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"Everyone! Calm down and stop screaming!" Harry yelled over the chaos of screaming students in the Great Hall. No one heard him, however. He looked over to Ron and Hermione, who was standing with a group of seventh year Gryffindors and all of the prefects. Being Head Boy, he knew he should be with them, trying to help them come up with a plan in case the Death Eaters got inside the castle. But he also knew that the students should be kept calm and quiet, so as to be able to hear and obey any instructions given to them.

Sighing, he pointed his wand at his throat and whispered sonorous. When he spoke again, his voice went through the Hall and could be heard from all corners.

"Quiet!" The students all quit yelling and looked at him. Nodding with satisfaction, he pointed his wand to his throat and murmured quietus. He spoke in his normal voice, though loud enough for them all to hear.

"Listen. We have to stay calm. You need to be able to hear us in case we have something important to say. I want you to sit down and stay quiet." he watched as they went and sat in groups. None of the groups had members of different houses, though, and Harry felt a touch of anger, but he kept his voice calm when he spoke again. "For the past few years, the sorting hat has told us that in order to defeat Voldemort," a shiver went through the room, "we have to stand together. We cannot fight alone, we need help from the other houses. Each house has its strengths and weaknesses. Fighting separately, they will win. If we join together, though, one houses strength could help another's weakness.

"We need a plan. Something to help us in case the Death Eaters get into the school. If anyone, I don't care if they're in Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, has any ideas, then come tell us."

He walked over to the group that still stood together. Ron was staring at him in shock, not able to believe that Harry had told the Slytherins that their help was welcomed. Hermione was smiling at him approvingly.

"Have you thought of anything yet?"

Hermione was about to speak, but Seamus got to it first and said loud enough for the whole Great Hall to hear. "Yes! Everyone's going to strip down and we'll have one big orgy!"

The soft chatter that had been going on between the students ceased and everybody stared at him in horror. All was silent for a few minutes before someone spoke from behind Harry.

"Though that delightful idea of yours would have the reaction we need, Finnegan, I don't think it would work."

Seamus gasped indignantly. "And I suppose you have a better idea?"

"Actually, I do."

Harry felt Ron tense up beside him and saw Seamus start to walk once to the speaker. Not wanting a riot to start, Harry shot a look at both boys before turning around. Standing there, and looking as though he owned the world, was Blaise Zabini. The dark haired boy was smirking as he looked Seamus up and down.

"What's your plan?" Harry asked.

"Harry! Are you really…"

"Be quiet Ron. I meant what I said. Ideas are welcomed, no matter what house they come from. If we don't try to get along with the Slytherins, then no one else will try to make any attempts." His eyes had never left Blaise's. "So, Zabini, what's your plan?"

Blaise smiled slightly, but it couldn't be seem because of the smirk. "Weasley dresses up like a girl. It'll disgust them so badly that they'll be to shocked to attack, giving everyone enough time to escape."

"You've got to be kidding, Zabini!" Ron yelled. "I didn't think anyone was worse then Malfoy, but I was wrong!"

"Thank you."

Ron glared at him, then turned to Harry. "See what happens when you tell Slytherins that they can help? They try to get everyone else killed!"

"Chill out, Strawberry," Blaise said. "I was kidding."

"Did you just call me Strawberry?"

"Yes. Take it as a name of endearment, I like strawberries."

Before Ron could say anything back, Seamus spoke. "Wow! You do look like a strawberry. A big, red, juicy, delicious strawberry that I would love to sink my teeth into." He was silent for a moment, then, "Can we please have an orgy!"

"Tell you what, Finnegan," Blaise said. "If we live through this, I'll give you a whole night of pleasure…but just the two of us."

"Really?" Seamus asked, smiling like he was about to be given an early birthday present.

"No." He looked back at Harry. "We'll need to get the younger students out of here. It might be best if they were to go to the Room of Requirement, since most people don't know about it. Two of the prefects could lead them there. As for the older ones, it would be helpful if some of them were to stay here and help hold off anyone who breaks in."

Harry thought it through for a moment. They'd be going against McGonagall's orders by leaving, but it was their best chance of the students surviving the attack. He nodded. "Alright. The professors won't be happy about this, though."

"What!" Ron yelled. "You're actually going to do this? He's a bloody Slytherin and Malfoy's best friend! He could be leading us into a trap!"

