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Chapter 22 Friday night dinner gone wrong Part 2

The first thing Hilary noticed about this dinner was it had been unusually quiet. Normally, Walter would talk about anything and everything. Hilary sneaked a look at him, but tonight he sat quietly…almost pale like looking down at his meal. Kai, on the other hand, looked normal as ever. She wondered about what had occurred before she and Gou came to the restaurant. Deciding that she had had enough of the silence Hilary raised her voice.

"Walter, is everything all right?"

Walter's eyes widen a bit startle by her voice. Hilary placed her hand on top of his. Kai's eyes narrowed dangerously close at this gesture. Walter took her hand in his and gave her a little squeeze. He managed to show off a weak smile.

"I'm fine Hilary," Walter's eyes flicked towards Kai, "No need to worry" he said reassuring and went back to his meal. Hilary watched him in concern not believing him.

"Do I wreally have to eat that?" a little voice chirped out of nowhere. Gou was poking at something on his dish with his fork, "It moves weirdly" he confirmed after some more poking. Hilary smiled at the little scene.

"Gou sweetie, it's cuttlefish," Hilary said smiling.

"Ewwww" was the young boy's reply.


After Gou's insistence that he should get dessert for eating a mouthful of the cuttlefish, he now deemed worse than chopped liver. Walter had excuse himself saying that he had some work that needed to be dealt with quickly as possible, and so leaving Hilary and Gou alone with Kai.

With Gou completely engrossed with his chocolate cake, which he had picked from the cake cart himself, Hilary turned her attention towards Kai. She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against her chair in an attempt to look intimidating. In response to this, Kai raised his eyebrow and slowly sipped his red wine.

"What happened between you and Walter?" Hilary asked in a low tone.

"When?" Kai replied curtly. Hilary fought against the urge to roll her eyes at him.

Fine, if you want to play this game with me…then let's play! Hilary thought.

"Before me and Gou arrived"

Kai "humph" at her and emptied his glass for the last drop.


"Business?" Hilary repeated suspiciously.

"Yes, Business that is what businessmen does… I thought you of all people would know this Hilary!" Kai said sarcastically. This time Hilary did roll her eyes at him well knowing she wouldn't get any more answers from him tonight. She looked at Gou who was in the middle of licking his plate clean; she lightly shook her head at him.

"Gou sweetie, that's not something you do in a public restaurant," she scolded taking a napkin to wipe his face clean of the remains from the chocolate cake. She took her purse and reached into it for her wallet, when she heard Kai say:

"Don't, I'll pay".

She nodded the obligatory thank you to him, grabbed Gou by the hand and said "I'll guess we'll see you on Friday".

Kai watched as Hilary and Gou walked out of the restaurant and smirked.

Sooner Hilary…sooner than you think!


Beep beep beep beep beep.

Hilary woke at the sound of her alarm clock. She stretched and smiled as the sun's rays of light came through her curtains bathing her in its warmth. She had a feeling today was going to be a good day.

There was a soft knocking on her door and then Charlie peeked in.

"Are you ready sunshine, it's time for work".

Hilary smiled, yes she was certain today was going to be a good day.


"What!" Hilary said in disbelief, her eyes fully open in shock, as she sat in front of Walter.

"I'm sorry Hilary" Walter said with sorrow.

"Bu-but how, why?" Hilary stuttered in disbelief. She couldn't believe what was happening. Everything had started out so joyful when she, Charlie and the girls came to work. Then Walter appears calling her into his office saying he needs to discuss something important with her. And then…then he said the words she never thought she would hear from him.

You're fired!




"Why?" Hilary asked again, "On what grounds…Wh-what right-"

"Hilary" Walter interrupted, he stood up and walked in front of the desk and spoke softly to her, " I'm truthly sorry you must believe when I say that, bu- but when it all comes together, my business is what comes first and-" Walter swallowed, "and I was given an offer I couldn't refuse"

"An offer you couldn't refuse" Hilary repeated. "Which includes me in getting fired?" She stated looking at him for confirmation. Her anger started to rise when she saw the confirming look on his face.

"It was a small price to pay considering the benefits" Walter walked behind his desk once again and sat down.

It started to dwell for Hilary and she looked at him with clear ruby eyes.

"Kai" she said almost too softly. Walter nodded at her.

"I will no longer have to fusion with his company and…and I can return to America without any losses"

"Of course" Hilary almost laughed contemptuous, "of course he would present you with the best offer ever seen, just to get back at me," she ramble and then stood up pointing a finger against Walter, "But he will not get me that easily…I will find another company to work and then we will see whose ass is fu-"

"Hilary" Walter interrupted breaking efficiently through her tirade and then looked at her with genuine sorrow, "He has blacklisted you with every company…all except his!"

Hilary started to visually shiver all over her body, as she looked at Walter in utter shock. She gathered her hands into fists and looked down at the floor as if she was in deep thought. Then furiously she snapped her head back up. Walter gasped at the ruby fire burning in her eyes.

"Goodbye Walter, it was nice working for you," she said almost too calm before she stormed out of his office slamming the door.

"Hily what happened?" a concern Charlie asked when she came storming out from Walter's office. Charlie took a steep back when he saw the fire in her eyes.

"Oh, everything is jolly" Hilary replied sarcastically, "I'm just being fired because of KAI!" she almost screamed. Then she hurried to her now old chair grabbed her jacket and stormed out of the building.

A clueless Charlie and other co-workers could do nothing but stare after her retreating back and back at the door to the office she just had been in.


Hilary raced down the road in her car. She was beyond mad, beyond furious. Her hands tighten against the steering wheel.

How dare he…how bloody dare he. Is he doing this just because I said no to his proposal? Or is he just trying to hurt me that that… Oh Good I'm so mad I can't even find a word to describe what a low life form he is right now.

She pulled into the parking lot right outside the Hiwatari Corporations. She stepped outside her car and slammed it in. Then she started to walk with a madding pace toward the main entrance.

She opened the glass doors and walked right up to the information desk where a poor girl with a headset was sitting doing her job.

"You" Hilary hissed through her teeth scaring the poor girl, "tell me where I can find Kai Hiwatari's office"

"It-It's the to-top floor ma'm, but no one is allowed-"

"Thank you" Hilary said not really caring what the young girl had to say as she walked towards the elevators, stepped inside and pushed the button to the top floor.

"You are going to get it now Kai Hiwatari" Hilary said to herself.

The girl at the information desk watched as Hilary disappeared into the elevator, and then she picked up the phone right next to her and dialed a number.

"Ma'm its Anna, yes she is on her way up"


I'm back just as you thought I was dead or something like that, but you all know how it is when you get a new infatuation (mine was with Rurouni Kenshin), and I just haven't been in the mood to write. Anyway I think is better to read something inspired than to read something that have just been wrote to be wrote to please others. I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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