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Written for smokingpanda and her prompt, "You'll just fall down again." On livejournal. Hope you enjoy smokingpanda! This one really gave me a hard time. If you don't like it I'll write you another one with a different prompt.

Fall for Me

It wasn't exactly the most noble of entrances, Riku noted as he hung over the edge of a drop with only the red-haired Nobody to keep him from falling to his doom. He wasn't sure if his death was just being delayed or if he actually had a chance of living after this encounter.

"You're certainly not as graceful as they made you appear."

Riku craned his head to look up at the Nobody. "How was I supposed to know there would be so many high places in Castle Oblivion?" He frowned, not trusting the Nobody at all. "Why would you care anyway?"

The Nobody grinned and hauled him up so that Riku was standing in front of the taller male. "We can't have you falling to your death be for our game is up."

"So this is all some game to you all? Toy with us and then kill us?" Riku said angrily as he summoned Soul Eater. "Well it's not going to work!" He prepared to charge the Nobody but was shocked into immobility when the red head laughed.

"You're hilarious. But I can't reveal our plans to you just yet." As the Nobody began to fade into darkness he smirked and tapped his forehead. "The name's Axel, got it memorized?"

And Riku did have it memorized, even a year later as he stood looking over the ocean from his beloved paopu island. He was startled when someone came up from behind him and grabbed him around the waist causing him to jump forward and off the edge of the island.

He would have fallen and gotten severely wet except for the hand that grabbed his and prevented his fall. He looked around and was shocked to see the same Nobody from a year before, Axel his mind told him.

"What are you doing here? Sora said you died."

"You can't kill a Nobody, we don't die by over using our powers. " Axel said with a laugh. "So I cam back, back to where I could keep an eye on Roxas."

Roxas, Riku's face darkened slightly, Sora's Nonody had given him so much trouble over the past few months. "Let me go."

Axel chuckled and pulled Riku to him. "No, you'll just fall down again."

"Why did you really come here?" Riku asked, not bothering to pull away.

"For you." Axel murmured as he leaned down and pressed his lips to Riku's, and Riku didn't complain at all.