Harry turned to Ron. "I know that, but at the moment, it's our only option. I'm sorry, but we'll have to trust him."

"Speak for yourself. The day I trust a Slytherin is the day I die."

Harry looked at him sadly before turning to the Hufflepuff prefects. After I speak to them, I want you to lead them to the Room of Requirement." He took the Marauders map from his back pocket and handed it to one of them, explaining how to use it. "You two will be in charge of the students. Keep them together and make sure they stay calm. After this is over, give the map to me, Ron, or Hermione."

"Yes, sir," the boy said, causing Harry to raise an eyebrow at him. "You're our leader, and all leaders deserve respect," he explained. Harry seemed taken aback by this, but quickly recovered.

Harry went to stand in front of the students, the group, including Blaise, following him. He saw that all eyes were on him, each student expecting him to know what to do. "The Hufflepuff prefects will lead you to the Room of Requirement. You're to stay together and stay calm. If you have any questions or concerns, approach them, hopefully they'll be able to answer them. I need to ask if any sixth or seventh years will volunteer to stay here with the rest of us to make sure that the Death Eaters do not get close to the other students. Those who want to stay, only out of the sixth and seventh years, stay put while the others leave." He nodded to the two prefects who lead the students out.

Once they were gone, Harry stood there in surprise. He had only expected one or two, if any, students to stay. Instead, there were four Slytherins, not counting Blaise, three Hufflepuffs, six Ravenclaws, and all of the Gryffindors. He smiled at them. "Thank you for staying. I'm not sure whether or not the Death Eaters will make it into the castle or not, but it's better safe than sorry. Hopefully, the professors and Aurors will be able to stop them outside. In the case that we do have to fight, I want you to be careful. Don't go in recklessly, wanting revenge for family or friends. You need to have a clear head. Do not act irrationally. I've done this countless times, and it never pays off. If they taunt you, ignore it. Remember that you're best chance at winning is by keeping calm. If you let your anger get the better of you, it clouds your mind and your more likely to make mistakes. I also want you to help each other, no matter what house your in and they're in. We need to work together and trust each other."

He hoped that they listened to him and took his advise. He'd hate to have any of the students die. He turned to the group that stood behind him. "Now all we have to do is wait."

Seamus grinned. "How about we do something to pass the time?"

"As long as it doesn't involve an orgy," Blaise remarked, causing Seamus to pout.

"I agree," Hermione said. "Seamus, no more mentioning orgies. Maybe we could play some kind of game."

"Boring," that was one of the Slytherins, who was listening in on their conversation. Everybody was.

"It's either that or we study. I brought my potions and transfiguration…"

"Hermione! We're in the middle of a battle!" Ron complained. "Do we have to talk about schoolwork?"

"You still haven't even finished your homework, Ron. It's due tomorrow."

Ron rolled his eyes. "I think I have a good excuse to not have it in."


"Well, I do." He turned to Harry. "I still don't see why we have to accept help from the Slytherins."

"We need as much help as we can get."

"They might be working for Voldemort! Just like Malfoy had!"

"I told you that Malfoy couldn't kill Dumbledore! He might've even ended up working for the Order."

"You need to stop trusting so many people, Harry! Doing so could end up killing you!"

"If I didn't trust so many people, we wouldn't even be friends!"

Before Ron could retort to that, there was a loud bang and the doors to the Great Hall burst open. Standing in the doorway was four Death Eaters who wore masks, Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Voldemort himself. Everyone looked at them in shock, then fear.

Everyone's eyes then went to Harry, as if expecting him to tell them what to do. Harry didn't have time to give out orders, though, since Death Eaters started attacking, throwing spells at the students. A few weren't ready for them and fell to the ground. Others, however, deflected the spells and sent some of their own.

The group behind Harry moved forward to join the fray, one of them bumping his shoulder hard as he passed. Without looking, Harry knew it was Ron. Harry stayed put, his eyes never leaving Voldemort, who stared back at him with hatred.

Seeing that Harry wasn't going to make the first move, Voldemort took a step towards him, ignoring the battle raging around him.

