Chapter 21: Going to School again.

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Hikari Natsume


The Sky's Tears

Kawaii cookie-chan





Mikan turned to her right and saw Yuu and the others came rushing to her, worried.

"Iinchou! Everybody!" and then she paused when she saw their worried face "What's wrong?"

"Mikan-chan, how did you get those wounds!" asked Yuu worriedly.

Mikan think up for an excuse fast…

"Ah! This?" she then looked at her gip (is it what that was called?) bandaged hand "I fell down the stairs! It doesn't hurt anymore though"

A bad excuse indeed…

"But Mikan-chan there's no way that falling out from the stairs can earn those wounds" protested Nonoko worriedly.

Mikan was taken back.

"A-Ah! Well, I fell on…my arms…YEAH! My arms!! And the doctor says about the bone cracked…or something…I'm not sure…too complicated for me to understand, but it will get better in about a month or so with a huge amount of rest!!" said Mikan energetically.

The others don't seem to believe her but Hotaru stepped forward.

"That's what you get when you carry more than you can handle idiot" said Hotaru emotionlessly "You can always ask me to help you since I'm right beside you when you fell"

Mikan felt awed…

For the first time, her best childhood friend who had never helped her before (unless Mikan pays her money) stood up with Mikan's lousy excuse and supports her.

But then money signs appeared on Hotaru's eyes glistening with lust and desires for money…

Without even thinking twice Mikan knows what those means…

Hotaru wants some kind of payment…

A shimmering thing…

A round shimmering thing and some important papers…


Mikan sighed sadly.

"Mikan? Are you okay?" asked Yuu worriedly noticing Mikan's sad sigh.

"hm? Of course I'm okay! It's just that Hotaru will always ask for payments in order for her to help me!!! so that's why I didn't ask her knowing that she will ask a couple of hundred rabbits just for helping me to carry the things!" said Mikan truthfully.

It is true… and she's not lying about it.

Mikan looked at Hotaru and gave her a look that Mikan will give Hotaru the payments of helping her to support Mikan's own lousy excuse…

Then Mikan remembered about Youichi and her silver painted Reino wig…

"Ah! Have you seen Youichi around???" asked Mikan suddenly.

Nonoko was the first to answer.

"I saw Youichi-kun with Ruka-kun on the hall just now! But don't-" But Mikan has run off after shouting a 'Thank you' to Nonoko "-run on the corridor…"

Hotaru sighed before muttering them a good bye and walked away following Mikan…


Ruka stood with Youichi as usual since he couldn't find Natsume everywhere. Youichi had originally come for Natsume, he had loved being with Natsume who protects him on the Dangerous Type group and from commanders who gives out missions…

Natsume took Youichi's mission and accomplished them for Youichi's sake before leaving Youichi with some peace and quiet just like any normal kid on his age would have…he had known about Natsume taking his missions so he would often find Natsume to make sure that Natsume doesn't do anything rash while doing both missions, but today he can only find Ruka.

Ruka had said that he would try his best to find Natsume for Youichi, so Youichi could only follow, holding Ruka's hand as always.

Ruka looked at Youichi knowingly.

They are both worried about Natsume after Natsume had said the usual word of "I had to go somewhere".

Those special dreading words were understood by both Ruka and Youichi. They both know that nothing they say would stop Natsume from doing those missions as long as they are still chained to Alice Academy's mission headmaster as hostages. The same goes for the rest of his classmates. They are hostages without them knowing it.

Ruka then sighed a long worried sigh.

"Ruka-pyon!!" shouted Mikan as she saw Ruka "Ah Youichi!!!!! I found you at last!!!"

Mikan then charges toward Youichi, but Youichi emotionlessly let out his ghosts and ghouls friends charging Mikan who quickly turns around and flee and my friend the table turns around, from chasing to be chased. Mikan shouts a loud dreading shout before quickly hides behind a stone pillar of the hall.

Youichi stops his alice and instantly Mikan perked her head out with tears threatening to fall.

"Youichi!!!" roared Mikan who started to walk away from the pillar step by step.

