A Creature of Twilight

By Monkey Kix Ass

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Story So Far: Sunako and the guys are preparing for Sunako's sister's arrival…

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Chapter 2: Anri Nakahara

Outside, the rain was still pouring, but now it fell down by the bucket-full. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. At the doorway stood the silhouette of…

Nakahara Mansion

"Nee-chan!" Sunako cried out, as she rushed to embrace her older sister.

"Imotou-chan," the figure replied back and accepted the warm hug. The person was in chibi form, and looked a great deal like Sunako does in her chibi form. They were the practically the same height, though Anri was a bit taller, same long raven black hair, except that instead of straight bangs, Anri had side swept bangs that went from the left side to the right, and they both had a weird aurora around them, though Sunako's was darker than her sister's. To be honest, the sister didn't really look that bad, she was actually cute in a weird, small chibi thing kind of way. The boys couldn't really tell how old she was, but they were guessing that she was in her twenties.

"Come inside! You'll freeze if you stay outside. Here, give me your coat. Lets go eat now. I made all of your favorite dishes," Sunako rambled excitedly.

The boys looked at her weirdly. She had never acted this way before. If they didn't know better, they would have sworn that she was acting…giddy. The boys looked at each other before shaking their heads. Sunako couldn't be giddy, that just wouldn't be her.

"That sounds great Sunako-chan," Anri said. She then turned her attention towards the boys. "You four, take my luggage to my room. Make sure you don't drop it and break anything inside"

"What?" Kyohei exclaimed in outrage. "Why do we have to do that?"

"Kyohei," Takenaga said disapprovingly, "this is not how you welcome our guest."

"That's right Kyo-kun" Yuki agreed.

"Besides," Anri spoke up, "auntie left the running of this house to me, so that means the price of your rent is under the power of my whim. Now unless you want your rent to be tripled, I suggest that you do as I say."

The boys all stared at the person in front of them in horror. Triple their rent? That's cruel and unusual punishment!

Sunako snickered. 'That suits them just right. But sissy is being too nice to them. She should quadruple their rent!' Sunako thought sadistically.

"Don't worry nee-chan, I'll get to it right away," Yuki said, rushing to do Anri's bidding.

"What ever your wish is our command," Ranmaru included as he, Takenaga and Kyohei also rushed towards Anri's baggages.

When all four tried to pick up the valise, they all toppled over at the sheer weight of the bags.

"What on earth are in these things?" Ranmaru exclaimed.

"They weigh at least a ton!" Yuki added.

"How can girls pack so much?" Takenaga joined in.

"What much crap do girls need to carry around with them?" Kyohei shouted.

The boys felt a shiver running down their spine. When they turned, they all saw Anri and Sunako glaring at them. If looks could kill, they would all be dead at that moment.

"You three are off the hook," Anri said in a low voice. She pointed her finger at Kyohei. "I want him to carry all of my luggage."

The three other boys let out a sigh of relief while Kyohei ranted. "What! Why me? Why do they get to be off the hook? How am I supposed to carry all of these things into the house?"

"One, because you have given me nothing but extremely bad first impressions," Anri replied smoothly. "Two, your giving me a big headache." To emphasize her point, Anri began to rub her temples. "And three, Sunako-chan said that you have been extremely mean to her recently."

Kyohei tried to think of a comeback for her statements, but eventually just bowed his head in defeat. 'Great, now there is going to be another one that breathes down my back.' It wasn't helping any that his so-called friends were laughing at his expense.

"Don't worry Kyo," Takenaga said after a few seconds, "we'll sniker help you laugh carry those inside."

Yuki and Ranmaru could not stop themselves from laughing, but they were able to manage slight nods.

"Suit yourselves," Anri said uncaringly.

"Come on nee-chan. Lets go inside already," Sunako said impatiently.

"Alright imotou-chan," Anri agreed, and was led inside. Unfortunately, a few steps into the living room, Anri collapsed, the only thing that prevented her from hitting the cold hard ground was Sunako's arm that was wrapped around her waist.

"Nee-chan, nee-chan!" Sunako cried out in panic, never having seen her older sister collapse before. This really scared Sunako. Since forever as she could remember, her sissy had always been very strong, always being there for her when she most needed it. Even while sick, her sister could put up a great fight. Anri once even beat up a bully while she had a fever. Seeing her sissy in this weak and helpless state really shook Sunako to the core.

Hearing Sunako's cries, the boys rushed inside to see what all of the commotion was about. In the living room, they saw Sunako on her knees, bending over her sister, who appeared to be out cold on the floor.

"Nee-chan, this isn't funny. Please wake up!" Sunako cried out desperately. She was shaking her sissy's shoulder violently, trying to get a response form the young woman who was lying extremely still on the floor. Sunako was really freaking out. Her sister was not responding to her, and she felt as cold as an ice cube.

The boys could only stare at the pair. Neither sisters were in their chibi forms any longer. They were in their natural form, and to put it simply, they were both breathtaking. Both girls had long slim legs. From their positions, it was hard to tell how tall they were, but it could be assumed that they were of decent average height. They were curvy in the right places, and their pale complexion contrasted greatly with their dark hair. The boys had never seen Sunako look so beautiful, graceful or ladylike, if one was able to ignore the sheer terror and worry that was apparent upon her face.

Yuki and Takenaga both were not able to believe that Sunako could look like such an angel when she was worried about someone very important to her.

