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Summary: This story is about us at highschool with the Kh crew, yes sooooooo cliche no? But deal with it and read it up got it pleas?

Chapter 01


It seems like an ordinary high school, with your average gossip spreaders, and your standard secret keepers. That's because it is your average high school with average gossip spreaders and secret keepers. We start this story in the bedroom of twins and best friends, Avery and Amanda.

The alarm woke Amanda, who stumbled to the curtains and threw them wide, casting sunlight on her sister's still-sleeping silhouette. Avery sat up, covered her eyes, and groaned loudly.

"Come on! You're going to be late!" Amanda sighed.

"Do I look like I care?" Avery asked in return.

"Just get up. Besides, if you don't get up, you won't be able to see Riku." Amanda teased, with a huge grin on her face.

"Yeah, true, but if you don't start running, dear old Ansem won't ever set eyes on you again." Avery threatened, struggling not to laugh. (Yes, people, Amanda is dating Ansem, and has been for roughly five months.)

"Point taken. Anyway, Mom has breakfast waiting in the kitchen."

"How do you know? You haven't left the room."

"I can smell it. It smells like," Amanda paused and sniffed the air, "Eggs and pancakes."

"I'm up." Avery said, hurtling out of her bed and into their closet. About five minutes later, Avery came out, fully dressed and left the room to get some breakfast. Amanda walked into the closet, left the room to wake up their other triplet, Cloud, and then joined her sister in the kitchen. After they had eaten their breakfast, they bolted out the door to catch the bus to Destiny Islands High School. At the bus stop, instead of just the regular two or three kids that usually caught the bus there, there was an entire crowd.

"Ansem, what's going on?" Amanda asked, coming up behind him and throwing her arms around his neck.

"New student." He replied, turning around and wrapping her in an embrace.

"Why are all these people here?"

"The new guy has, literally, fire-red hair, and cat green eyes. Take a look."

"Ansem, that's mean!" Amanda exclaimed.

"What is?"

"Gawking at someone just because they look different. It's horrible!"

"I guess so. Want to walk to school? The bus will be way too crowded, and we'll never find seats."

"Sure. Let me tell Avery and Cloud." Amanda walked off to tell her sister and brother that she and Ansem were walking to school.

"What's troubling you, Amanda?" Ansem asked once they were out of earshot of the other people.

"Nothing. Why do you ask?" she replied.

"Something's wrong, and you know it." He said.

"How do you figure?" Amanda asked.

"Let's see. Normally, you're all hyper and talkative, but today, you're actually walking beside me, not in front, and you're completely silent. So I know something's up." Ansem teased.

"Why do you have to know me so well?" Amanda asked.

"That's what happens when you grow up with a person." Ansem said.

"True point. I don't know. There's just a feeling of foreboding essence in the air, so to speak." Amanda replied.

"Interesting. I've been thinking about something a lot lately." Ansem said turning to face Amanda.

"What?" she asked, also facing him.

"Maybe, we aren't compatible enough."

"What d'you mean?"

"I'm saying that I don't think that… damn it, there's no easy way to say this."

"Say what? That you don't think that we belong together?"

"Yes. I'm sorry." Ansem said, facing Amanda, who was steadily turning redder. She did nothing but turn and walk away. (She's saving her anger for another time.) Amanda walked the rest of the way to school thinking about the band, (Sora on bass guitar, Ansem was the lead singer, then he quit, Riku was the drums, Amanda played electric guitar and sang in the background with Avery.) Amanda arrived at school just as the warning bell was ringing, and she had it hurry to her locker in order to be able to make it to her class on time. She was digging in her locker when Sora came by and slammed it shut.

"Cute. Real cute, Sora. I'm late enough as it is, without having to open my locker again, and it chose today, of all days, to be a pain, and not open for me."

"Let me try it for you." Sora offered, and stepped in front of the stubborn locker. He twirled the dial, and it swung open on the first try.

"Lucky for you, it likes you." Amanda said, peering over Sora's shoulder.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"Because it hates everyone else. Now, if you don't mind, I've gotta run, or I'll be late." As soon as she stopped speaking, the bell rang, signaling the beginning of first period.

"Perfect. The last thing is another tardy." Amanda sighed.

"Why's that?" Sora asked.

"If I get another tardy, it means a detention. And we have band practice this afternoon." She explained.

"That's right. Hey, do you know if Ansem's going to be there this afternoon?"

"He's not, he quit."


"Because he broke up with me on the way to school this morning."