She then charged into Youichi again with a mighty roar, but that have only resulted her in being chased again by the same ghosts and ghouls that was summoned by Youichi.

Mikan was again stuck on the pillar, not wanting to take a step to Youichi who gave her no mercy. Lucky for her, the emotionless mistress finally appears with a sigh.

And again Mikan bawls about something that god only knows forcing Hotaru to leash out her baka gun toward the poor Mikan who flew toward the other end of the hall…

"Youichi-kun" said Hotaru shortly.

Within seconds Youichi nodded towards Hotaru and walked toward her leaving the poor Ruka behind.

Hotaru get her spider like gadget from her pocket before throwing it toward Mikan who had fainted at the end of the hall. The spider like gadget then sprouts out a web, capturing Mikan before scuttling back toward Hotaru with Mikan inside the net.

"So then, we'll be going" muttered Hotaru who began to walk away with Youichi and the spider like gadget following.

After they had gone from the sight Ruka stayed silent, dumbfounded on what had just happened…


"YOUICHI!!!" shouted a really angry Mikan.

Youichi kept silent and throws her a usual 'Shut Up Old Hag' if Mikan gets a bit too noisy.

In the end it's always Mikan who loses the childish arguments.

Hotaru had dragged them toward the back yard of school which no students want to go near because it was said haunted. Rumours go around about a student being killed and chopped off in the head on that very spot and that the murderer had buried the head somewhere around that space. It was also rumored that the murdered student would go around searching for its head, but will only show itself to one or two person. If one has spotted the headless student, the headless student will haunt them asking for its missing head, one who does not answer its question within three days or had answered something that angered the headless ghost is said to be killed in the same way, with the head chopped off and buried somewhere.

But of course, Mikan being afraid of ghost stories has not been told by Hotaru and that had been a very bad sign indeed.

"Youichi!! You spray painted my wig didn't you????" asked Mikan rather loudly.

Youichi stayed emotionless.

"Shut up old hag"

Mikan's breath puffed loudly on her nostrils before throwing a tantrum in which had made Hotaru annoyed pretty fast.

Hotaru then shot a good deal of BAKA bullets toward Mikan and Mikan flew towards the trees and bushes.

Waking up in an instant while having her hands rubbing on her head to ease the pain, Mikan then cried childishly, but Mikan had not paid any attention to the direction she was crying on to.

After rubbing away her tears and such, she looked over toward the front and saw someone sitting on a branch of a tree just not far from her.

To her horrifying nightmare, she have just noticed that the very someone she just saw doesn't even have a head. She could see oozy red blood dripping from the halved neck and on toward the clothes that it wore.

She screamed towards the top of her lungs and in an instant she backed away to the wall after pointing her shuddering finger toward the headless figure.

Hotaru came over to the screaming Mikan with Youichi and had seen nothing from the direction that Mikan has pointed.

Confused, Hotaru then remembered those rumors and dragged Mikan away. She forces Mikan to stand up and they flee from the place.


Natsume, being under the Sakura Tree as always, heard Mikan's shout. Within instant he gets up and dashed his way toward the shouting source and found Mikan shivering to death with Hotaru and Youichi trying to calm her down by giving her amulets, onions and such to help to convince Mikan that she's safe with those around her.

When Natsume asked them what's wrong, Mikan sprung up shouting again, this time pointing her finger toward the corner of the room.

Natsume, Hotaru and Youichi had seen nothing, although poor Mikan, had saw yet again the headless student walking with and eerie tapping sounds of the shoe clashing against the floor.

Blood came over spilling on to the floor and Mikan shoved her amulets, swinging them around and around toward the headless student's direction which has pretty much had caused nothing for the headless student to back down.

Where is my head…?

Mikan gulped and couldn't stop shivering, but she did manage to answer something back.

"H-Head??? I don't know where your h-head is!!!"

Natsume, remembering about those rumors going on and Hotaru who knows the situation slapped Mikan's mouth close almost immediately.

"Are you nuts polka dot??? If it is really that headless ghost that has been going on in the rumor, don't say anything so carelessly!" barked Natsume almost instantly even though he can't see them.

