The ShiroNeko

Chapter 1: First meeting

SR: MINNA! We meet again! I know I should've finished my other stories, but I think this story is interesting too and… and… I guess I can't help myself!

Natsume: Nobody wanted to meet you again, BlueTone


Mikan: Sapphire-chan! (Wave like crazy, and then hug SR)

SR: (Being hugged) Mikan-chan! (Look at Natsume) Too bad I'm not a boy, eh Kuro-chan? (Smirk)

Natsume: (Glare at SR) …

SR: (Smirk) Mikan-chan! Kuro-chan is scary!

Mikan: (Turn to Natsume) Natsume! Don't scare Sapphire-chan!

Natsume: tsk, you're lucky I didn't burn you to crisp BlueTone


Natsume: (Leave)

Mikan: Natsume! Say sorry to Sapphire-chan! (Chase Natsume)


Persona: Hm, seems like you made me as a nice person, Sapphire-san (Opening the script and read)

SR: (Surprised) Pe-Persona! Glad you can make it! I thought you refused my offer, you know play a drama and all… and could you consider in calling me Sapphire-chan?

Persona: No it's a good training for me, why would I refuse? I just said I'd think about it, and… no I can't, I guess I would call you Sapphire

SR: Oh… (Dumbfounded face) okay… I just hope that you would call me Sapphire-chan…(Disappointed)

Narumi: Sapphire-chan!

SR: Narumi-sensei!

Narumi: (Hug SR and lift SR like a child)

SR: Narumi-sensei! I'm not a kid anymore!

Narumi: You're not? But you look like a kid to me, despite your height, you're like Mikan-chan!

SR: I am not short you know!

Persona: (Still reading) sorry to interrupt, but shouldn't we started?

SR: (Look at the clock) yes I suppose so Persona

Persona: (Close the script book) then on to the chapter


(Natsume's POV)

'This is bad! There is way too many enemies!'

I ran to the hallway as men began to run chasing after me, they bring out their guns and weapons and shoot toward me.

You guessed right…

I'm on a mission that wretched Persona gave me…


"Natsume, I have mission for you" he said.

I kept silent.

"Bring back the stolen data that the Anti-Alice has stolen from us 1 week ago, here's the map and your mask" he answered handing me a piece of complicated map and my usual mask.

I take the mask and the map roughly from him and departed immediately.

(End of Flashback)

I dodge every attacked they launch at me, until a bullet come from the left side and scratch my back.

I screamed in pain, and began to lose my balance…

When I nearly fell down someone grabbed my hand and drag me to safety from the rain of bullets.

"KuroNeko eh? Nice to meet you"

I turned around and look at the one who had just called my other name.

From the voice, probably he's a boy at my age.

He wears a similar cat mask like mine, but it was white with scratches of red on the left side and feather like fur covers up whole head so his hair and ears is also hidden, until it reaches his back.

He wore a white T-shirt with long sleeve, making his hands hidden. A red belt wrap around his waist and the rest of it sways behind him acting as if he had 2 tails.

And he wears a normal white trouser.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"No time for that, they're coming" he answered emotionless, readying himself to attack.

As the enemy ran in front of us he disappeared from my sight.

'Where did he go?'

I searched for him and found the enemy began to collapse. I kept looking for him and found him knocking out the last person.

"Let's not waste our time here KuroNeko, you got the data?" he asked.

I just nod as my answer, and he began to run toward the exit.

I followed him by running as fast as I can until I catch up to his left side.

It seemed he was running at his normal speed, while I struggle to keep up with him.

'He's fast…'

Enemies began to attack again from every turn we're going to pass and before I knew it they already surrounded us. I use my fire Alice to defeat them, but he just knocking them out with the side of his hands, he doesn't even use his Alice or his weapons I even doubt that he brought weapons with him.

He has an incredible speed plus he has a deadly physical attack, good combo...

DAMN! who the heck is he?

An enemy able to dodge my flame and began attacking with his dagger rapidly toward me. I managed to dodged most of them until I lost focus to his attack and scratched my left arm.

I'm able to put a hit on to his face when he lost his balance, he fell down only for a moment, but then managed to stand up again.

As he raises his dagger, wanted to do another rapid attacks on me, he stopped and fell down again, this time he fell unconscious. As he dropped to the ground that guy stand behind him, looks like he knocked him out.

"Always stay focus on the enemy, that's what aniki said to me" he said.

"Who are you?" I asked to him, but he still ignores it.

"Come on let's go back to Gakuen, I don't want aniki to wait much longer" he said again as he began to run toward the exit.

'To Gakuen? So he's a student from Gakuen Alice, eh? But who the heck is his Aniki? Couldn't be Persona…could it?'

The enemies became fewer as we ran into the forest, it seem they lost our track.

We kept running until sun rise and at last we arrived at the Gakuen's gate.

There Persona has been waiting at the front of the gate.

"Ah! I see you have met ShiroNeko" said Persona.

I gave him the stolen data and walked pass him.

"Wait up Natsume" called Persona.

'What? Another missions?'

"ShiroNeko is still a new sweeper, so I'll partner him with you, since you're already professional" said Persona.

"I don't need any partner" I said to him.

"Even if you refuse, ShiroNeko is still your partner" he said again.

"tsk… whatever"

The so called ShiroNeko then move at an incredible speed and stand in front of me.

"Yoroshiku na, KuroNeko or should I say Natsume" said ShiroNeko.

I left him without saying anything.

(Normal POV)

After Natsume has left Persona alone with ShiroNeko they seem to have started their conversation.

"Ne, aniki why did you partner me with that mean and perverted Natsume? He always bullies me in class you know!" said ShiroNeko with an unpleased tone.

"Stop talking with your fake voice and take off your mask, wig, earrings, and your color eye lens" said Persona in disturb.

ShiroNeko began to take off the mask, wig, earrings, and finally the colour eye lens.

"That's better, now you're still a new sweeper and even though you're stronger than Natsume, you still need some experience" explained Persona with his unusual caring tone.

Persona began to put his hand on top of ShiroNeko's head and patted softly.

"Shouldn't you go to class? It's almost time for the bell you know" said Persona softly.

"AH! You're right! I had to go and change too! The first lesson is…Jin-jin's! ARGH! He'll stroke me with his lightning again for coming late! BYE ANIKI!" said the ShiroNeko while running and waving goodbye to Persona. (A/N Try to guess who's ShiroNeko, I'll reveal it in chapter 2)

"Cheerful as ever" said Persona smiling warmly and wave goodbye to his cute subordinate.



Narumi: This is her first time writing actions like this-

Mikan: So forgive her if there are mistakes-

Persona: And please give her some advice.

SR: You know Persona if your personality is like in the story you'll be popular among the girls.

Persona: But Sapphire, that is my real personality, I really think that I must act as a villain again, but this is unexpected…



Persona: I'm beginning to like this story, so make the next script fast. (Walk away)

SR: (Blushing a slight red when looking at Persona) EHEM! Well, please review and see you next chapter!