"I'm sorry. Is there anything that I can do to help?"

"Not really, unless you have a friend that knows our songs and that can sing.

"Can't help you there. Why don't we hold auditions this afternoon, instead of practicing?"

"That sounds fine, as long as you get the notices up by the time practice starts, 'cause I won't have time."

"You sound busy. What all do you have going on?" Sora asked as he and Amanda walked to their first-period class together. (They both have history first.)

"Well, let's see, I'm on the decoration committee for the dance, I'm in the process of three huge projects, I just got dumped by someone who I've been dating of the past five months, and, oh yeah, I'm the secret keeper of the entire school, alongside Avery." Amanda said.

"Oh, yeah, that could be very bad."

"You have no idea." Amanda finished as she and Sora came up to the door of the classroom. They walked in into the middle of the lesson, and the teacher looked up.

"May I have your excuses for your tardiness?" Professor Sephiroth asked.

"My locker wouldn't open." Amanda said.

"And I was helping her get it open." Sora explained.

"Sit down. And, Amanda?" Sephiroth said to Amanda.

"Yes, professor?" Amanda asked.

"See me after school, in detention."

"Yes, sir." Amanda sat in silence through the lesson, and when the bell rang, she walked to her locker looking downhearted.

"Amanda, wait up!" Amanda turned to see her sister, Avery, running towards her.

"Hey, Ave. what's up?"

"I heard about you and Ansem. Sora just told me. You okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm too busy to be depressed. And, I can't make it to practice today." Amanda answered, fighting with her locker.

"Why not?"

"I got detention from Sephiroth for being late."

"That's too bad. What d'you mean, too busy to be depressed?"

"I'm on the decoration committee for the dance, I'm working on three huge projects, I just got dumped, and you and I are the secret keepers of the entire school."

"That's a lot of pressure. Can you handle it?"

"Of course I can. It'd just be easier if I had someone to lean on once in a while."

"I'm here for you. You know that, right?"

"Of course I do. It just feels weird, after being with Ansem for such a long time. It's like, there's a huge part of me that's missing, and I don't know how to fill it."

"Maybe if you start going out with someone else, you'll feel better."

"Like who? No one else likes me that way at this school, and if there is, I haven't met him yet, which is saying something, considering."

"I could name one person."


"I said that I could. I never said that I would."

"True point. I have to go otherwise I'll never make it to my next class on time. It's all the way across the school, and you know how big this place is." Amanda said, slamming her locker shut.

"Yes I do. I still get lost sometimes."

"See you later, Avery." Amanda called to her twin over her shoulder as she walked away.

"Avery! Wait up!" Sora called, running from around the corner.

"Hey, Sora. What's up?" Avery asked.

"I was wondering if you heard that Amanda wasn't going to be at practice today."

"Yeah. She just hightailed it out of here to make it to her next class, after telling me that she got detention." Avery said, slamming her locker shut, and started walking to her next class.

"I was also wondering if…"


"Never mind."

"Tell me if you decide to cancel practice, okay?"

"I already did, after Amanda got detention. I just need to tell Riku not to show."

"Tell me not to show where, now?" Riku asked, coming up behind Sora. Avery called bye to the boys and walked off to her next class.

"Tell you that practice is canceled, and we need to audition new singers, because Ansem quit when he broke up with Amanda this morning."

"Ouch. Is she alright?"

"She says that she's too busy to be depressed aver something like that. Anyway, she got detention this morning, and that means that she won't be able to practice with up, and besides, we have no singer."

"Makes sense. What am I going to with my afternoon now?

"I don't know. Maybe, iron your shirts?" Sora teased.

"That's not funny. What are you going to do, rip up your shirts?" Riku asked with a smile on his face. (FYI: Riku is the king of preps in this story, and Sora is the king of punks.)

"Probably. I need more ratty shirts. I only have five, and I just got a new shirt. You'd probably like it, Riku. It's got a collar and everything."

"Oh, shut up." Riku turned and walked away with Sora's teasing laughter ringing in his ears. Amanda, Sora, Riku, and Avery all had lunch after third period, and they met at their usual spot, which was under a tall oak tree. They sat down with their lunches, and talked about what all had happened so far in the day. Somehow, the conversation turned to Amanda and Ansem breaking up.

"So, what exactly did he say to you?" Sora asked Amanda, who swallowed her Ramen noodles.

"What he said was something like: 'Maybe we're not compatible enough' and some other crap like that." Amanda said, looking over to where Ansem was standing, laughing with some of his other buddies.

