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Chapter 1: An Accident

French Narrator: Ah, another beautiful day in ze Bikini Bottom. Where out little friend, SpongeBob, is walking toward his friend's house, Sandy.

"Ah, another great day here," SpongeBob said. He was wearing his water helmet and carried pink flowers with him. Then, he sniffed. "Smell that fresh air."

The porous sponge knocked on Sandy's treedome door.

"Come in!" her voice said from the inside. SpongeBob opened the door and the water drained out. Then, he opened one more door and saw Sandy working on something.

"Hey, Sandy!" greeted SpongeBob.

"Howdy, SpongeBob." greeted Sandy.

"What 'cha working on there?"

"A ghost portal."

"Ooh. Why?"

"Because, I wanna find out what's in the ghost zone?"

"Ghost zone?"

"Where all ghosts live."

"But how come the Flying Dutchman doesn't live in the ghost zone?" SB asked. Sandy shrugged in reply.

"I don't know. SpongeBob, just don't touch the portal. It's not done yet. By the way, these flowers are great."

"Thanks Sandy." replied SpongeBob. He gave her the flowers and Sandy went inside her tree. Then, Patrick came in with his water helmet.

"Hi ya, SpongeBob!" Patrick said.

"Hey Pat!" SquarePants greeted back.

"What's that?" the starfish asked pointing to the ghost portal.

"Sandy's ghost portal. She told me not to go inside. And maybe not you, too."

"Oh, come on SpongeBob! It'll be cool!"

"But Pat, Sandy said that..."

"Don't worry, buddy! She's not here! And besides, aren't you curious what's inside?"

"You know, you're right. Who knows what cool, supernatural exist on the other side of this portal?" SpongeBob finds a white and black jumpsuit with a black 'S' on it and puts it on. "I think you need to wear this."

"SpongeBob, is everything all right?" Sandy asked off-screen.

"Quick, get in, SpongeBob!" Patrick demanded.

"OK, OK!" the yellow sponge walked inside the portal slowly and then accidentally pressed a green button that said 'on'. A flash of light appeared and inside his DNA, it turned green by a little ghost. SpongeBob screamed for his life.

"SpongeBob!" Sandy came out, running. She only saw Patrick. "Patrick, where's SpongeBob?"

"Sandy, before you get upset with me, I..." Patrick stopped as SpongeBob came out from the portal (he was still wearing the jumpsuit), groaning and fell down. Sandy went up to him and felt his water helmet.

"Patrick! SpongeBob's burning up! He has a fever! I told him not to go inside!"

"I wonder who told him that..." Patrick stupidly.

"Oh, come on!" Sandy grabbed Patrick's hand and SpongeBob.

French Narrator: It seems our little friend as got into an accident. Will SpongeBob survive and live? And what has happened to him? Find out in the next part soon enough.

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