Just a minor distraction from "The Long Way Around"

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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Mary was the beginning.

She was the outgoing waitress that a young Marine had left a ten dollar tip for. He had also left a note saying he had an Impala.

She was the love that would transcend death.

She was the one that had thought it would be more romantic to elope and had laughed at her sister's shock when she showed her the ring a week later.

She was the mother of those who would rock the world.

She was the nurturer, the one whose love and compassion would be planted in the souls of her sons, so they would grow into the men they needed to be.

She was the martyr, giving herself with acceptance and without thought, an example closely followed by her oldest.

She was the banner her boys carried into the beginning of every battle.

Mary was the beginning.