"Well, I can't make him take you back, but I will say this. He doesn't know what he's given up." Sora said, blushing lightly. (The only way you would know if he was blushing was if you were looking directly at his cheeks, and even then it'd be really hard to tell.)

"What d'you mean by that?" Avery asked, knowing full well that Sora had liked Amanda since the day that they'd met. (At the beginning of the second trimester when Sora transferred and he told Avery that after he found out Amanda's name and that Avery was the secret keeper for the school.)

"Oh, nothing. Just that Ansem passed up a girl who devotes herself to anything and everything that she holds close to her, and won't go down without a fight, and a damn good guitar player at that." Sora quickly covered up. Avery smiled to herself, and accidentally knocked over her ramen.

"Oh, dammit. I'll be right back. I've gotta get some more ramen."

"I'll join you, for company." Riku offered.

"See you in a few." Amanda said, watching Riku help Avery up off the ground and walk towards the cafeteria. Amanda sighed and leaned back against the tree and Sora looked at her.

"Are you really not upset about Ansem?"

"Frankly, Sora, I knew that he'd do something like that eventually. I grew up with that kid, and I know that he finds it hard to actually keep a commitment for a long time."

"I'm sorry, really, I am."

"Don't be. He's not worth getting upset over."

"Hey, you know how there's going to be a dance? Maybe you'd…"

"Hey, Amanda, come over here!" one of the members of Ansem's group called.

"Be right there!" Amanda called back. She looked back to Sora, who shrugged.

"Tell me when I get back, okay?"

"Yeah." Amanda stood up, and walked over to the group, avoiding Ansem's stare. The person that called her over, the new kid named Axel, pulled her away from the rest of the group.

"You want to know why Ansem broke up with you?"

"I know why. He didn't think that we were compatible enough." Axel laughed and shook his head.

"No. the real reason is because he was dared to ask you out in the first place, and that if he went out with you for more than four months, then his friends would give him a hundred munny for every month."

"That little bastard." Amanda growled.

"Don't act like you know anything. I wasn't supposed to tell."

"Did you call me over just to tell me that my ex only dated me to get munny?"

'No, I have a secret to tell you. You are the secret keeper of the school, right?"


"Okay. There's a person that I like. The only thing is, the person's a guy, and I don't know how to talk to him."

"Can I ask who the person is?"

"His name's Roxas."


"Yes, Roxas. And please don't scream. I don't want any more unwanted attention than I've already gotten because of the way I look."

"Sorry. But Roxas? I hope you know that he's one of the most popular kids in school, and he's also the captain of the kendo team. He's constantly surrounded by his followers, and he's got a really big ego. No offense to you, but I really don't see you liking a person like that."

"I know. I normally don't, but there's something about him that sticks out from the other popularity-crazed kids at this school. It's like he doesn't like being popular, but there's nothing that he can do about it."

"I've got a question for you, Axel. Why do you hang out with Ansem?"

"Because him and his friends are the only people that'll talk to me."

"That's not true. If anything, they'll talk about you behind your back. Besides, if you hang out with us, you'll have more of a chance to talk to Roxas, because that guy has a lot of secrets that he won't tell anyone else, so he comes to us all the time. That and you'll get along with my sister, Sora, and Riku much better than you will with anyone in this group. We don't care what you look like, although I must say, you look really cool. I like your hair. It brings out the color in your eyes even more."

"Thanks, Amanda. Do you really not mind if I come join you guys?"

"Axel, if I didn't want you hanging out with us, would I have invited you?"

"No, I guess not."

"Exactly. Let's go. Avery and Riku should be getting back soon." Amanda said, walking back towards Sora. Axel followed, after telling Ansem that he was hanging out with Amanda and the rest of her friends. (Needless to say, Ansem got pissed off.) They walked back and Amanda introduced Axel to Sora, who immediately hit it off, and Avery and Riku came back.

"Hey, what took you two so long?" Amanda asked smirking.

"Long line." Riku answered.

"This is Axel. Axel, this is my twin, Avery, and Riku. Guys, this is Axel. He wants to hang out with us, rather than with Ansem and his gang of yuppies. If that's all right with you, that is."

"Of course it is. You know me, Amanda. In fact, he fits in with us better than he would with any other group in this entire school."

"Why do you say that?" Axel asked, looking slightly offended.

"Because, we're all a bunch of misfits, and no one else wants to hang out with us." Sora explained.