Mikan had only turned her attention away for a split of second by turning her eyes toward Natsume, but that very split second has caused the ghost in disappearing from Mikan's sight and from the corner of the room that had been the place where the ghost had stand on. She looked around, towards her left and her right before startled by an eerie voice behind her.

Where is my head…?

Mikan didn't dare to look behind her. She had stayed still…very still that suddenly she fell over to the floor, unconscious, too scared and too shocked to shout.


Mikan woke up in a jolt on a long classroom bench before swinging her arms around.

"I don't know where your head is!!!" she said loudly with panic and fear.

Narumi who was there sitting calmly on the chair was shocked by Mikan's sudden shout and immediately goes to her.

"Mikan-chan! Calm down!" said Narumi trying his best to calm Mikan down.

Mikan who saw Narumi stops swinging her arms around and just stared before tears starting to fall.

"Narumi-sensei!!!" she bawls childishly all of a sudden "I saw! I saw the headless student!!!!"

Narumi sighed.

"Mikan-chan, there is no such things as the Headless Student, it's just a rumor" explained Narumi slowly and softly trying to calm Mikan down again.

"But! But!" Mikan then bawls again "I saw it!!!"

Mikan continues to bawl childishly while Narumi tried his best to calm her down.

Minutes goes fast with the both of them, one having to bawl childishly and the other having to calm the younger one down.

Natsume, Hotaru and Ruka came entering the room after hearing the commotion and explained everything to Narumi.

Though believe it or not, Narumi's mouth was gaped open and refuses to believe what he had heard earlier.

Narumi and Natsume argue while Hotaru and Youichi walked toward the bawling Mikan.

"Mikan, I brought you some amulets" said Hotaru again as always without any emotion.

Mikan went silent and looked at the amulets before starting take the amulet from Hotaru and wore them.

Around the neck, around the wrists, around the head and around the legs…making her looking completely ridiculous.

Well you can say if you imagine an absolutely paranoid person with Christmas decorations (the glittering balls and such) around his/her neck, wrist, head and legs…with white thick rope as the connector…you'll see what I mean.

Narumi and Natsume who was arguing went silence at once and Youichi can only let out a smirk.

"Fat Christmas hag" said Youichi pointing his hand toward Mikan.

Mikan and the other went silent and it took a couple of minute for mikan to register what she had heard earlier.

"What do you mean 'fat'??? I'M NOT FAT!" said Mikan "AND I'M NOT A HAG!!!"

Satisfied with the reaction, Youichi decided to play another prank to Mikan, and after seeming that he had an idea, he pointed toward the open window.

"Ah….the headless student" he said.

Mikan immediately raises her amulets on her wrist and swung them around and around.

"I don't know your head!! I don't know your head!! I don't know your head!!!" she said repetitively obviously scared, but then she calmed down and managed to take a peek "Eh? Its not there…"

Youichi then let out a mocking giggle and made Mikan realize that the whole thing was just a joke made by Youichi for revenge in the earlier arguments.

"Youichi...!" roared Mikan.

AS the USUAL routine… Youichi let out his army of ghouls and ghosts with his alice and Mikan jumped out of bed and ran around the room trying to get away from them.

Youichi then stopped his alice and walked out with a very satisfied smile, leaving the whole crew inside the room silent…

Don't know where and who to blame, Mikan can only turn to Natsume and glared the famous "what did you teach Youichi" glare to him.

Natsume as usual ignored the whole glare remark that Mikan had sent to him. Mikan then just realized something…

"Say" she said finally "where are we?"

Hotaru sighed while Narumi sweat dropped…

"We're in the rumored room where the headless student was said to be killed." said Hotaru calmly.

Mikan's mouth gaped open…then dread came over to her and she shouted a very dreaded shout before cowering behind Hotaru.

"Why are we here????" she asked with tears threatening to fall.

Hotaru replied quickly.

"Because we're going to search for the Headless Student's missing head"

Mikan dropped weak with her soul escaping from her wide open mouth.
Hotaru then smacked Mikan's soul down with a bat and Mikan came back to the real world again.