Still, Harry didn't move. From the corner of his eye, he saw Snape and Draco on either side of Blaise, wands out and pointed at the Death Eaters, who stood there in shock, for a moment, that the two turned sides. Across the hall was Ron and Hermione, back to back, throwing spells at the two they were fighting. He was happy to see some of the Gryffindors fighting beside Slytherins, and even a few Slytherins stop Death Eaters from attacking Gryffindors. It looked as though the houses put aside their differences, at least until the end of the battle.

He brought his attention back to Voldemort, who was getting closer. Unlike the other times they fought, Harry wanted Voldemort to come to him. No more would he play heroic and rush in without thinking. No more was he going to let his feelings get the better of him. This time, he was going to keep a clear head, ignoring the things around him, he wouldn't let himself get distracted. If he was going to die to day, he wanted everyone to know it wasn't because he was a foolish Gryffindor who couldn't keep his head on his shoulders.

Finally, Voldemort attacked. Harry dodged the curse by dropping to the floor. Before he even touched the ground, he cast Petrificus Totalus, but Voldemort put up a shield.

In the back of his mind, a voice whispered, You have to fight fire with fire, Potter. He'll be able to block everything else, but he won't expect you to use the Unforgivables. It's the only way.

Harry was startled for a moment. The voice sounded familiar, one that he heard on a daily bases before the year before. Harry looked over at Snape, who went on with the fight. But Harry was sure it was his voice. How am I supposed to do something I've never done before? He thought to himself, not even sure if he was expecting an answer, but he got one.

Feeling sorry for yourself, Potter? That won't do. You need anger…


LISTEN! Do not interrupt. You have to keep a hold of the anger. Now, think of all the things he's done to you, focus and push it all into your wand by visualizing what's happening, then cast the curse. You do the same thing for all three. Don't allow self-pity or any other rubbish into your mind.

Harry refrained from rolling his eyes. Not taking his attention off of Voldemort, he thought of all the times he ruined his life. If it weren't for him, Harry would have a normal life with his parents. He would've been raised by a family that loved him; he would've never been subjected to live with at the Dursley's.

"CRUCIO!" The curse shot out of Harry's wand and hit Voldemort in the chest. A feeling of power rushed through him at the sight of Voldemort falling to the ground and withering in pain. He kept the curse on him for a minute, and then removed it.

He immediately began to think of the other things Voldemort had done: he had taken Ginny into the Chamber of Secrets and had planned on killing her to bring himself to life, he had put his name into the Goblet of Fire, had killed Cedric, he had tricked him into going to the Ministry of Magic, causing Sirius' death, and he had caused Dumbledore's death also.

Before Voldemort had even gotten up off of the ground, Harry yelled, "AVADA KADAVRA!" A flash of green was seen throughout the room and a loud thump as Voldemort's dead body hit the floor. Harry sank to the ground and looked around. Death Eaters were rushing to get out of the school. The bodies of both students and Death Eaters were lying on the floor. Snape was helping Blaise off of the ground and began checking him over. Blaise said something that made Snape let go of him and leave quickly to check on others. Seamus immediately ran to the boy who was leaning against the wall and Harry could clearly hear him say, "Are you sure you don't want to have sex, since we both survived?" Harry couldn't hear what Blaise said, however.

He found Hermione and his blood ran cold. She sat on the floor, her legs crossed, and Ron's head in her lap. Harry ran to them and dropped down beside them. Hermione was crying, so he put his arms around her. He would grieve later, but for now he knew he needed to make sure she was okay.

He noticed Draco sitting on her other side and whispering things to her. He raised his eyebrow at him, but Draco ignored him. Lying in front of them was the body of Lucius Malfoy.


She looked up at him, her eyes red. "Do you want me to carry you to the infirmary? Madam Pomfrey is there and she can give you some dreamless sleep potion."

She nodded and he moved Ron's head from her lap and lifted her up. Draco rose with them.

"You'll need me in case there's more in the corridors," was all he said before leading them out of the Great Hall.

As soon as Hermione was in the infirmary and asleep, Draco tried to speak, but Harry beat him to it. "Don't say anything. I have to go see to something. Will you watch over her?"

Draco looked shocked for a moment, but nodded.


As soon as the door closed behind him, he took off at a run and went to the Gryffindor Tower. He went to his dormitory and threw all of his stuff into his trunk. He shrunk it, grabbed his broom, and left the castle quietly. He flew to Hogsmeade and landed in an alley way where no one could see him. He apperated.


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