shadowtail…


She turned to Winterstream, looking in her eyes as she did with Shadowtail…


Her mother was out of her den! She had avenged her honor!

Shame? She was ashamed of her?



His eyes told the story…

Love, heartbreak…

I didn't mean to…

I'm sorry…

"Sootfur!" She broke away from the cats who guarded her and approached him.

"Why did you do this, Rosepaw? We were… we going to have a life… together… but you…"

"I had to. I had to show Firestar that just because we're forbidden, it doesn't mean we aren't strong."

"I knew you were strong…"

"The forest needs to know it, Sootfur."

"I'm coming with you…"


"No! Sootfur, no. You stay here, become leader, restore honor to the Clan and my family, and then we can have that life together. I'll come back, but in thie meantime, become the warrior I always wished I could become."

Sootfur nodded, holding back his diminished hopes.

"I'll come back. I will. Then, we can have our life together…"

Then, no one will doubt my strength…

Feathertail looked around the distraught camp, bending over their hurt Clan mates as she single-handedly fought the biggest cat she had ever seen.

No one will doubt that I can't live up to my name…

No one will doubt that I'm strong even though I'm the youngest medicine cat in years…

No one will doubt my loyalty because of my family…

We chose our own paths…

Now choose yours…

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