"w-why do we have to search???" protested Mikan after coming to her senses.

"Because it is said that the headless student won't let you off unless you found his/her head" explained Natsume.

"Now do you want to be haunted for these three days before you die or search for the head and be saved before the third day?" asked Hotaru.

"Search! I'll search!!!" Mikan answered almost immediately dreaded with the thoughts of the headless student following her for three days and got killed in the third day.

"Good, now you stay with Natsume and Narumi-sensei and I'll go and find Youichi to see if he could ask his ghouls on where the head is"

Before Mikan can protest Hotaru left the room in search for Youichi.

Mikan who was left by Hotaru cold clings unto Narumi before bawling…

"Shut up polka dots" remarked Natsume obviously annoyed.

"Well you're not in MY position!! That's why you can say that!!!" protested Mikan.

Natsume sighs.

"We just need to find the head, right?" said Narumi finally believing.

Natsume ignored Mikan and nodded though he's quite annoyed that he has to team up with Narumi.

"Then lets start searching!" said Narumi "first of all this room!"

Mikan nodded while trembling and clinging unto Natsume.

Just with that Natsume got extremely annoyed at the sight of Mikan who clings at Narumi.

Annoyed…very and terribly annoyed… that he wondered on why he was annoyed at the sight.

And since he can't understand on why he was annoyed, Natsume pulled Mikan away from Narumi and his annoyed feeling disappears.

Mikan's face then shows a question mark.

"Natsume?" asked Mikan naively.

Narumi who knows just chuckled and bid the both of them goodbye with the reason of trying to find Hotaru and Youichi.

The room then went silent and Mikan there thought that she could hear the grass grow…

"A-anyway, let's just search" said Mikan uncomfortable with the silence and trying to change into other topic.

Why was Natsume annoyed? He too can't understand and thought that it was probably just the annoyance of Mikan's stupidity as always.

But is it…? Is it just as simple as that?

Natsume brushed the thoughts away and concentrated on searching for the missing head.


Narumi who walked to search for Hotaru and Youichi decided to pay Persona and Rath a visit since the hospital is just near around the area.

He bought a couple boxes of magical talking mochi cake sold on the famous cake store around for a gift to the sick before heading toward the hospital.

Within minutes, Narumi arrived at the hospital. He then went to the elevator until he's on level 6 of the building.

Walking with the noisy talking mochi cake in a paper bag, he looks at the room number and stopped when it reaches the room "VIP 1".

He knocked, answering Persona's call before going in.

"I see you are well and comfortable Persona!" chirped Narumi "oh and you too Rath!"

Rath and Persona was just killing time by playing blackjack and of course not just any ordinary blackjack, a gambling one…

From the stack of rabbits seen, it seems that Persona is winning.

"What's this Rath? You're losing??" teased Narumi.

"Shut up, I need to concentrate" snapped Rath in annoyance.

Narumi then put the awfully noisy mochi cake into the table before sitting down on the provided chair to watch the black jack.

…Rath took another card and smirked…

"21 Black Jack!" exclaimed Rath not too loud being the Rath as always.

Persona sighed and opened his cards revealing the total number of 20. He then gave the whole stack of the money to Rath and Rath whistled happily beginning to count the rabbits he just got.

"Again.." grunted Persona not giving up.

Rath rejected.

"No we both have agreed that this was the last game of blackjack"

Persona cursed, accepted the cruel fact before adverting his attention to Narumi.

"So is there something wrong?" asked Persona knowingly.

Narumi just chuckled before going silent.

"It seems that Mikan-chan got herself followed by the rumored Headless Student ghost" explained Narumi simply.

Persona and Rath went silent, but silent in both different reasons.

"Isn't that just a rumor?" asked Rath who thought that it was just a rumor.

Narumi shook his head.

"Apparently no if you look at Mikan-chan's expression" said Narumi while scratching his head.

Persona then took his walking sticks with him and walked out of the room with no reason.

"Persona?" asked Narumi.