Ranmaru, being Ranmaru, could not believe how beautiful Anri was, and was contemplating ways of seducing her. (Quite typical of him really to think so much about himself. Lol.)

Kyohei was the most affected by Sunako's change of appearance, especially when he saw tears running down her porcelain cheek.


At the sound of Sunako's frantic shout, the boys were shaken out of their semi-trance and rushed to their side. Kyohei pulled Sunako away from her sister and held her in his arms. She clung to him and sobbed on his shoulder. Kyo felt a tightening in his chest as she continued to cry, and he felt kind of helpless since he didn't know how to comfort her. He just squeezed her tighter and started to whisper some nonsense in her ear, hoping to make her stop crying.

Yuki also kneeled beside Sunako, and tried to help sooth her, but he wasn't having any success either.

Ranmaru knelt next down by Anri, and had placed her head on his lap, waiting patiently while Takenaga examined her, who knelt on her other side.

Takenaga looked at Anri carefully. Though he was not expert, from all of the medical books that he had read, he would guess that Anri had just collapsed from exhaustion. The woman probably was not sleeping well and not taking care of herself, therefore catching a cold. Though her hands were freezing, the warmth forming on her forehead would suggest that she is starting to build up a slight fever. A little bit of bed rest and some over the counter medication should do the job just fine.

Takenaga sighed and turned towards Sunako. "You're sister is find Sunako-chan. From what I can tell, she just fainted because she did not get enough sleep. She also caught a cold and has a small fever, but other than that she's just fine, nothing life threatening."

"But…but her ha…hand was free…freezing cold," Sunako managed to get out.

"Sunako-chan, it's probably just because she was outside for a while. It was freezing out there, so it wouldn't be a surprise that her hand is cold," Yuki said comfortably.

"Now why don't we just get your sister into bed and let her sleep," Ranmaru said, as he began to pick up Anri into his arms.

In a flash, Sunako had shoved him away. She held her sister protectively in her hands and hissed at Ranmaru, with billowing hair, white shining pupils, long sharp fangs, long fingernails and all.

"Get away from my nee-chan. I'm not letting you touch her, you pervert. I won't let you pollute her with your sparkliness, you creatures of light. She must recuperate in the dark," Sunako said, before she herself lifted up her sister and rushed to her bedroom. The boys could hear her slam her door shut, and the click that followed probably signified that she had locked the door.

Takenaga, Kyohei and Yuki sent glares at Ranmaru, who sweat dropped and tried to scoot away from his friends.

"Hey guys, so what do we do now?" Ranmaru said casually, trying to break the tension in the room.

"You," Kyohei said.

"How could you Ranmaru?" Yuki accused.

"You should have known better than to think those dirty thoughts of yours," Takenaga chastised him. "You know that she is aware every time you think about something dirty like that. Are you insane to think about that towards her sister?"

Ranmaru could only smile cheesily. "But come on guys. You have to admit that her sister is quite a looker. How could you be so mean as to not allow me to get better acquainted with dear Anri-chan, especially since we are going to have such a close relationship with her so soon?"

"For one, she's Sunako's sister," Kyohei said, "and you yourself saw their resemblance. If she doesn't kill you herself with her superhuman strength, which I'm sure she has also, Sunako will gladly kill you with her own two hands."

Ranmaru froze at that though and began to whimper at the thought. Yuki was enjoying Ranmaru's fear though, and continued to describe in his own innocent way how many ways Sunako could torture Ranmaru, making Ranmaru sweat even more.

Takenaga could only shake his heads at Yuki's antics. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kyohei getting up. "Where are you going Kyo-kun?"

Kyohei looked at Takenaga as if it was the most obvious thing on earth. "To the kitchen of course. I'm starving."

With that Kyohei left the other boys in the living room and made his way to the food that was left in the kitchen. Takenaga stared after Kyohei for a while before banging his head on the ground. 'Why on earth am I surrounded by idiots!'

­­­­­­­­­Sunako's room; next morning

Anri slowly woke up and opened her eyes. The first thing that she noticed was that the room she was in was dark, but she could see some sunlight fighting to make it's way into the room through the little cracks in the curtains. She assumed she was Sunako's room and began to yawn and stretch. It was only then that she registered a slight weight on her shoulder.

When she looked down, she saw her dozing sister, who was clinging onto her. Anri also noticed that their feet were intertwined. When she tried to pry herself away from her sister, Sunako only held on tighter and let out a slight whimper. Anri stopped her action and relaxed back onto the bed, holding her sister more firmly in comfort.

The position that they were in brought back a sense of déjà vu back to Anri. In the past, whenever Sunako had any problems and could not sleep, her little sister would always sneak into her room and crawl into her bed. Sunako would never go to sleep unless Anri acknowledged her presence and hugged her in reassurance.

Thinking about it brought a sad smile onto Anri's face. It had been a long time since the two sisters have seen each other. The last time that they had been like this was when Anri was still at home and Sunako was still in middle school. Anri remembered how sad her little sister had been because of that incident with that boy.

Anri sighed. How many times since then has her sister needed her to be comforted? Is it because of her absence that Sunako had turned towards the darkness for comfort? Anri knew very well how Sunako had progressed through the years, but she had at first believed that the darkness was just a phase, as it had been for her. Anri had thought that by now Sunako would have gotten over this, but Sunako hasn't yet.

Anri hugged her little sister tighter. "Don't worry imotou-chan," Anri whispered, "sissy is here now."

Anri felt Sunako cuddle closer to her, but she failed to see the single tear that rolled down Sunako's cheek.

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