"That, we all think differently than everyone else, we don't care what anyone thinks of us, and we just don't give a damn."

"Makes sense." Axel said.

"You bet it does." Amanda said, hunching over a sheet of paper, her pencil making quick strokes as she designed a flier for the auditions.

"What do you think of this for the audition notice?" she asked, holding up the flier. Everybody said that it looked good with its bright colors and the date of the audition, set for next Thursday. Avery turned around to see Cloud walking towards them, followed by Leon and his girlfriend, Yuffie. (Leon's girlfriend, not Cloud's. Cloud doesn't have one yet.)

"What are you squirrels up to?" Cloud asked.

"Hey, Cloud. Nothing much, just designing a flier for auditions for the new lead signer. Ansem quit." Amanda explained.

"Any particular reason why he quit?"

"He quit when he broke up with Amanda on the way to school this morning." Avery said. Cloud said nothing, but wrapped Amanda in a hug. She wrestled out of it, and playfully threw Cloud to the ground. He flipped up, and grabbed Amanda in a headlock, but released her when Ansem walked over.

"How childish. I don't know about you, Seifer, but play fighting seems oh so elementary, if you ask me."

"Extremely childish, Ansem." Seifer agreed.

"Oh, and breaking your commitment with your band because you broke my sister's heart isn't childish at all, right, Ansem?" Cloud retorted.

"Cloud, drop it. My heart isn't broken, it belongs to the band. Now, if the band were to break up, then we might have a problem. But it's not, and we don't." Amanda said, pushing between Ansem and her brother.

"Apart from this little interruption, I was having a pretty good day." Avery said, pushing past Ansem, followed by Amanda, Sora, Riku, Axel, Cloud, Leon, and Yuffie. Ansem turned and glared after the group. Once inside the building, Amanda walked into the library to make copies of the flier to post around the school. She passed out copies to Avery, Riku, and Sora, and then took a pile for herself. (Cloud, Leon, and Yuffie went back to the cafeteria when they got back inside.) The bell rang, and they all went their separate ways, stopping occasionally to slap a flier to random lockers, message boards, and walls. By the time the final bell rang, the four had effectively papered the school in fliers.

Amanda walked into the detention room as the bell rang, took a seat, pulled out her schoolbooks, and had barely started her work when the door opened and Sora walked in. she looked up, and when she saw it was Sora, she did a double-take.

"Sora, what are you doing here?" Amanda asked, shocked.

"What d'you think? I got detention." He answered, sliding into the seat next to Amanda.

"Did you start a spitball fight again?" Amanda sighed.

"Maybe." Sora said. (You have to remember that Sora is the 'King of Punks', so he gets in a lot of trouble.)

"What are we going to do with you, Sora?" Amanda asked.

"No talking! This is detention, not social hour!" The teacher broke in. Sora leaned over his desk with a piece of paper, and when he was done writing, he passed the note to Amanda. She took it, opened it, and read what he wrote. 'I was hoping that you'd go to the dance with me. It might stop me from getting in so much trouble.' Amanda grinned, picked up her pencil, and wrote a response, which said, 'Sora, you couldn't stay out of trouble if you were Riku. Jk, jk. To answer your question, yes. And, can you help me with this math problem?' Amanda passed it back to Sora, who read the reply, blushing. He leaned over her work, and whispered, "Carry the one."

Amanda whispered her thanks, and the rest of the two-hour detention was Sora helping Amanda with math, and vice-versa.

"You may go." The teacher dismissed the detention-goers. Sora and Amanda packed their stuff and walked out into the schoolyard. Stepping into the sun, Sora turned to Amanda.

"Are you sure you're willing to go to the dance with me?" he asked.

"Sora, if I didn't want to go with you, would I have said yes?" Amanda said.

"Very true point. But, I'm a troublemaker, a punk, and you're not." Sora countered.

"I'm more punk than you can imagine." Amanda quipped. Sora choked on his soda, and studied Amanda, with her whit shirt and pants, white airwalks, carrying her violin with one hand, and her guitar slung over one shoulder.

"No offense, but I cannot see you as punk." He said.

"Wait for the dance, them you'll see just how punk I can be." Amanda challenged.

"But the dance is two weeks away!" Sora exclaimed.

"Exactly." Amanda smiled.

"You are cold."

"I know. I love watching you squirm."

"You scare me sometimes."

"Race you to the oak!" Amanda cried, dropping her stuff and running to the oak tree in Sora's front yard, leaving Sora standing confused until he took off after Amanda. He caught up, tackled her, laughing. Amanda wriggled out from under Sora and finished the race to the tree.