Setsu who happened to be walking around the area saw Mikan who perked her head from the bushes nearby.

After a while, Setsu then decided to greet the searching girl.

"Mikan-chan?" he asked finally "what are you doing?"

Mikan looked at Setsu before answering.

"I'm s-searching" she said while shivering at the thought of the headless student again.

"…searching for what…?"

Mikan then whispered to Setsu's ear.

"Searching for a…h-head…" said Mikan with fear.

"A H-HEAD??!!" shocked Setsu then he coughed trying to disguise his fear for whatever it is that Mikan is searching "W-Why is world are you searching for a h-head??"

The same as Mikan, Setsu is just as scared as her when it comes to ghost stories though since he's older, he is still able to keep his cool composure.

Mikan begins to bawl.

"I'm haunted by the Headless Student ghost!!!!" bawled Mikan.

"H-Headless student??? I mean…isn't that just a r-rumor…?" gulped Setsu.

"BUT I SAW IT!!! Headless and blood came rushing from the headless neck…!"

Setsu covered his ear and shook his head.

"Those are just rumors…those are just rumors…those are just rumor…"

Where's my head…?

"I don't know where your head is!" then Setsu realized on the strange question before turning his head toward the source of the voice…

Where's my head…?

Blood came dripping from the headless body as the headless figure stood before Mikan's and Setsu's eyes.

Mikan and Setsu went silent, still shocked before running away while shouting.

"The headless Student!!!!" they both screamed and ran into the same direction before Mikan bumped into Natsume who came searching for the head.

"Polka dots!! Watch where you're going…!" grumbled an annoyed Natsume after getting up from the ground.

But Mikan and Setsu spend no time for explanation and just shouted the same thing.

"The Headless Student!!!" they both shouted before hiding behind Natsume.

It may seem embarrassing for Setsu to hide behind Natsume since he's way taller, but Setsu has no thought for them and just hide along with Mikan.

"I can't see anything…" said Natsume after a while.

"It WAS there!!!" protested Mikan "you saw it too right Setsu???"

Setsu nodded abruptly.

"Seriously!! Three days before my birthday! This happened??"

Natsume and Mikan then stared at Setsu.

"Your birthday?" asked Mikan.

"Oh have you forgotten?" asked Setsu back before standing up straight after looking around for the ghost "yeah, my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I told you back in the boat when we're escaping from the faculty-" Setsu then clasped his mouth when he realized that he had blurted out something that Natsume and Mikan is not suppose to know though Natsume already knows…

"A-Ah that's right..! I only told Natsume and R-Reino" Setsu then laughs off dryly.

Mikan who worries of the same thing just scratch her head.

"F-Faculty…? What faculty…??" and they both laughs dryly.

Natsume sighed at the obviously seen lie and just let that pass.

"A-Anyway!" coughed Setsu again "Won't you come to the party Mikan-chan? It'll be fun!!"

Mikan nodded.

"I will!! When and where will it be??"

"12 pm Friday at the Central Park!" answered Setsu happily.

The way Mikan and Setsu in forgetting about the thing that just happened earlier with the Headless ghost seems very alike…

VERY ALIKE that it drives Natsume annoyed.

"That's nice" said Natsume clearly annoyed "but you won't get the party starting if you don't find that head, if I remember correctly you agreed on seeing the headless student with this polka dot earlier"

Setsu just stared at Natsume looking very scared as soon as he remembered what happened earlier.

"That means you also only have three days- no you're going to have a very haunting three days before your death"

Setsu and Mikan then cower behind a tree as Natsume looks very satisfied from scaring the both of them.

"E-Evil! He's evil!!" said Setsu terrified.

Mikan can only nod in agreement.


"Persona? Where are you going?" asked Narumi who followed Persona.

"I'm going to find the head" said Persona simply "it seems Crust has again executed someone with a Revenge alice type in his group before his mission to kidnap me"

Narumi asks back with a confused remark.

"Revenge Alice?"

Persona then explained.

"An alice that allows the user to put a curse to those who have hurt the user, to put it simply that curse will work even when the user has died, continue to haunt unless the conditions are met."

