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Dedicated to casmut:
Object: a blanket
Phrase: "Well you can just Bite me can't you!"

Bedtime Blues

"Well you can just bite me can't you!" The shout echoed through the house, waking up many of those who had been asleep, and causing those still awake to grumble in annoyance.

It was eve after Christmas and many of those who had come for Christmas dinner had also stayed at Riku's parents' huge house, including Axel and Riku. Unfortunately they were staying in Riku's old room which had only a double bed.

This was also what caused the current situation because as of this moment, Riku and Axel were arguing about Axel's need to keep stealing the blanket. Being that he was a fire user he tended to get incredibly cold in the winter. Of course Riku too was quite cold, so Axel continually taking the blanket was getting on his nerves.

With a huff, and an angry glare at Axel, Riku slipped out of the bed and left the room, leaving Axel to watch after him with wide green eyes. The redhead quickly scrambled out of the bed and went to chase after Riku.

He ignored the fact that Riku's relatives were watching him from the falls as he chased after his irritate love. "Riku wait!" He lost sight of the other as he rounded a corner, and by the time he got there Riku was gone.

Falling to his knees he began to lament about how he had screwed up and that he loved Riku and regretted everything that had happened. And that he wished he hadn't made such big mistake. And he would have continued long into the night, except for something large and fluffy suddenly was dropped on his head.

"You're making a scene, I was only getting a bigger blanket." Riku's voice said, muffled by the blanket. "Now get up off the floor so we can go back to bed."

Axel lifted the blanket off his head and then followed after Riku life a puppy. When they reached Riku's room, they both climbed into bed and Axel wrapped the blanket around them, pulling Riku to his chest and burying his face in the other's hair. "I love you."

Smiling to himself, Riku chuckled a little and hugged Axel's bony frame. "I love you too. Now go to sleep."


A/N: Not how I planned it, but I guess it was okay. I like the thought of Axel being all dramatic about a fight with Riku. I can imagine having a really whiny voice in such a scenario.

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