Once at the tree, Amanda grabbed a branch and hoisted herself into its leafy embrace. She skittered about halfway up, while Sora pulled himself onto the lowest branch.

"C'mon, gimme a break! Where do you get all this energy, anyway?" Sora panted.

"I'm a soccer player, and that means that I have to be in shape. You should give it a try." Amanda mocked.

"I am in shape, I just don't like sports." Sora responded.

"'Cause you're lazy!" Amanda taunted.

"I am not lazy! You're more active than I am. Besides, punks don't play sports." Sora provoked.

"I never said I was full punk." Amanda shot back.

"Oh, shut up." Sora grunted, pulling himself onto the branch that Amanda was sitting on.

"Why don't you make me?" Amanda teased.

"Maybe I will." Sora leaned forward and sealed Amanda's lips with his own. Amanda would've pitched backwards, had Sora's arm not been snaked around her waist. Amanda's eyes shut and she slid her arms around Sora's neck. Sora pulled away, blushing fiercely, and pulled Amanda into an embrace. (This is hard when you're sitting on a branch about two inches wide.) When Sora let Amanda go, she slid off the branch and swung herself onto the ground. Sora followed, and when he jumped to the ground, Amanda was leaning over her stuff. She stood up, slinging her guitar over her back.

"I should probably get home." She said, facing Sora.

"Let me walk you." He offered.

"But, you're already home, and I live another mile away."

"So? I could use the exercise."

"If you insist." Amanda relented.

"And I do." Sora said. The two walked in the direction of Amanda's house, but not before Sora grabbed Amanda's free hand and interlaced their fingers. They walked a good part of the way in silence, then Sora turned to Amanda.

"Just in case you didn't realize this, but, I want to be with you, to be able to stand by your side. As more than friends, I mean." Sora stuttered. Amanda chuckled and stopped walking.

"Sora, I realize that you like me as more than a friend, but…" Amanda trailed off, and Sora looked crest-fallen.

"You don't like me that way, do you?" he asked, fearing her answer.

"Of course I do. If I didn't, I would've pushed you out of the tree when you kissed me. All the big 'but' is, is the amount of teasing that everyone would give us, and you should know me well enough to know that I don't like being teased."

"That you don't. We could keep our relationship a secret. I know you can keep those." Sora said.

"You must want to be with me pretty bad if you're willing to do that." Amanda replied.

"You have no idea."

"Tell you what. If you can hold off until after the dance, I'm yours. Fully and completely, and in public. I guarantee. But only if you wait until after the dance." Amanda said. Sora took a breath.

"Fine. I can wait that long. I think." Sora agreed. Amanda smiled, and started walking back home, her hand still intertwined with Sora's. They walked the rest of the way in silence, both thinking about what would happen after the dance.

While Sora and Amanda were racing, Avery was on the phone with Riku, who was chatting casually, yet was silently debating about whether or not he'd ask Avery to the dance over the phone or in person.

"Hey, Avery, are you doing anything right now?" Riku asked.

"Besides talking to you? Nothing."

"Could you meet me by the fence in about half an hour? There's something I want to ask you."

"Couldn't you ask over the phone?"

"Not really."

"Ok. I'll see you there."

"Talk to you later. I've gotta go."

"Bye, Riku."

"Bye, Avery."

The half-hour passed slowly to Avery, and when the time came, Avery darted out the door and raced to the fence, where Riku was already waiting.

"Hey, Riku. What's up?"

"I was wondering if you had a date to the dance." Riku said, turning red beneath his silver hair.

"The only way that I'd be going to a dance is if someone asks me." Avery replied.

"You wouldn't go any other way?"


"Will you go with me?" Riku asked, full-on blushing now.

"Um, this is kinda sudden. But, if you really want me to, I'll say yes."

"You have no idea." Riku said, vaulting over the fence and pulling Avery into the circle of his arms. Avery flushed an even brighter red than Riku, and hid her face in his chest. Riku tightened his arms and Avery slid her arms around his waist. They pulled apart when they heard Avery's front door slam. (Amanda was just getting home from detention.)

"I should probably get back." Avery whispered.

"Me too. I'll see you tomorrow." Riku replied.

Amanda: so did u like it?

Avery: yeah did ya? Who thinks Ansem is an ass?

Olivia: When do i come in dangit?

Avery: by the way if no one got it, Amanda and i are secret keepers of the school!