Narumi thought for a while before continue to ask.

"Then by what you mean in conditions are-"

Persona then continued Narumi's statement.

"-most probably the user's dying wish to the alice before he or she was killed"

Narumi sighed.

"The dying wish is to find his or her head back eh…that's a slightly weird dying wish though" then Narumi asks again "do you have any idea on where the head is then?"

Persona nodded.

"I do, Crust loved flowers…especially the white roses…he said it to me once that the white roses had the color of 'pureness', very pure that he wanted to taint it…its of no question if he buried the head under the white rose patch"

Narumi shook his head.

"A terrifying man…"

Persona nodded.

"I'll search for Imai and Youichi to inform this information then, also Natsume and Mikan-chan…"

Narumi then nodded before dashing off toward the elevator, but then he turn back and shouted.

"Don't forget to eat the Talking Mochi cake!! Share with Rath!!"

Persona just sighed and waved his hand in response.

"okay okay just go already"

Narumi giggled while the door of the elevator closed and Persona sighed again.

Now he has to search for the White rose patches that Crust would probably use to bury the head.


Hotaru walk through the corridor and stopped after seeing Youichi digging near a white rose patch.

Hotaru then approaches Youichi before crouching down.

Youichi who stops digging, turned to Hotaru before pointing his finger to the ground where he dug.

"Head" he said emotionlessly…

Hotaru stared at Youichi before at the patches…

Then Persona came walking in from the hospital direction with the walking stick to help him walk.

Looking at the two near a white rose patches worries and interests Persona, he then decided to approach them…

"What are you two doing?" asked Persona in a pretending cold voice as Youichi still doesn't know Persona's true characteristic…

Hotaru hid Youichi knowingly before shoving Youichi to her flying duck invention and the duck flew off with her controlling through a remote control.

Persona then sighs when Youichi is far away.

"So what were you doing?" asked Persona, this time in a casual tone..

Hotaru then shifted her gaze back to the ground where Youichi pointed earlier and said,

"He said there's a head here" said Hotaru simply and straight forwardly.

Persona's eyes widened before sighing.

"So, problems solved then, I heard all of the details from Narumi" said Persona "I'll dig them up, Imai, go find Mikan"

Hotaru then shook her head.

"you don't need to dig it, and I don't need to either" Hotaru then reaches her pocket before taking out two mole robot and putting them on the floor "Invention Mole 456: Once the robot is thrown into the ground, they will dig immediately with an incredible speed until they find something"

Hotaru then sighed.

"My newest invention but not complete yet"

The two moles then began digging on the spot where she threw the robot into, though the speed is not exactly fast.

"A sick person mustn't wake up from the bed and a sick person mustn't do anything reckless such as DIGGING" Hotaru then stares at Persona in the eyes before smiling slightly "Thank you for taking care of Reino all this time, this is the least I can do"

Persona smiled back.

"You said that lots of times now, but I don't really deserve them…"

Hotaru then turned away from Persona.

"Then I'll go find Mikan and Natsume" said Hotaru who then walks off…


"I can't find it!!!" shouted Setsu in desperation after hours and hours of searching.

Mikan who's still looking for the head then look back at Setsu.

"But we need to find it" Mikan then shudders at the thought of the headless student yet again haunt them together in the third day…

"…today is Tuesday…" said Setsu but he then shudders "…I also don't want to die in my birthday…"

With just that Setsu shut his mouth and began searching again…

After hours and hours of unsuccessful findings, Hotaru came walking in and called Mikan and Natsume, though she found herself surprised on Setsu's appearance.

Mikan and Setsu told Hotaru in an alienated way and Natsume ended up translating for them…

Hotaru then sighs…

"Come on now… Youichi and I found the head under the White Rose patches…" said Hotaru.

Setsu's and Mikan's eyes then glitters…


Hotaru nodded.

"For real"

Mikan and Setsu then grinned as their problem is now solved.

"RIGHT! Now what are we waiting for??" exclaimed Mikan being her energetic self "Lets go!!"

And then she dashed off leaving the three behind, but before long she came back fidgeting and blushing.

"so….where is it…?"

Hotaru then sighs at Mikan's stupid question.

"Follow me" and Hotaru then lead Mikan and the others to where Hotaru had found the head earlier, except that Persona had hide himself far away inside a building.

Setsu then stares at the digging moles attentively before his eyes shone.

"This is cute!! Can I have them-"

"-No" interrupted Hotaru without any expression and Setsu sulks in the nearby corner…

Narumi then came walking by and after catching a glimpse of Mikan and the others he rushed to them almost immediately.

"Ah Mikan-chan!!" he chirped and waved, approaching the crowd.

"Narumi-sensei!!" Mikan then rushed to hug him.

"ah Mikan-chan I see that you found the location of the head first! That's good!" smiled Narumi as he hug the girl back.

"Hotaru found them, not me!" smiled Mikan as she released the hug.

"So we just need to dig up the head and present them to the ghost then?" asked Setsu.

Narumi stared at Setsu.

"Why Setsu what are you doing here?"

After that Hotaru explained the situation which had pretty much made Narumi gawk.

"Ah Narumi!" interrupted Setsu "Would you come to my birthday party this Friday on Central Park at 12 PM??"

Narumi jolted.

"Your birthday is this Friday??" asked Narumi abruptly.

Not Sensing anything, Setsu answered a yes before asking him whats wrong with it.

Narumi shook his head and nodded with hesitation.

"Y-Yeah I'll come!"

Setsu then grinned before Hotaru decided to tease.

"I'm just thinking…maybe idiots are the only one who can see ghosts"

"We're not idiots!" fumed Mikan and Setsu almost immediately but then the verbal brawl was interrupted by a sudden voice.

Where is my head?

Mikan and Setsu jumped off immediately and hide behind Narumi who is just as confused as the others.

The headless figure soon appears in front of Mikan and Setsu who pointed their finger up toward where the mole was digging.


With that the figure turns and walks toward where the digging was.

The moles stopped digging abruptly and the dirt was removed, revealing a badly rotten head.

However the headless figure shrieks and turns back to Mikan and Setsu in anger.


Mikan and Setsu then backed down as the headless figure approaches them, stomping.

"B-BUT THAT WAS YOUR HEAD!!" shriek Mikan and Setsu nodded rapidly.

"A-And, people rot when they are buried, so that was your head!!" added Setsu.

The figure roared.


"B-But its true!!" Mikan then shielded herself with her arm as the figure stood before them.

And then Natsume stood in defense.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but you will be re-attached with your precious head if you pass on to the next and stop lingering around" said Natsume sighing, tired of the ghost already.

Silent!! Are you telling me that I would be attached with that rotten thing?! GIRL! TELL HIM THAT!

And Mikan said what the ghost have said and Narumi step up this time.

"Oh but I hear that if you pass on, you won't be rotten, because you're dead already"

The headless figure then paused before thinking.

Your reason has made sense, very well, I will move on.

Mikan and Setsu grinned happily and before long the headless figure disappears…


"So in the end that guy was a narcist?" asked Rath while playing cards again.

Narumi nodded with a sigh…

"No wonder his dying wish is to find his head once more…he had fallen in love with his own looks"

Persona then snaps out the cards from his hand and grinned.

"Full House"

However Rath grinned back and puts down all of his cards.

"Royal Straight Flush"

Persona then buried his head again as Rath took the pile of money.

"Again..!" demanded Persona and Rath just shook his head.

"It's late, and this was said to be our last game, you agreed on that"

Persona clasps his hand and Narumi sweat dropped.

"Geez…you guys should stop this already"

Rath smirked.

"It's a good way to earn money"

Narumi sighed again before turning serious.

"By the way Rath"

Rath turned to Narumi.

"Are you seriously going? This Friday when Setsu is having his birthday?"

Rath sighed.

"So he finally told you" Rath paused before continuing "After the party I will then go"

Narumi looked away.

"I see…"

And then they all said nothing…


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